Montag, 8. Februar 2016

The Paradox Coming

2. 8. - 15. 2016
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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a prayer with 38

(in hindsight)

I want to do my obligation
tell me
what prong is mine
(where no one else but I can do it)


child without guild
follow your heart

anything else is bullshit

so again the week:

God giving
through spirit
 unobtrusively appearing
every time over
the yards

so now again
  the Aquarius gifts of

appearing visibly the invisible:
James Dean's heart
James Deans‘ "Rebel Without  Cause" 
infinite history

browsing on astromundane diary ...

Moon with child and God's Fish
and on Friday
in Aries visiting the traveling man-god Uranus
child + person = Aquarius
nearness to God

"personat" it sounds through
"it" = Spirit

time of masker Aquarius
heaven on earth mirrored
in a mask
the child behind
 the part of the height
on behalf of protection and buffering
might be secured
awaiting that flying in the spirit above
are the managements of Mercury and
the securities of Venus
getting ready for take-off for flight through
the widths of spirit
above things

whereby is notable Mercury will visit
(one of the four elementary pushers of the aeon)
on Sunday
blue Mars in Aquarius is what I call
by partition a new beginning

so far about some resonances this week and a glimpse on the Moon - Calendar
being a calendar of Eve
of God
alternating with the Sun - calendar
of Adam
of God

the last appearing by day in the male light of
of brightness and warmth called Sun
through the spirit of height
and vision
still adding to this week

shure enough remains  that dicey resonance
of fiery Moments in paradox and in stupid version
of the spirit of mental distance
at it's place in the year
as far as referring to
knowledge - advantage - horns and "faces"
 on the stage of the sexes
 in the mirror of Venus and Mercuria
ruling together  the 6th and final
of the 6 mirrors
whereby "characterless" Mercury in the zodiac 
is mirroring Saturn by Twins
and Venus by Virgo
while Virgo only mirrors Uranus but
has to be mirrored by Mercuria
so the picture appears with

Mercury  having two of six parts of the " below " (horizon)
and with Taurus one of the be- part (1. quadrant)
and none of the feel- part (2. quadrant)
zodiacal truths of the archetypes
in which according to Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung
psyche and matter 
meet their psychoid mirror
and "over the world" by the way ...
( notabene, in the heaven the northern hemisphere - above the southern hemisphere rotates an other sky
so northern sky our heaven
now it's a kind of good- by to the high sacrificial altar
of Pluto in Capricorn
and getting ready
this week Mercury
the feathered messenger
next week Venus the heavy duty-bird
ready both for  airborne spirit

and the bloody moments of the battles of last days
under the square of Mars and Sun
 do save for the keepers of the fathers
(in Pluto's sign)
the paradox coming  
of sovereign life 
in the future of our

consisting in the adventure of the child
in each sign

and nothing new with Jupiter and Saturn
lets keep it so far

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