Montag, 29. Februar 2016

Give Away - Behold - Mate

2. 29. - 3. 7. 2016
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kings Conjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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3. 2. 2016

Pisces Sun

don't make anything - just looking
in square with Saturn in Sagittarius fire
the time - wall comes into time

 in it the dark narrow door
interchanging with Jupiter's
arrows under the command of Virgo
what are we humans going to do of this
might be in anyone's guess
but what the gods will make of it

will be a play of consonance of
give away 
watch over
and mate

in the
and sixth

in which we humans are invited
with our potential in Aries
Cancer and Virgo


while Mercury our writer and storyteller
still on flight through the firmament of spirit
about Saturday will chime in the resonance of Mars
mind you - with the beginner -
and appearing will be Pluto's new text
appearing in the third Capricorn-Twins-mirror
and the sixth Libra-Virgo-mirror

and later on Saturday Mercury will dive

into the depths of background and behold



will have started the week still in the cuddle with Sun
 in the farewell to the fest of union

Pisces Sun leaving in day-steps Neptune
 the  child' s
it's united heart


and Venus keeps on letting her heavy- duty-birds
circle in the sky this week
above the fields and deserts

and Mars still in his last Scorpio- hero- week
keeps executing the judgements of Pluto
 uniting with a young heavenly collective relative of us
in our aeon
the blue heavenly spirit of the air-element of 1980
longing to be mirrored by our collective heart-warmth in

each singles breast

Moon and the mind on Monday  in the sign of Scorpio
still in the soul  - Scorpio - still
middle floor of man

 since Tuesday and the rest of the week
only in spirit then
upper floor

hiking the heights starts on Thursday

flying the heights on Saturday


and finally like each week this spring
might be thought for the the alliance
of fire and rock
 of flight and sacrifice
of man and faith
being on the repertoire of the gods since 2013
with the main actors Pluto and Uranus

isn't there the saying: "you are gods"?

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Freitag, 26. Februar 2016

Spell for Peace?

2. 27. 2016 UTC 22:00, 0:00 OZ

It's Damascus, with 0,5° Sagittarius rising, the sign of the "re-conciliator" in the zodiac, Jupiter in house 10 in heavens height determining future reconciliation.
 Through Aleppo runs  the border between ASC Scorpio and Sagittarius - while Latakia and the Russian airbase are plain 29° Scorpio - certainly areas of sacrifice or "the bow" -  bordering in the south to Sagittarius and his  arrow from afar traveling around the wide edge of the funnel into times.

Saturn in both - Aleppo and Damascus's  1. house, this  paints like the beginning of stability.

Pluto in house 2. in Capricorn paints stability by sacrifice feeding the dead and the yet unborn.

Sun / Neptune commanding the strength of  meekness at the border of neighborhood and privacy.

Uranus in the command of house 5 - life's command - Uranus the Dionysian spirit of man.

And Mars in house 12 is far from presence - as we like him in God's lap.

And Moon's waves in house 11and Libra spell familiar comfort in human mutuality.

Much goodness  this horoscope spells, praise on them who made it possible.

With Jupiter in house 10 the moment has an element of high planetary architecture between Moscow and DC in applying the given elements, separating opposition from terrorists, while Saturn, appearing, is the separator.

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Montag, 22. Februar 2016

A Whole Week in the Six Mirrors

2. 22. - 29. 2016
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kings Conjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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  2. 24. 2016

"For the  self-awareness and -realization of today's woman it might be valuable, to know except by the type of attitude (introverted or extraverted) and the psychological basic function prevailing therein (thinking, feeling, sensation or intuition) also to understand, what kind of psychic structural form complies best her personality.This structural form must neither correspond with the outer form of living nor does it tell something about the character or the human and cultural niveau. The outer form of living can be chosen according to other reasons than mere attitude-related reasons ( time- and milieu-influences, social conditions, specific talents), and often the psychic structural form enters hardly into the outer form of living, where from insecurity and conflicts emerge." 

These considerations by Toni Wolff, friend and coworker with C.G.Jung, contain a vital distinction: the question of the structural form and the form of life. Toni Wolff here answers in psychological terms.

With the same kind of question conscious or unconscious man treads in front of his horoscope.

