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A Wave of Fire and a Start of Liqudation

11. 19. - 28.  2018, 0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 FireEarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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"No suffering, no sin eschewing, the
divine curiosity  strives for birth."

The Psychological Aspect of the 
Coll.W 9, § 178

 „Divine curiosity"“ 
the entirety of the year in weeks
weeks in days
days in hours
and the now of
heavenly madness
and heavyness of the Earth

Jung regarding the earthly, more often quotes the inertia,
the legitime lethargy which the earth as element deserves
by which after all density, skin, shell, endurance becomes possible.

The fate of the skin etc ... moves with Venus. And Venus currently hikes for another short time in the borderlessness (air-element) of the desire for supplement, which entices the beings on the supplementary scale of the Libra of entirety.

47. Week

in the ventured recession
together in the scale with the blue Pluto
of the borderless air-element
= thoughts
blue Pluto = helper to waive 
by thought

docked with Venus
the resonance-chain with
red Pluto at 25,3° Aries 
as contrastive-pertner
and earth-Sun at 24,6° Cancer
in square to both of them

the latter currently personated by chancellor Angela

17. 7. 1054, 17:57  Hamburg

(no doubt, she is a medium, isn't she?
'highly likely' without knowing it)

hence we have this week with Venus:
fire = earlyness
air = height
water = depth

to be united
by the divine Venusians within of us
social instinct and balance
'knowing' to do the circle-game

The bright spot this week is on and by Sagittarius

Mercury and Jupiter are waiting for the Sun
joinung Sagittarius tomorrow on Thursday

and see: Mars in square with Sun and Jupiter
what a wave this week
what a fire-wave
unitig in one resonance the three gods of fire

Mars Sun Jupiter
outburst  center  conciliation

      Mars the ruler of the primal fire even succeds on Friday
with a 0° square - from Pisces to Sagittarius - together with the 
Mercury of the fire-element
at 4,9° Sagittarius
Sun ruler of the soul-fire will be here on Tuesday
 Jupiter ruler of spiritual light will be here at red Mercury on Friday next week

Mars doing the bid of Neptune 
starts the liquidation of the patina of the lies of the times upon the bronze of truth 

There is no consciousness without distinction
of  opposits. That is the father-principle of logos,
twisting itself free in an  endless struggle off the
the primal warmth and primal unconsciousness
of the motherly lap, exactly the unconsciousness,
... unconsciousness is the primaL sin, the evil
 as such for the logos" 

C.G. Jung, ibidem, see above

Jupiter + Sun

light of the spirit and fire of the soul

constellations of this week
what shall a poor human brain read into
what the divine curiosity itself 
is curious to experience


now watch
on Saturday reaches for the second time
within two weeks
the highest authorities of the fire
united at the mountain of fire

red Saturn and Jupiter
father and son
of the fire-element

second reach!

first reach: 11. 8. 
Mercury 8,3° Sagittarius

outbreak of the Camp-Fire.

Camp-Fire 11. 8. 2018, 6:33 am
Butte County

so once again: Mercury  8,3° Sagittarius on Friday

with other words: a heavenly wave of light and  fire
and the liquidation of differences in the concilliation
and a big waiver of things and roots
are my hunch this week

and Moon does the
the outer reality till Sunday-morning

followed by then resonating the inner world of
feelings and emotions

11. 21. 2018, UTC 16:21


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