Dienstag, 1. Oktober 2019

Houthis in Najran - With Allah and Militant Ingenuity

The  second devastating strike of the Houthis this early fall  was completed on Saturday September 28.
 Done on that day, 12:00 UTC, the Horoscope shows Sun at late 4,..° Libra still in the resonance-area of the notorious "Grandola- constellation' which I noticed the Wednesday before:

"Now to Sun
in the early grades of Libra
from Thursday to Saturday Sun 
the heart of living matter
will meet from  the depth of the elements up to 
Libra 3,2° 
olive Uranus of earth-element
Libra 4,1° 
red Mars of fire -element

This could be grasped on the basis of balance as the toppling of a militant entity from bottom to top and top to bottom. I like to call this moment in early Libra the 'Grandola-constellation' was met by Pluto in square with Saturn/Mars 1974, while in parallel in Portugal the 'Revolution of the Captains' within the Army and State happened.

25. 4. 1974, UTC 0:00 Lissabon
together with a lot of gods ..."

Now the Sun of Houthi's big pincer-action in  southern Saudi-Arabia, promoting with the gods a heart (Sun =center), hence 'focused militant liberation action' = Mars + Uranus. And look, what's in the mirror of the zodiac's horizon:  Sun's call in Libra mirrored by Mars, the pusher.
9. 28. 2019 UTC 12:00

Again confirming the motto: the pious fighters complete it with the gods.

Murnau, 10. 1. 2019, UTC 20:58.

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