And  there is the answer: we call the moment of your first breath according to the part of heaven, ascending at the eastern horizon the ascendant.

 He the Ascendant, his myth, his million rivers -  while ascending a watery part of the zodiac - his million bricks -  while ascending an earthly  part of the heaven, and so on.

  Your structural form  in astrology so emerges out of the type of time of your first breath.

But the form of your life,  it's character, emerges out of that heavenly part of the zodiac where Sun at your birthday called the children into life. This week the children of  Pisces are called, the children with a Pisces -heart, deep and wide, who are called for nothing but to watch and to marvel. And like bubbles ideas are bubbling up to the surface in a Pisces child. Sun's meaning in every time of heaven is to give, to spend, to waste, in whats provided in abundance in the sun. It's everybody's gold and spell, born in a child needing adults to protect it. What happened with the gold? It's later everybody's unasked question.

So the question of the "form of live" is tracked by the Sun-call of your birth - to your abundance. But your consciousness knows nothing about it. And so it's easy to experience a lot of folks always using to put dust on your gold, removing your shine upgrading theirs.

It will always only remain the earth the sky and the  zodiac uniting them.

Now here, like all weeks in the astromundane diary 
there is no ascendant and one birthday is as valuable as the other
  no individual structure
but immobilized
 incessantly spinning
feminine signs
and  male actors
 the signs as conditions
and the lights and planets as actors
slowly moving over the horizon of the northern hemisphere
and around every horoscope

 The astromundane diary therefore is only half an enterprise in the realm of consciousness, the other half is in the realm of the archetypes, meaning: deep below in the unconsciousness.

 The distance between surface and height in the top of heaven is as large as between consciousness and the deep-below in the psyche, where matter interchanges with meaning since millions of years.

Conscious is something, so Jung,  that has been introduced to the consciousness.  

In this chronicle the lights in heaven mirroring in the archetypes of the unconscious life-stream are caught and weekly deferentially presented to the consciousness.

The problem for the consciousness is: the archetypes invisible as they are don't know  mister X. or miss's Y. To deal with  that our soul tells their message in stories, testaments and myths.

Our modern consciousness it is't any longer satisfied with these childish babble so let's get structural:

 the zodiac is primarily in analogue to our worldview structured by divisions:
day - night,  male - female, heaven - earth etc.
there are always half-circles giving a full circle

or the relative parts of "high" and "low" accordingly


or so

or so

in infinite variations of the halves of the circle.

there are more distinctions the zodiac and the psychology applying in the realm of the four:


unconscious                      conscious


or, in Jung's scheme of types




according to the four "cardinal" door-opener
into the astrological quarters



the four in the order of the twelve

numbers themselves are archetypes or tools of creation like the signs and elements

And whom the astrology of the "high-winds" and the deep streams has caught he ore she
has to deal with them weekly or monthly or yearly or sometimes daily.
 And as such one mundanomaniac presents since 2011 the current week.

This one is another one, where the lion-share of the lights and planets are walking above the zodiac-horizon between Aries and Libra through the autumn- and winter-signs.

This week there are only 3 of 10 lights and planets moving below the horizon of the zodiac: Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Virgo and Moon moves from Leo via Virgo under the horizon in the "I-quarter" and Wednesday night sees his passage  into the upper half of heaven.

Above the lower half of the 12 signs the upper half arches so that we receive: high mirroring low and the entire zodiac as six mirrors.

In the horoscope of the individual the mirror-axis is the horizon between ascendant and descendant.

In the mundane (mundus=world) contemplation the heavenly halve-shell is seen mirroring over the Aries-Libra-axis the northern hemisphere of the earth.

Now in this week:

Uranus in Aries mirrors currently Sun and Neptune in the Pisces.
In the unconscious drive of the hunter-instinct of Aries-Type  his unexpected (=Uranus) ambush is mirroring the countervailing benignity of Pisces-Sun as feeling like by the heart of heaven and in Neptune
like a heavenly hormone of forgiveness.

Next week on Tuesday Sun will meet Uranus  even in the mirror-point.
Later, early April it will be Neptune  meeting with Uranus in the mirror-point,  then 10° Pisces = 20° Aries

(note: in the horoscope of the individual it will be the houses which are mirroring each other primarily not the signs.)

