Mittwoch, 30. Oktober 2019

Holy Week for Brain, Heart and Belly

10. 28. - 11. 6. 2019,   0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kings -Conjunctions
of the Four Colors and Elements 
 Fire, EarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 18021980 and 1305 
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I – Paradox

"Consciousness (brightness of the day) one of the
archetypes of the unconscious ...

"... originates from the fact, that the I has the paradox 
feature to be subject as well as object of it's knowledge,
on the other hand thence, that the psyche is no unity
but a "constellation" in which  besides Sun there are yet
other lights. In fact the subjective I- personality,
in other words thus the consciousness with it's contents,
in it's different contents, in it's different aspects, is
watched by an unconscious or rather in the room of 
the unconsciousness situated observer."

C. G. Jung
Mysterium Conjunctionis; Coll. W: 14/2   §167

Jung has frequently described this moment, when he was conscious of the  "in the room of the unconsciousness situated observer" in the stream of the archetypes and their daily moments, like we are in the weekly diaries here. These observations of the 'observer',  now since 12 years (English 5 years) come together in the Astromundane Diary before the approaching 'theater' of the coming week.
Surely, the observed, as I receive it,   moved in God.

44. Week

Mars' condition after collision
in Libra
is this one

Botticelli, Mars and Venus

while his mistress Venus is still in Scorpio
this Wednesday intimately accompanied by Mercury
serving the soul by 
 earth's  fire's air's
waiver of dominance
in favor of 
frozen water's

Hence Mars is part and parcel of
Venus' sacrifice
till Friday
as guest of Libra
but moreover
Mars has to part with Saturn and Pluto 
to find a union for a square
of Mars' place
with Capricorn' s
polar height
the entire week
  sacrifice - constellation

man cannot 'find' such constellations consciously but if a readiness has grown in heart and brain, the 'playing gods' become visible by 'coincidence'

but now the Sun-Story this week
ruling the Leo in everyone:
the heart

Sun in Scorpio second week
part in Saturn's and Pluto's  mixture with Mars

on the deeper level of space and psyche there are the four elementpresent in three stages in the zodiac

in four strikes of coincidence called Kingsconjunctions  the unconscious fundamentals of the conscious day were formatted


appearing in the zodiac as givens


starting the lower six days of creation with Aries ...
completing with 
while the heaven above has the
upper six
 above the mirror
calling the creation into being

44'th week 2019, late afternoon
northern hemisphere

So much for the movements on the stage of the week.

And here is the garden of the elements underneath the zodiacal level of our psyche where experimental astrology does the diary of the conjunctions of the lights and planets with the heavens of the four elements.

back to Sun eventually

today beginning with green Uranus the heavenly
man-god of feeling element water

 on Friday

Sun has blue Moon home of the soul
of the 'thinking' air element

on Sunday
Sun has green Neptune 
of the feeling water element

There might be the miracle of a  holy week wrapped in this one for heart and Sun each year methinks of these aspects of Sun - heart and nothing will change till 2157.


And here eventually is  the other intensity of the week concerning Mercury' intelligence and prudence and Venus' rule over roots and balance

Venus - roots and balance had Tuesday green Venus
of the feeling element in co-resonance
and has blue Uranus of the 'thinking element'on Friday
and next Tuesday the first of the fife  fiery places in Sagittarius
red Mercury

while Mercury - intelligence and prudence -
firstly till Sunday has blue Uranus
and becoming retrtrograd (see last diary)
will end with green Venus again

Jupiter's transits on the Kingsconjunctions are slow 1/12 of Earth's velocity, hence they last longer, so the entire week Jupiter has co-resonance with blue Neptune the child-god in the 'thinking element' at 23° Sagittarius.

Murnau, October, 30. 2019, UTC: 17:37.


Mittwoch, 23. Oktober 2019

Our Heart Enters the Duty - Stage

10.  21. - 30. 2019,   0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kings -Conjunctions
of the Four Colors and Elements 
 Fire, EarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 18021980 and 1305 
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"The mandala denominates the human and divine self, 
thus the  wholeness or the perception of God [ ..]
"make the hermetical vessel out of your  mental wholeness
and pour init the aqua permanens, id est doctrinae".
Therewith. surely is indicated, that the adept shall
 digest and change himself."

