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Holy Week for Brain, Heart and Belly

10. 28. - 11. 6. 2019,   0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kings -Conjunctions
of the Four Colors and Elements 
 Fire, EarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 18021980 and 1305 
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I – Paradox

"Consciousness (brightness of the day) one of the
archetypes of the unconscious ...

"... originates from the fact, that the I has the paradox 
feature to be subject as well as object of it's knowledge,
on the other hand thence, that the psyche is no unity
but a "constellation" in which  besides Sun there are yet
other lights. In fact the subjective I- personality,
in other words thus the consciousness with it's contents,
in it's different contents, in it's different aspects, is
watched by an unconscious or rather in the room of 
the unconsciousness situated observer."

C. G. Jung
Mysterium Conjunctionis; Coll. W: 14/2   §167

Jung has frequently described this moment, when he was conscious of the  "in the room of the unconsciousness situated observer" in the stream of the archetypes and their daily moments, like we are in the weekly diaries here. These observations of the 'observer',  now since 12 years (English 5 years) come together in the Astromundane Diary before the approaching 'theater' of the coming week.
Surely, the observed, as I receive it,   moved in God.

44. Week

Mars' condition after collision
in Libra
is this one

Botticelli, Mars and Venus

while his mistress Venus is still in Scorpio
this Wednesday intimately accompanied by Mercury
serving the soul by 
 earth's  fire's air's
waiver of dominance
in favor of 
frozen water's

Hence Mars is part and parcel of
Venus' sacrifice
till Friday
as guest of Libra
but moreover
Mars has to part with Saturn and Pluto 
to find a union for a square
of Mars' place
with Capricorn' s
polar height
the entire week
  sacrifice - constellation

man cannot 'find' such constellations consciously but if a readiness has grown in heart and brain, the 'playing gods' become visible by 'coincidence'

but now the Sun-Story this week
ruling the Leo in everyone:
the heart

Sun in Scorpio second week
part in Saturn's and Pluto's  mixture with Mars

on the deeper level of space and psyche there are the four elementpresent in three stages in the zodiac

in four strikes of coincidence called Kingsconjunctions  the unconscious fundamentals of the conscious day were formatted


appearing in the zodiac as givens


starting the lower six days of creation with Aries ...
completing with 
while the heaven above has the
upper six
 above the mirror
calling the creation into being

44'th week 2019, late afternoon
northern hemisphere

So much for the movements on the stage of the week.

And here is the garden of the elements underneath the zodiacal level of our psyche where experimental astrology does the diary of the conjunctions of the lights and planets with the heavens of the four elements.

back to Sun eventually

today beginning with green Uranus the heavenly
man-god of feeling element water

 on Friday

Sun has blue Moon home of the soul
of the 'thinking' air element

on Sunday
Sun has green Neptune 
of the feeling water element

There might be the miracle of a  holy week wrapped in this one for heart and Sun each year methinks of these aspects of Sun - heart and nothing will change till 2157.


And here eventually is  the other intensity of the week concerning Mercury' intelligence and prudence and Venus' rule over roots and balance

Venus - roots and balance had Tuesday green Venus
of the feeling element in co-resonance
and has blue Uranus of the 'thinking element'on Friday
and next Tuesday the first of the fife  fiery places in Sagittarius
red Mercury

while Mercury - intelligence and prudence -
firstly till Sunday has blue Uranus
and becoming retrtrograd (see last diary)
will end with green Venus again

Jupiter's transits on the Kingsconjunctions are slow 1/12 of Earth's velocity, hence they last longer, so the entire week Jupiter has co-resonance with blue Neptune the child-god in the 'thinking element' at 23° Sagittarius.

Murnau, October, 30. 2019, UTC: 17:37.


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