Further on in the second mirror Mercury and Venus in Aquarius over  the earthly mirrorer od heaven Taurus, all there, where in the undisturbed grazing and brick-laying  herds on earth Mercury and Venus of heaven are mirroring - say the speech of God and his (female) face in the soul of a peasant.

In the third mirror we have Pluto as "minister" for the dead and unborn currently at the highest court of life, whose determinations in Capricorn are given in the name of the highest.
It is "duty" of the archetype of the space-covering Twins to mirror the determinations by Pluto in names and places of sacrifices.

In the fourth mirror Saturn, the determinator is the calming influence in Sagittarius above Cancer having to mirror this calming in reconciliation in the image of the father above the family.

One mirror further Mars is moving in Scorpio above his mirror, the heart of the living.How wise a picture,  the archetype of waiver mirroring in the enjoyment of life of Leo. Mirroring like the meaning of the lock, namely to exclude, in the image of the key. What would we do with this chaos around us without the possibility to exclude.
Mars in this position means, like in every other one, a departure, restart, new lock - to be build in
lions heart.

And finally there is in the sixth mirror something we didn't have since: the heaven of Libra above the sixth mirror is empty, appearing  without special message as generally fair partition mirroring in the pragmatic consciousness of Virgo, where Jupiter opens the horizon to  the conciliation of the diversity of beings.

As except for Uranus and Pluto in their continuant square the remaining lights and planets this week are 
isolated  with each other it was suitable for reflecting the way of the six mirrors.

The female nightly light of Moon and in and out of our dreams now moves though the fifth and sixth mirror only.

Eventually a glimpse at our aeon:
about midnight on Monday Mars has visited with his initiations and eruptions the "green" Venus of the water-element, which at this place at 25,2° Scorpio since 710 years keeps the grazing herd of souls in  the waiver in favor of the dead and the yet unborn .

And on Sunday Mars with his beginnings will meet the virtual young "blue" Uranus of the air-element at this  soul-place of  non-temporal highest nearness to God in spirit.

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Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Horoscope - is there a Real Danger?

It's a strange coincidence, both of the top politicians in Turkey currently stinging the activities for a political settlement in ME without extremists, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and and Ahmed Dovutoğlu have birthday on the same day (with mundanomaniac): 26th of February.

26.2.1954 , 4:25 AM, Istanbul
Recep Tayyip Erdogan 
(orig . sources not known)

Davutoğlu is fife years younger. His horoscope is not known.

The soft and kindhearted dreamers, Pisces, comes into mind, even two of them, how is that aggressive lunacy of their actions and speeches possible with this character?

The analysis of Erdogan's chart might give some answers.
There is an Ascendant of Capricorn, with Saturn in house 9 in Scorpio filling this birth with the essence of traditions and super temporal standards becoming the key for  leading collective conceptions into time.
Aquarius enclosed in the first house  also belongs to the installation of the ascendant and adds an illegal moment ('every thing is possible') to the legality of Capricorn. Aquarius' ruler Uranus  here is ruled by the beliefs of Cancer ruling house 7(descendant sign) in house 11 concerning  the future of the motherland, whose ruler  is Moon with his addiction to national feelings.

And now the ruler of the beliefs, Moon, is in a strict conjunction with Mars, adding aggression  to nationalism. A quite dangerous psychological disposition  resonating with Jupiter's wish of expression of personal expansion.

In house 2 the Sun in Pisces speaks of large social background abilities and secret networks.

In the zodiac Pisces Sun rules the first mirror, being mirrored by  Mars in Aries like the graciousness of God is mirrored by the ire of God. If the genuine graciousness and surrender to God of the Pisces is supplanted and in lieu a conception of God is lived, then a person is a kind of time-bomb, fatal for  herself and for others, as the 'Mars in the mirror' is aggressively now mirroring the conception instead of Gods grace. 

Concerning now the present period in Erdogans life, he is currently ruled by activated Mercury and Venus caused by the Twins and Libra since 2010 till 2017. In the second house this signifies a strong social presence by this leader. Unfortunately these two rulers are in conjunction with Sun and in square-resonance with Moon and Mars and Jupiter. So this man and his tribe is signified in dangerous triggering-mood, captured by  the fixed images of his conceptions.

