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A Whole Week in the Six Mirrors

2. 22. - 29. 2016
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kings Conjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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  2. 24. 2016

"For the  self-awareness and -realization of today's woman it might be valuable, to know except by the type of attitude (introverted or extraverted) and the psychological basic function prevailing therein (thinking, feeling, sensation or intuition) also to understand, what kind of psychic structural form complies best her personality.This structural form must neither correspond with the outer form of living nor does it tell something about the character or the human and cultural niveau. The outer form of living can be chosen according to other reasons than mere attitude-related reasons ( time- and milieu-influences, social conditions, specific talents), and often the psychic structural form enters hardly into the outer form of living, where from insecurity and conflicts emerge." 

These considerations by Toni Wolff, friend and coworker with C.G.Jung, contain a vital distinction: the question of the structural form and the form of life. Toni Wolff here answers in psychological terms.

With the same kind of question conscious or unconscious man treads in front of his horoscope.

And  there is the answer: we call the moment of your first breath according to the part of heaven, ascending at the eastern horizon the ascendant.

 He the Ascendant, his myth, his million rivers -  while ascending a watery part of the zodiac - his million bricks -  while ascending an earthly  part of the heaven, and so on.

  Your structural form  in astrology so emerges out of the type of time of your first breath.

But the form of your life,  it's character, emerges out of that heavenly part of the zodiac where Sun at your birthday called the children into life. This week the children of  Pisces are called, the children with a Pisces -heart, deep and wide, who are called for nothing but to watch and to marvel. And like bubbles ideas are bubbling up to the surface in a Pisces child. Sun's meaning in every time of heaven is to give, to spend, to waste, in whats provided in abundance in the sun. It's everybody's gold and spell, born in a child needing adults to protect it. What happened with the gold? It's later everybody's unasked question.

So the question of the "form of live" is tracked by the Sun-call of your birth - to your abundance. But your consciousness knows nothing about it. And so it's easy to experience a lot of folks always using to put dust on your gold, removing your shine upgrading theirs.

It will always only remain the earth the sky and the  zodiac uniting them.

Now here, like all weeks in the astromundane diary 
there is no ascendant and one birthday is as valuable as the other
  no individual structure
but immobilized
 incessantly spinning
feminine signs
and  male actors
 the signs as conditions
and the lights and planets as actors
slowly moving over the horizon of the northern hemisphere
and around every horoscope

 The astromundane diary therefore is only half an enterprise in the realm of consciousness, the other half is in the realm of the archetypes, meaning: deep below in the unconsciousness.

 The distance between surface and height in the top of heaven is as large as between consciousness and the deep-below in the psyche, where matter interchanges with meaning since millions of years.

Conscious is something, so Jung,  that has been introduced to the consciousness.  

In this chronicle the lights in heaven mirroring in the archetypes of the unconscious life-stream are caught and weekly deferentially presented to the consciousness.

The problem for the consciousness is: the archetypes invisible as they are don't know  mister X. or miss's Y. To deal with  that our soul tells their message in stories, testaments and myths.

Our modern consciousness it is't any longer satisfied with these childish babble so let's get structural:

 the zodiac is primarily in analogue to our worldview structured by divisions:
day - night,  male - female, heaven - earth etc.
there are always half-circles giving a full circle

or the relative parts of "high" and "low" accordingly


or so

or so

in infinite variations of the halves of the circle.

there are more distinctions the zodiac and the psychology applying in the realm of the four:


unconscious                      conscious


or, in Jung's scheme of types




according to the four "cardinal" door-opener
into the astrological quarters



the four in the order of the twelve

numbers themselves are archetypes or tools of creation like the signs and elements

And whom the astrology of the "high-winds" and the deep streams has caught he ore she
has to deal with them weekly or monthly or yearly or sometimes daily.
 And as such one mundanomaniac presents since 2011 the current week.

This one is another one, where the lion-share of the lights and planets are walking above the zodiac-horizon between Aries and Libra through the autumn- and winter-signs.

This week there are only 3 of 10 lights and planets moving below the horizon of the zodiac: Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Virgo and Moon moves from Leo via Virgo under the horizon in the "I-quarter" and Wednesday night sees his passage  into the upper half of heaven.

Above the lower half of the 12 signs the upper half arches so that we receive: high mirroring low and the entire zodiac as six mirrors.

In the horoscope of the individual the mirror-axis is the horizon between ascendant and descendant.

In the mundane (mundus=world) contemplation the heavenly halve-shell is seen mirroring over the Aries-Libra-axis the northern hemisphere of the earth.

Now in this week:

Uranus in Aries mirrors currently Sun and Neptune in the Pisces.
In the unconscious drive of the hunter-instinct of Aries-Type  his unexpected (=Uranus) ambush is mirroring the countervailing benignity of Pisces-Sun as feeling like by the heart of heaven and in Neptune
like a heavenly hormone of forgiveness.

Next week on Tuesday Sun will meet Uranus  even in the mirror-point.
Later, early April it will be Neptune  meeting with Uranus in the mirror-point,  then 10° Pisces = 20° Aries

(note: in the horoscope of the individual it will be the houses which are mirroring each other primarily not the signs.)

Further on in the second mirror Mercury and Venus in Aquarius over  the earthly mirrorer od heaven Taurus, all there, where in the undisturbed grazing and brick-laying  herds on earth Mercury and Venus of heaven are mirroring - say the speech of God and his (female) face in the soul of a peasant.

In the third mirror we have Pluto as "minister" for the dead and unborn currently at the highest court of life, whose determinations in Capricorn are given in the name of the highest.
It is "duty" of the archetype of the space-covering Twins to mirror the determinations by Pluto in names and places of sacrifices.

In the fourth mirror Saturn, the determinator is the calming influence in Sagittarius above Cancer having to mirror this calming in reconciliation in the image of the father above the family.

One mirror further Mars is moving in Scorpio above his mirror, the heart of the living.How wise a picture,  the archetype of waiver mirroring in the enjoyment of life of Leo. Mirroring like the meaning of the lock, namely to exclude, in the image of the key. What would we do with this chaos around us without the possibility to exclude.
Mars in this position means, like in every other one, a departure, restart, new lock - to be build in
lions heart.

And finally there is in the sixth mirror something we didn't have since: the heaven of Libra above the sixth mirror is empty, appearing  without special message as generally fair partition mirroring in the pragmatic consciousness of Virgo, where Jupiter opens the horizon to  the conciliation of the diversity of beings.

As except for Uranus and Pluto in their continuant square the remaining lights and planets this week are 
isolated  with each other it was suitable for reflecting the way of the six mirrors.

The female nightly light of Moon and in and out of our dreams now moves though the fifth and sixth mirror only.

Eventually a glimpse at our aeon:
about midnight on Monday Mars has visited with his initiations and eruptions the "green" Venus of the water-element, which at this place at 25,2° Scorpio since 710 years keeps the grazing herd of souls in  the waiver in favor of the dead and the yet unborn .

And on Sunday Mars with his beginnings will meet the virtual young "blue" Uranus of the air-element at this  soul-place of  non-temporal highest nearness to God in spirit.

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