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America's Encounter with Saturn

6 mirrors
 heaven above below Earth
inception left  end right
rhythm: Moon = 7
Sun = 10

45. Week 2018

"The heaven-archetype is essentially connected
with the symbolism of the spirit, yes innitially it
seems, as if heaven and spirit were archetyply identical.
This identity is intensified ... by the formation of opposits
within the archetypal symbolism. If  together with heaven
all invisibly from above moving, with the Earth all visibly 
from below withstanding being connected, but id est
also is experienced, then for the Earth remains no 
positive spirit. And what is  still as 'earth-spirit' 
experienced in opposition to the 'air-spirit' is
ostracized by the exponents of the heavenly spirit
as negative. Not accidentally to the middle ages
witches are representatives of a spirit, therefor
their 'flying' as symbolic expression, but their
spiritual master is the devil."
Erich Neumann
originally in German:
Die Bedeutung des Erdarchetypus für die Neuzeit
… § 28

45. Week

11. 5. - 14.  2018, 0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 FireEarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305 
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two relocations of our 'gods'

Uranus since Tuesday retrograde in Aries
hence the 'man-god' once again 
at the divine service of Mars
in Aquarius

kind of breakout in 'heaven' (spirit)
out of
solidified thinking

 coming weekend Mars does it
in union with green Pluto
of the water-element aka feeling

Pluto always preserves life
by waiver of consumption
feeding the coming generation

without Pluto
the Harmony of the 12 is broken

a magical moment, when in a paradox meeting
 Pluto in the depth of 
the waters above 
freezes the flow of thoughts
being met by brother Mars
with an invisible  ice-storm
above the invisible glacier 
of shapes

note: Aquarius is 'air'
living god

Uranus was  in Aries since 2010 till Mai 2018, since then till yesterday  in Taurus,
now again back in Aries till March 2019, virtually setting the i-point above the 7 years of rising.


and second relocation Thursday

the linker back home
after 12 years in Sagittarius   again 
the linker in time
after the divine masures
of his father Saturn
linking the connections breeding
reconcilliation  with the father
reconciliation by
new birth out of
water and spirit

as the astrologer reckons
'in water and spirit'
being the 4th mirror of the mysterion
 Cancer mirroring Sagittarius 


Mercury in ancient Egypt Thot the wriiter
of the judgements at the scale of the gods
today on Wednesday at
in connectionm with the light of the highest
authorities of light/fire
Saturn and Jupiter
of the Kings-conjunction in the element fire 
of 1603
father and son of light and fire 
since then

18. 12. 1603
Kings-conjunction in  Fire- element

Talking about Mercury is talking about our 'earth-spirit' often called intellect, as his male Twins-version and prudence as the female way of Virgo.

And Carl Jung often notices, that in our current world the intellect has occupied the throne  on which only the heart, only Sun, our cosmic heart center with four chambers, has it's legitimate  place.

further in Scorpio
Sun calls into life the children
with an abundance of
waiver hence giving

on Sunday will be
birthday of one of the four elementary Neptunes
18,9° Scorpio olive Neptune of the earth element

17. 7. 1802
Kings-conjunction in earth-element


and with her our collective stonewalling
in the sign of Taurus
and our attraction to the opposite partner
in the sign of Libra 
is poised to let go
for another month in the natural fire
of love


Now: the current quality released:

As I wrote last week, the moment when the polling-stations were closed for Washington DC. was 20:00 EST. The chart showed this:

Washington, 6. 11. 2018, 20:00 EST

The fact created is Cancer. It's America's well,  welling in the south, anywhere, families coming together, music, the old songs, old dances, good smell in the air, like some barbeque, forget about the world, do, what has to be done, in peace with neighbors and animals.

Cancer is a sign, evocating welling water, symbol of the inner processes as roots of the soul.

  And the blue dream? Are the global interests of the blue party in the current game  carried by the vote? The Blues are the 20th centuries successors of the dominant Anglo 'Robber Barons' of the sea, robbing things, souls, people, lands and cultures . They are the outgoing gamer- families in alignment with their world-wide Jewish bag-keepers, still able to pay any prize to any carrier of their liberalism in the veins of all still western hypnotized people, able by their outgoing money- out- of- thin- air- machine.

The MC (medium coeli = midheaven) tells, what is just coming into time: it's Neptune in Pisces.
Hence the utter soft chaos of meaning,  full of germs of meaning of a new time. 

The DC (descendent coeli = sunset = meeting the opposit-partner) is Saturn in Capricorn.
A kind of meeting 'Sparta'. By any chance the kingdom of the north?
Capricorn is state, in opposition to Family. Capricorn marks the sufficient minimum each one has an entitlement to. What will the Cancer, the families of America, offer this Capricorn. Certainly the Reds will do easier with that than the Blue.

And the Sun and Moon, the latter the lord of the election (= Cancer), both are in Scorpio, unconsciously attracted by the ancestors and the coming generations of fellow countrymen.


and Moon this week
the night-light of feeling

till Thursday night
in Scorpio together with Sun
feeling with the heritage

followed till Sunday morning
by the light of perception
of the whole granted by Sagittarius

followed by Capricorn till late Tuesday
and the feeling in his
transpersonal height
complete  with the

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