This describes ominously perfect the current performance of Erdogan on the political stage. The whole wisdom of the superpower-actors at the brake and God's mercy appear to be necessary to quell this as lunatic as well as highly sore leader and his brother in birthday.

Looking at  Erdogans transits:

The brakes of Saturn and the mercy of Neptune in clear position against the illegal drive of conceptional  unrest resonating with the ascendant.

Also look at: Will the 'Sultan' move?

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Montag, 15. Februar 2016

Keeping the Aeon - and the Chance to Comprehend Someting from the Distance

2. 15 - 22. 2016
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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between Capricorn and Sagittarius
Peter and Paul
the cross and the key

the key is the coincidence

 timelessness and finiteness
are twisted by the coincidence
till the partition
of Lo and Hun
Sagittarius connects what
is to be connected

coincidence in Sagittarius
arrow out of timelessness
into time
 is the key spirit
knowing the lock
to eternity

that's the difference

two spirits
out of of four
Jupiter's is a shot
of  spirit
Neptune is a hunch
of solution

in Sagittarius Saturn is whiling
this time the father of timelessness
Lord of the tower
above the gate in the time wall
now essence in the coincidence

Saturn's non temporal archetype activated "radiating" producing it's image in the funnel of time in a circle of nearly three years above the horizon mirrored by the guts under the horizon.

Saturn in Sagittarius mirrored by the laps below horizon. (Thank you Sandra) this is for both of them hemispheres:
and to those the key is given
to deal with the key 
whose light or planet is
in the nineth
sign or house
and to those whose Sun is there
they have to  g i v e away  the key

my teacher Wolfgang Döbereiner + 2015
was such a "Paul" of astrology
sowed astrology among the non astrologists
to become
 quiet Suns
 locking with the zodiac on things
every beginning will still be Aries
how unconnected with consciousness it might emerge
out of chaos
all first times and beginnings are  times of
bucks and lambs and slaughtering
and their rush down from the mountains into the lowlands
of the herds and settlements is  a blazing another week
in the neighborhood of the deadMars in Scorpio currently is
spring  whirling within  the images of thrust
heroic storms are blowing in the heaven of the soul 
mirrored by humane hearts  on earth
in the fifth Mirror
of the zodiac
and in the fourth
and over the laps are solemnly floating
for years Saturn's somber cloudsand in the junction to next week
Mars will begin to storm 
with the age-old green Venus of water element
soul-bud of our aeon 
sensitive green leaves for eight hundred of years
sprouting off the tree of our aeon

in Scorpio of the zodiac where
our sensitive flocks since 710 years are grazing
unconsciously under the soul-images
of the unity of the living 
and the dead
and the still unbornfor to dwell there forever and keeping
them shapes 
by time and spirit

like this week might become a show-peace
for Mercury and since Wednesday also for Venus
in Aquarius
whereby those Venusians will have to deal with
the paradox of gravitas and height
the "heavy-duty-birds" as I call them

and the heaviness is asked  for the mirror-image of
 easy and height
 appearing below the horizon
Aquarius mirrored in Taurus
so will time

well is to those - says the master - who have the symbol
"facilis est transitus" to them the transition is easy

It is that in the zodiac the prelingual order of everything
appearing uncomprehended but ordered
in  the sequence of the images
we have the gem of spirit of the fathers
which we use to reject
 in the everyday-herd
and now something different
in the square of these last four years 2013 - 2016
beginning with the Lawrow-Assad-Uno Agreement
on poison gas

