Mittwoch, 28. November 2018

Warmth and Wisdom Facing Mars' Attack

11. 26 - 12. 5.  2018, 0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 FireEarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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48. Woche

"The time is identical with the run of things.
It is the run of things.  There is  no time
 by itself. There is only the a run of things
which we measure with the  time concept."

C.G.Jung, Kinderträume p. 220
(my translation)

Contemporaneity ...
" suggests that the context of meaning as
primal agens yields the time as secondary ...
that the ordering factor, "consisting of 
meaning", which contains time  (the chronos)
as  a special case,  as the masculine principal
stands in contrast to the feminine
 female- indestructable one  (causality
 in the narrowerst sense, energy, collective 
psyche), as also seems  to be
the case in microphysics."

Wolfgang Pauli in  The Pauli/Jung Letters
1932 - 1958, p. 39.

"Since contrasts on their own niveau don't allow
to beunited (tertium non datur), so it needs 
always a  superior third, in which the parties
can come together. Insofar the symbol is decended 
the unconsciousness as much as the consciousness,
it's able to unite both of them, namely by virtue of
it's form, their ideelly and by virtue of it's 
numinosity, their emotional oppositness.
Therefore it is often and since time immemorial
compared with the water, e.g. as TAO, in which
Yang and Yin are united. TAO is the  "spirit of the
 valley", the river course rich of windings."

C.G.Jung, Aion, Coll.W. 9/1I
§ 281/282
(my translation)

Culture it seems consists in the common product of those "superior third"
above the elemntary opposits which exclude one another at the elementary level as 
either or
steel or stone
thought or feeling
hence fire, earth, air, water
on the emotional level attracting and repelling one another
coming to composits
on the spiritual level containing one another in complete circles.

These things are considered in the
(regrettably only in German)
which we owe the 'weather' of our aeons


in us
 midwife of oneself within society
 first stepper

second  week in Pisces realm
blind aggression
 in a sandbox sea
Mars  in the drama to meet
Neptune at home
next week

glad to have it so

when Sun will be  united in contrast with Mars
"in square" between water and fire
producing early fit and
reconciliation at last by spirit of heart
strong enough
to shield the child of the planet

this week 

Sun heart +
Wisdom Jupiter

in and out of us


Sun once a year +
Jupiter once in 12 years

between 4,9° and 8,3° Sagittarius
the divine talker
the divine father and the divine Son of the
in the brightness of the spirituell vision
of the whole
in the rhythms of it's streams of incidences

This is no "reading", but a kind of inventory of a rare constellation, rare and  on the level of Sagittarius = concilliation by insight into the necessariy of each one and the knowledge of the son = Jupiter that in a circle of 360 grades there is no one possible whose propper  house-number isn't anywhere waiting for it's dweller to come home.

What now symbolizes Mercury
which contrasts are united on his higher level?

he is the god/symbol of the traveller with 
magical wings at his heels
as messenger of commands of the 'head'
where the zodiac places the ruler of
as his senses
Mercury is traveling in the air of Twins
taking care of the argument
between robbers and peasants
or Aries and Taurus
by storing the compromises
for the time
the parties are ready for them
cause exhausted

nothing else  the living God 
might be preparing  for his children in
but readyness of sustain in patience
till the exhaustion of the warriors

In the Egyptian vision Thot is the writer of the judgements at the Libra called scale of the timeless
gods, where the heart of each departed person is weighted ... with the feather of goddess Nut in the other scale.

 Mercury, ruler of senses and nerves, together with heart = Sun and Jupiter = mind 
congregated at a high fire-place in the zodiac.
Meaning of fire in the stream of is earlyness


At the end of the week again a short stand of 
Mercury rtetrograd with  blue Uranus in Skorpio
wings of thoughts 
carried by winds of times coming


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Mittwoch, 21. November 2018

A Wave of Fire and a Start of Liqudation

11. 19. - 28.  2018, 0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 FireEarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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"No suffering, no sin eschewing, the
divine curiosity  strives for birth."

The Psychological Aspect of the 
Coll.W 9, § 178

 „Divine curiosity"“ 
the entirety of the year in weeks
weeks in days
days in hours
and the now of
heavenly madness
and heavyness of the Earth

Jung regarding the earthly, more often quotes the inertia,
the legitime lethargy which the earth as element deserves
by which after all density, skin, shell, endurance becomes possible.

The fate of the skin etc ... moves with Venus. And Venus currently hikes for another short time in the borderlessness (air-element) of the desire for supplement, which entices the beings on the supplementary scale of the Libra of entirety.

47. Week

in the ventured recession
together in the scale with the blue Pluto
of the borderless air-element
= thoughts
blue Pluto = helper to waive 
by thought

docked with Venus
the resonance-chain with
red Pluto at 25,3° Aries 
as contrastive-pertner
and earth-Sun at 24,6° Cancer
in square to both of them

the latter currently personated by chancellor Angela

17. 7. 1054, 17:57  Hamburg

(no doubt, she is a medium, isn't she?
'highly likely' without knowing it)

hence we have this week with Venus:
fire = earlyness
air = height
water = depth

to be united
by the divine Venusians within of us
social instinct and balance
'knowing' to do the circle-game

The bright spot this week is on and by Sagittarius

Mercury and Jupiter are waiting for the Sun
joinung Sagittarius tomorrow on Thursday

and see: Mars in square with Sun and Jupiter
what a wave this week
what a fire-wave
unitig in one resonance the three gods of fire