C. G.  Jung, Aion, Coll. W. 9/2 § 379

There are lots of places with Jung, indicating the mandala as the symbol of the self. Now the zodiac and cognate symbol-circles of other cultures are the cosmic mandala as such. Hence each born on Earth has in his horoscope his mandala signifying his completeness.
Jung despite his high esteem of astrology, has refrained, to read horoscopes for no one else but himself in addition to the psychological analyses. That was the necessary precondition for, that he could follow  the appearing psychic phenomenons of  the psychic dynamism up to the longed for psychic completeness, like it is predetermined as fate in the horoscope.By this he has kept the field free for a future astrology.
One cannot consciously 'live according to the stars'. Their web is too complex and paradox for our conscious abilities. But the unconscious does it and it does the most for us without oneself is knowing it. For our modern conscious the perpetual web of the planetary year-wheels around Sun are a complex of known physical quantities. The math on it now is mature and precise, one click opens the result of centuries of this body-less quality of man, thinking.
Following Jung and Pauli, psyche is mirrored by matter . Hence the psyche of the Sun-Family to Earth = us, divided by hemispheres, is the chronicle of the archetypal man working in the depth of all of us,  unknown to our conscious like our heartbeat and any inner Organic networks.

But the unconscious in our fathers succeeded in the jungle of archetypes about 5.000 years ago to reach up to a kind of dreamlike symbolic consciousness, to sort them  out to the holy zodiacal canon as an imprint of the star-signs on the natural heaven's round: the zodiac. Greek wit noted, that something makes starry heaven, to lag behind Earths years. Since Hipparch the zodiac's 0° Aries begins for a hemisphere, when Sun enters a hemisphere's heaven's half each year.

So, for us waits  to be gained the ability, to sail consciously on the deep sea of the  unconscious with guidance of the symbolic heaven, mirroring in our unconscious, by  sailors, piously hoping on God and good weather, knowing something of compass and good and bad winds.

Hence this chronicle is the humble try to read 
in the circle of the 12 houses
the command of the 12 signs of heaven

for now on this northern hemisphere
(the southerners shall do their own
southern astrology)
trying to read the complex score
what a lonely doing
awaiting centuries of
in human 'air'

43. Week

Sun completing the Libra-mysteries
of  heart in balance
this Wednesday afternoon
while Mars the pusher from the depth
continues to rock
the cups of the beautiful

Botticelli, Mars and Venus

while  cool Venus further on glides through cold Scorpio
where the waters of floating energy congeal to circles in time
Venus together with Mercury
are on the trails of exercise

and now for 30 days Sun in Scorpio
challenging heart to create
 for the species

and within that
Mercury eventually  has a couple of days in the
conjunction with the  green Venus of the 'feeling' element water
it tells of the subordination of the Venus- stuff
below feeling
security and balance 
under the necessities of non-ego

Now eventually some thoughts about the four elements, providing the basic layers for the twelve Signs:
A look at the chart above tells that the three autumn-signs coincidentally are stuffed with birthmarks of the four elements, resp. their 4 Kingsconjunctions. What the meaning is of them, how can I know? I only can read the symbols, but that's a lot, compared with total unconsciousness. That is the record:

on Thursaday Sun meets the highest authorities
of the element water
heavenly father and son

Sun = heart becomes free by Scorpio's waiver
on randomness
which  in Libra' fascinations yet not is the question

and in 4 day steps Sun moves into the opposition
with Uranus in Taurus
I call him the man-god or
the thinking -ability in us
within the human archive
currently  dealing with the Taurus roots- and herd-instinct of
our egos rooting in Mother Earth

on Thursday also Venus reaches at 18,9° Scorpio
the Neptune of the earth-element
what can it be? The innocent child-god of  dark heaviness
and immovability
coincidentally  the vessel
providing the basic bowl
 for the eventual
of the four 

and Moon just obviates a shortage of inner- and own world
by letting appear some lower manners of appearance
which belong to us in dreams
that will be clearing till
Scorpio's chastity
which is waiver of the 3
earth fire air
or Taurus Leo Aquarius
or greed lust irreliability
to be able by the fourth element
Scorpios's crystals
to gain the high unity

And here is the square of the week: needed is some unity of stern fatherly (Saturn) and brotherly (Pluto) determination with attacks (Mars) to gain  balance.

Murnau, 10. 23. 2019, UTC: 19:52 and 20:24.


20:24 corrected:

Dienstag, 22. Oktober 2019

SEA CHANGE in Syria ...

This was the 41th week in which between 10. 6 and 10.9 the  'sea change# happened

And this is the constellation between 10. 6. and 10.9. Plain to see: Mercury = communication
meets the green Uranus  'toppler' of the feeling element water and blue Moon of the 'thinking element air signifying thoughts about 'home of man'.

Here I give you my reading of  the Transits of 10.9 on the 3 major actors. 

 Murnau, 10.22.2019, UTC 21:22.