Pluto square Uranus
the sacrifice and man
the offer and the origin of man out of the offer
accompanying the eternal man mirroring the timeless gods 
in heaven and on the fields

quietly thus and enduring the paradox of priests and fools
imposed on man by the circle of signs or reigns
constantly turning over the horizon of the weeksand now resonating in
Uranus and Pluto
freedom and moral
and their quite squarish paradox
2013 - 2016
winter and spring respectful likewise 
keeping the zodiac in balance

would remain the Aquarius Sun this week spinning
  in blessed nearness to god
a center of warmth
high above the fields

what  this chronicle is announcing 
well - heart-chronicle this week:
soul carried by spirit
currently without resonances from outside
facing  the visit of the green gods Pluto and Mars of the Water element

green Pluto of the Water element illumined on Monday

by Sun in the heaven of Aquarius
Sun the warmth of giving
in Aquarius the giving is one being not yet in time but before  time
is the ideally preparation of the coming
those are the blessed three signs
what is not yet in Time - 
man better not dare to avoid doing it
cause then there will be nothing for coincidents

so Sun the giving was with Pluto the sacrifice of the 
feeling element water on Monday
and on Friday Sun will be with the green Mars of the
Water-elementwhere at 0,3° Pisces every year the early spring of feeling in the late winter of sensitivity is
illumined by the heart-light of the Sunand in a moment on Saturday at the neighboring grade
Moon of the earth-element mind you since 1802
sadly to say for earthly concealment= Moon = lap of the inhabitants of earth
that it's place in Pisces = future is and 
to have it one has to leave the herd
in this aeon.and today on Wednesday - right now -another of our mysteries has
another spring
it's Venus meeting today at 0,8° Aquarius
the blue Mars= spring of the air element = Spirit
a new beginning in human spirit
becoming a stock by Venus

remaining today is Eve Moon and desire
which maybe came into God's head
while he watched Adam by the light of the bright Sun 
giving names to everything

Moon's dreamed compensations of the day
meet our subconscious levered gains
maybe in dreams 
of impending loss
which might mirror failures of
but that was in business already the last two days of last week 

now on Monday afternoon the soul swarm is yet lettings the wings jitter to get warm
for two days in the air-realm of the twins

and now on Wednesday evening Moon dives into the welling range
of all inner moving feeling at home again

and finally since Saturday  the appearance of the inner in the outer :
the souls gesture
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Montag, 8. Februar 2016

The Paradox Coming

2. 8. - 15. 2016
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
    (click to enlarge)

a prayer with 38

(in hindsight)

I want to do my obligation
tell me
what prong is mine
(where no one else but I can do it)


child without guild
follow your heart

anything else is bullshit

so again the week:

God giving
through spirit
 unobtrusively appearing
every time over
the yards

so now again
  the Aquarius gifts of

appearing visibly the invisible:
James Dean's heart
James Deans‘ "Rebel Without  Cause" 
infinite history

browsing on astromundane diary ...

Moon with child and God's Fish
and on Friday
in Aries visiting the traveling man-god Uranus
child + person = Aquarius
nearness to God

"personat" it sounds through
"it" = Spirit

time of masker Aquarius
heaven on earth mirrored
in a mask
the child behind
 the part of the height
on behalf of protection and buffering
might be secured
awaiting that flying in the spirit above
are the managements of Mercury and
the securities of Venus
getting ready for take-off for flight through
the widths of spirit
above things

whereby is notable Mercury will visit
(one of the four elementary pushers of the aeon)
on Sunday
blue Mars in Aquarius is what I call
by partition a new beginning

so far about some resonances this week and a glimpse on the Moon - Calendar
being a calendar of Eve
of God
alternating with the Sun - calendar
of Adam
of God

the last appearing by day in the male light of
of brightness and warmth called Sun
through the spirit of height
and vision
still adding to this week

shure enough remains  that dicey resonance
of fiery Moments in paradox and in stupid version
of the spirit of mental distance
at it's place in the year
as far as referring to
knowledge - advantage - horns and "faces"
 on the stage of the sexes
 in the mirror of Venus and Mercuria
ruling together  the 6th and final
of the 6 mirrors
whereby "characterless" Mercury in the zodiac 
is mirroring Saturn by Twins
and Venus by Virgo
while Virgo only mirrors Uranus but
has to be mirrored by Mercuria
so the picture appears with

