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Pioneer and Keeper in Dynamic Resonance

2. 1. - 8. 2016
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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2. 3. 2016

 in Aquarius was last week unchallenged by external resonances
 but this week receives springing resonances
but more about that later

 validity which prevails in the sign of Capricorn
is suspended in the sign of Aquarius
" a law has to be according to  time and has to be suspended
after  time" this was the way Paracelsus thought about
Capricorn in a time when European humanists
knew Astrology

 as any sign Capricorn has the sovereignty about
2 Gates
with Aquarius and with Sagittarius
and keeping these doors in godly sovereignty
allows the rhythms from the ascendant to flow
in both of them directions
and life is the joy 
of opening and closing
meant by the creator
appearing in his creatures
according to heavenly times and signs

by Aquarius Capricorn receives the idea
 ( in platonic meaning)
 a shape which Aquarius has received out of a 
hunch for a validity in the Pisces-chaos of becoming
and adding to the received idea the fitting name
Capricorn reaches it from beyond of time through  the door in the time-wall
into time
where the large circle rider
  his bow
and his arrow
unconsciously called Sagittarius
are finding the fit

So the will of the "great background animals"
 apparently ruling the unconscious (Jung)
is swelling permanently as a hit and a wave from births
first breath

Aquarius is air 
space and spirit of the coming
and its invisibility allowing light to travel through
infinity of the inner and the outer world
Sun in Aquarius is calling those kind of children into life
who supposedly are wrought with a kind of heart
to give away over-pouring fascination for the coming
pioneers of heaven
children of spirit
and moved air

and out
of the image-hall of Scorpio Mars sends early waves of an
 image-storm to Sun which will surge this weekend in the dynamic
area of a
Sun - Mars square
between saint and cleric
pioneer and keeper
fringe and cusp in dynamic resonance

and this spring- and Aries-ruler Mars in Scorpio
indicating in blind fiery impulse the spring of sacrifice
occurring in the museum of 'holy cows'
and no-go-correctnesses
guiding the sheeples

 Scorpio provides Mars with schemes images 
serving the eternal spring for the dead in our life
in resonance with Sun = heart in Aquarius
  winged child
of the air element
flaring up in ecstacies in nearness to God


there is anytime more than the rule of the heart
in the heavenly concerts consisting of a couple of players

Venus is passing on with the reserves of the earth
and the couples of mating over the meager field
of higher age where the duration of attitude is tested
before entering the series

and here on the high fields Venus is awaited
by the keeper of the  invisible attending dead's and unborn of our eon
and from Monday till today Venus passes  the hot centers = Suns of
the two Elements air and water 
Sun and Mercury of air = spirit
and Sun and Mercury of water = feeling

the water- Sun  today indicates our collective soul-drift since 710 years in our common eon
according to the latest Kings Conjunction in the element water of 1305
being loaded with the commuting loads of the heart and it's Mercurial mirror in the court
of the feelings in the holy poorness  on the high fields of Capricorn

 and back from these far relatives in time back into the presence Venus indicates  to those living in couples in the frugality of the milieu the experience of growing vicinity of the dead because Venus is approaching the union with Pluto their keeper
which was Mercury's experience the last two weeks

then with the the couples and herds Venus hikes through the union with the god of negation
of Venus to unite in holy paradox 
Venus- Pluto the old question what is to be sacrificed
what is to remain personal need
for the sake of the wise combination

and likewise Venus is moving this week through the  zone
of Pluto's resonance with Uranus
so the paradox united resonance of  fatherly boundness and mans freedom
moves the hungry herds and the frugal couples

of Jupiter Saturn and Neptune no new notion is to give

and with the inner light of the soul
Moon remains

till Thursday night over the realm of bow and arrow
in the universe of co-incidents ruled by the "great background animals"

then since Friday morning over the frugal paths of clarity
and since Sunday over the winged paths of clarity

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