Mars Sun Jupiter
outburst  center  conciliation

      Mars the ruler of the primal fire even succeds on Friday
with a 0° square - from Pisces to Sagittarius - together with the 
Mercury of the fire-element
at 4,9° Sagittarius
Sun ruler of the soul-fire will be here on Tuesday
 Jupiter ruler of spiritual light will be here at red Mercury on Friday next week

Mars doing the bid of Neptune 
starts the liquidation of the patina of the lies of the times upon the bronze of truth 

There is no consciousness without distinction
of  opposits. That is the father-principle of logos,
twisting itself free in an  endless struggle off the
the primal warmth and primal unconsciousness
of the motherly lap, exactly the unconsciousness,
... unconsciousness is the primaL sin, the evil
 as such for the logos" 

C.G. Jung, ibidem, see above

Jupiter + Sun

light of the spirit and fire of the soul

constellations of this week
what shall a poor human brain read into
what the divine curiosity itself 
is curious to experience


now watch
on Saturday reaches for the second time
within two weeks
the highest authorities of the fire
united at the mountain of fire

red Saturn and Jupiter
father and son
of the fire-element

second reach!

first reach: 11. 8. 
Mercury 8,3° Sagittarius

outbreak of the Camp-Fire.

Camp-Fire 11. 8. 2018, 6:33 am
Butte County

so once again: Mercury  8,3° Sagittarius on Friday

with other words: a heavenly wave of light and  fire
and the liquidation of differences in the concilliation
and a big waiver of things and roots
are my hunch this week

and Moon does the
the outer reality till Sunday-morning

followed by then resonating the inner world of
feelings and emotions

11. 21. 2018, UTC 16:21


Mittwoch, 14. November 2018

Sun on the Bridge and Mars Opens Intuition to the Backgroud

11. 14. - 21.  2018, 0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 FireEarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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„Extraneous knowledge" in deeper layers of what
we call psyche ... layer in which the split of 

contrasts in psyche and world, Earth and Heaven

no longer or not yet takes effect, the knowledge 
of a total veritableness is to find. This veritableness 
has an spitit-order-character, reaching until into the
essence of the archetype ...

 But spitit-order-character means, that the world 
seems to be factually arranged by this spirit, 
not only about  ordering itself "in the spirit".

Psyche effects and appeares in archetypes, i.e. 
in natural symbols, which determine our 
consciousness and our entire world perception.
The star or space in us is no less effective and for 
nothing less symbolic as in the outer experience."

Erich Neumann 
(Sun Aquarius 
„Master student of C.G.Jung)

"The Meaning of the Earth-Archetype for the Modern Time
Eranos-Lecture 1958
§ 30 – 31

46.  Week

Astrology is a wonderfull priviledged and
solaceful spiritual place 
to watch the ongoing creation on Earth
above  all intentions and assaults
of mundane actors

indeed it's the solitude in the height
which will to be endured on the heavenly buoy
(5,5 km above the surface connected with it by
a brandishing steel-truss - in a dream of mine)
but with enough humility
is the astrological man
the priviledged animal on the Earth
surrounded by simple people
friendly neighbors

and now yet another week
heart of every 'family'
wanders above the fallen leaves of Scorpio
when is collected what will nourish
the next year

this ability
to die
which is given to nature from the beginning
 this yearly exercise by heart in November
infolding of the new but ancient germ
in the ovaries of the new year

And in our deeper psychic  'socket',  the mysterious  layer of the 'elements',  Sun will be ending the week Saturday/Sunday in the resonances of the yearly birthday of water's Venus at 28,4° Scorpio and next Tuesday  Sun will be with 28,4° Scorpio blue Uranus of the air. This is about the highest glacier within a kinship: air = height, Uranus = ruler of the cold waters above  heaven.
In the 'Glacier' of Scorpio the free flowing hat become intermitted by cristallisation, hence Scorpio's waiver for anything beyond  clean cristallity carrying the kinship of the living, with the former and the coming  in one's sex as one of the twelve necessary stages of  helping eternal life to keep the pattern.

collection + balance 
of water = feeling 


of air thinking

a bridge
between Sunday and Tuesday

in our ably Scorpio waiver-help
where heart united with weight and balance
of feeling
 bridges to
heart united with origin of man's

like wings carrying that weight
of feelings
through the times

so much for the sieve of Sun this week
in the projection of Earth


after Sun = the center, what else?

let's give the Mic to Aries
he is the first in zodiac 
certainly a he
our weekly big bang
(Northern hemisphere)

and late Thursday
Mars will be coming down from the height of Aquarius'
waters above heaven
down to Pisces' waters below heaven
from thinking to feeling

after 7 years since 2010
till May

another 17 weeks
till March

And Mars enjoys the encompassing horizon reaching him as resonance from spiritual-fire-brother Jupiter. In astrological language: a square between nature and spirit.
Newborn insight in the background is created by Pisces' solution of the foreground.

On his further way Mars triggers the Mars of the water-element at 0,3° Pisces
= a doubling of energy, like a bounce out of the straits  into the width of feeling

and two days later Mars triggers Moon of the earth- element = with enough humility
a yearly entering of a stable home in innocence


Finally the brain-serpent Mercury 
in Sagittarius knowing each of the banks by intuition
in Sagittarius talking to the disposition of Jupiter 
with the eloquence being to his comment
in square with 
Neptune in Pisces
the child of all times
shielded in the unconscious truth
of the times to come


Not to forget Venus

romping around in the airy realm of Libra
where the incline of the sexes
for another tree weeks
clucks with its sensual cataracts

while with Moon
the nature entirely opens to the nonpersonal  spiritual
widths of Aquarius and Pisces
before arriving again in the
good old reality of Aries
with hunger and freeze

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