Sonntag, 20. Oktober 2019

On the Ladder of Time

The coming order must be mended by a pin 'printing all of the
prints of creation in the  entire circle of the creator

no other ladder is given by the completing artists

than the ladder of time

Murnau 10. 20 2019, UTC: 19:20.

Samstag, 19. Oktober 2019

10.9.2019 - the Deal -Transits on Three Players - My reading

12:00 UTC

thee arrows

26. 2. 1954 Istanbul
AM 4:25

7. 10. 1952, Leningrad

14. 6. 1946, Jamaica NJ
UTC 14:54

To begin with the third, who was the first: Overwhelming is the wave of conciliatory
intensity, the Donald receives with 3x Jupiter, even 2 times  with the Sun (his and of the day). Jupiter always owns the miracles of reconciliation - ultimately with God.

Also  Erdogan's Jupiter has   major resonance with his Sun and other seven rulers of his zodiac. 
'His'  toppler Uranus is met by Pluto's opposition signifying time for new origin and  a kind of cleaning (Neptune)off projections in nation- (Cancer) affairs.
Eventually Mercury is uniting his Light with 'Erdo's Saturn. 'Communicating' and fiting stability.

The latter moment, stability,  is the overwhelming  dominant aspect in VVP's Transit.
Saturn = stability, resonating with his heart Sun
Pluto = sacrifice, resonating with his character = Saturn
Both in his way   of burgeoning coming realities.

Murnau, 10.22.ö2019, UTC 21:12.

Mittwoch, 16. Oktober 2019

Retrospect of Last Week's Mars and Prospect on Sun's High Meeting on Thursday

10. 14. - 23. 2019,   0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kings -Conjunctions
of the Four Colors and Elements 
 Fire, EarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 18021980 and 1305 
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42. Week

The precondition of astrology is, that we are
 identical with   the time. It expresses the quality
of the moment, in which we are born.  In as much
as the character-reconstructions of the astrology
are right enough, we must be identical with the
moment of birth, respectively with the time.
My conception  thereto is this: the time is a
 psychological function, which is identical with
 the living thing anyway. An approach as such is
not to be proved but heuristically exceedingly
valuable. Our unconscious has a quite marvelous
connection to the time. One has hypnotized persons
and given to them the posthypnotic task, to 
count the seconds. When they were hypnotized
 again they were able to tell exactly the number of  
bygone seconds. Unconsciously we are oriented
by the time. One can wake up to a certain minute,
 if one has decided to do so. That is only possible
by a brilliant time-function of the unconscious.

C. G. Jung, Kinderträume (Children-Dreams) p. 106.

Retrospective, this diary last week

Mars meets :

Uranus of earth-element
Mars of fire

we got to study it
Mars means fresh impulse
shortest way
in Libra =  love and hate
guided by gods and devils

the well known Grandola-Constellation
and here
liberating attack
for a new balance

before Mars came Sun to this place. This chronicle of Oct. 1.:

"Now to Sun
in the early grades of Libra
from Thursday to Saturday Sun 
the heart of living matter
will meet from  the depth of the elements up to 
Libra 3,2° 
olive Uranus of earth-element
Libra 4,1° 
red Mars of fire -element

This could be grasped on the basis of balance by the toppling of a militant entity from bottom to top and top to bottom. I like to call this moment in early Libra the 'Grandola-constellation' which was met by Pluto in square with Saturn/Mars 1974,  (see below) while in parallel in Portugal the 'Revolution of the Captains' within the Army and State happened. "

Now 2019   Mars the starter 
started on October 9. while Mars passed the
'magical' 3,1 ° Libra/ 4,1 Libra
ordering earth and fire-element

Now this 42. week

Mars will  on Sunday be
on the highest platform of the
'thinking' blue element air
Saturn and Jupiter
in that element

Time to meet in the middles and share 

further to Sun the heart and center
of each system of the northern hemisphere
 on it's way in 
or to
will meet with  blue Pluto of air

Sun + Pluto
power + sacrifice

and the coincidence has it that current Pluto
has Sun in square
together being obliged
to find a united piece  of future

in Pluto's Scorpio meanwhile Venus, currently ruling Uranus, Sun and Mars, 

meets water, air, water
Uranus, Moon, Neptune
collecting and balancing by waiver
meeting the toppler of feelings
the keeper of private thoughts
and the deep feelings that wait for their day

meets Neptune of the earth
child-god of the static element
signifying solution

Lots to observe and meditate about till the next Kings-conjunction in water 2157.

Murnau, 10. 16. 2019, UTC 16:23.