Mercury  having two of six parts of the " below " (horizon)
and with Taurus one of the be- part (1. quadrant)
and none of the feel- part (2. quadrant)
zodiacal truths of the archetypes
in which according to Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung
psyche and matter 
meet their psychoid mirror
and "over the world" by the way ...
( notabene, in the heaven the northern hemisphere - above the southern hemisphere rotates an other sky
so northern sky our heaven
now it's a kind of good- by to the high sacrificial altar
of Pluto in Capricorn
and getting ready
this week Mercury
the feathered messenger
next week Venus the heavy duty-bird
ready both for  airborne spirit

and the bloody moments of the battles of last days
under the square of Mars and Sun
 do save for the keepers of the fathers
(in Pluto's sign)
the paradox coming  
of sovereign life 
in the future of our

consisting in the adventure of the child
in each sign

and nothing new with Jupiter and Saturn
lets keep it so far

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Samstag, 6. Februar 2016

Will the 'Sultan' move? (Added)

 1. - 8. 2. 2016

The Square of Sun and Mars is perfect now within 1° distance
life and aggression in resonance this weekend 
rulers of fire signs both demanding action

Let's have a look on some recent belligerent Mars-Constellations:


Tiflis' calculated- risk (= Virgo)- attack

Sun  in (Square) resonance with Mars of earth aeon

9.9.2013 Lawrow - Assad
Mars square Saturn 
no war
for this calculated attack Mars found a mountain -
the lord of Capricorn - in the (resonance) way

7. - 14.4. 2014
13.4. Begin ATO

  Sun of a Mars whose ruler Venus is in Pisces with Neptune
it's the Mars of  people helpless like child in complete rape
retro- Mars on his way back through the resonances
to the rare and fourfold square or great Cross
Pluto Uranus Jupiter Mars
heritage- mankind -  reconciliation - attack
of the "the big one":
Uranus square Pluto
2013 - 2016

and ATO is the raging blind
 leaded by the blind

forcing the ire of the
 civitas donbass'
to create standing men
(and women)
at the edge of
the newly created
men and women defying the enemy of mankind

and here once again 9.28. 2015 Mars in
New York
Putins Speech

9. 30. 2015
the air campaign 

It's a curbing-Mars-operation in resonance again with the planet of order Saturn
Fitting: "Russians do not start wars, they finish them"

and Erdogan?


Kings Conjunction in earth element 31. Septar
Istanbul for 2012 - 2019 (minor difference to Ankara)

on 17th of January 2016 the rhythms of seven months each, emanating from the ascendant, met at the western horizon (DC) and in both directions 
and now are carrying
the message of Aquarius/Uranus which seems to be the non-temporal  message of man
= Aquarius spending the waters of origin in the spirit

Uranus,  called the god of "surprise", just  being in solitary condition, leaves to me neither an idea referring to an aggression nor would an attack be a surprise as it is supposed in full publicity.

Generally the power of the northern hemisphere, embodied in the image of Leo, these seven years is rising (ASC) from east of Paris till almost the Ural incl. Istanbul/Ankara  and is only in the Russian part with Sun in house 11 out of the "frustrating" 12th house - frustrating for all vassals of the hegemon who are to be places of power in these 7 years but in house 12 are like children among adults.

house 11 allows origin-now of coming future
mirrored in the order of safety and prosperity
of house 2

Kings Conjunction in earth element 31. Septar
Moscow for 2012 - 2019
So now back to the Turkish - Syrian border and the Sun-Mars-connection of this weekend

2. 1 - 8. 2016

The rule says: a light/planet  is ruled by the sign in which it is moving and by it's ruler.

So Mars is ruled by Pluto in Capricorn and Sun by Uranus in Aries. Uranus rules for mankind without borders and Pluto rules for the unconscious share with the dead and unborn great grand children.
 This Mars is signifying a possible seizure by psychic images of inherited rage. In that case Sun and
Mars would be in a elementary hostile version of square between Aquarius = man and Pluto = tribe within Aries = rage and Aquarius coolness. As the Aquarius-party encompasses humanity and heritage the heritage-only party is in dire straits.

Update 2.14,2016:

Kurds, being shelled by the Turky in North Syria could signalize the emergency of another dirty kind of equilibrium called: "frozen war" alongside a Border of Russian civilisation. So one could say: for the new equilibration of world poles: from a bug to a feature?
Divided Major(Main-) cities are known since 1945, deeper rifts since 1045.
Anything is possible but not anytime.
Written in Murnau February 6. 2016, posted UTC: 17:53.