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Our Heart Enters the Duty - Stage

10.  21. - 30. 2019,   0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kings -Conjunctions
of the Four Colors and Elements 
 Fire, EarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 18021980 and 1305 
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"The mandala denominates the human and divine self, 
thus the  wholeness or the perception of God [ ..]
"make the hermetical vessel out of your  mental wholeness
and pour init the aqua permanens, id est doctrinae".
Therewith. surely is indicated, that the adept shall
 digest and change himself."

C. G.  Jung, Aion, Coll. W. 9/2 § 379

There are lots of places with Jung, indicating the mandala as the symbol of the self. Now the zodiac and cognate symbol-circles of other cultures are the cosmic mandala as such. Hence each born on Earth has in his horoscope his mandala signifying his completeness.
Jung despite his high esteem of astrology, has refrained, to read horoscopes for no one else but himself in addition to the psychological analyses. That was the necessary precondition for, that he could follow  the appearing psychic phenomenons of  the psychic dynamism up to the longed for psychic completeness, like it is predetermined as fate in the horoscope.By this he has kept the field free for a future astrology.
One cannot consciously 'live according to the stars'. Their web is too complex and paradox for our conscious abilities. But the unconscious does it and it does the most for us without oneself is knowing it. For our modern conscious the perpetual web of the planetary year-wheels around Sun are a complex of known physical quantities. The math on it now is mature and precise, one click opens the result of centuries of this body-less quality of man, thinking.
Following Jung and Pauli, psyche is mirrored by matter . Hence the psyche of the Sun-Family to Earth = us, divided by hemispheres, is the chronicle of the archetypal man working in the depth of all of us,  unknown to our conscious like our heartbeat and any inner Organic networks.

But the unconscious in our fathers succeeded in the jungle of archetypes about 5.000 years ago to reach up to a kind of dreamlike symbolic consciousness, to sort them  out to the holy zodiacal canon as an imprint of the star-signs on the natural heaven's round: the zodiac. Greek wit noted, that something makes starry heaven, to lag behind Earths years. Since Hipparch the zodiac's 0° Aries begins for a hemisphere, when Sun enters a hemisphere's heaven's half each year.

So, for us waits  to be gained the ability, to sail consciously on the deep sea of the  unconscious with guidance of the symbolic heaven, mirroring in our unconscious, by  sailors, piously hoping on God and good weather, knowing something of compass and good and bad winds.

Hence this chronicle is the humble try to read 
in the circle of the 12 houses
the command of the 12 signs of heaven

for now on this northern hemisphere
(the southerners shall do their own
southern astrology)
trying to read the complex score
what a lonely doing
awaiting centuries of
in human 'air'

43. Week

Sun completing the Libra-mysteries
of  heart in balance
this Wednesday afternoon
while Mars the pusher from the depth
continues to rock
the cups of the beautiful

Botticelli, Mars and Venus

while  cool Venus further on glides through cold Scorpio
where the waters of floating energy congeal to circles in time
Venus together with Mercury
are on the trails of exercise

and now for 30 days Sun in Scorpio
challenging heart to create
 for the species

and within that
Mercury eventually  has a couple of days in the
conjunction with the  green Venus of the 'feeling' element water
it tells of the subordination of the Venus- stuff
below feeling
security and balance 
under the necessities of non-ego

Now eventually some thoughts about the four elements, providing the basic layers for the twelve Signs:
A look at the chart above tells that the three autumn-signs coincidentally are stuffed with birthmarks of the four elements, resp. their 4 Kingsconjunctions. What the meaning is of them, how can I know? I only can read the symbols, but that's a lot, compared with total unconsciousness. That is the record:

on Thursaday Sun meets the highest authorities
of the element water
heavenly father and son

Sun = heart becomes free by Scorpio's waiver
on randomness
which  in Libra' fascinations yet not is the question

and in 4 day steps Sun moves into the opposition
with Uranus in Taurus
I call him the man-god or
the thinking -ability in us
within the human archive
currently  dealing with the Taurus roots- and herd-instinct of
our egos rooting in Mother Earth

on Thursday also Venus reaches at 18,9° Scorpio
the Neptune of the earth-element
what can it be? The innocent child-god of  dark heaviness
and immovability
coincidentally  the vessel
providing the basic bowl
 for the eventual
of the four 

and Moon just obviates a shortage of inner- and own world
by letting appear some lower manners of appearance
which belong to us in dreams
that will be clearing till
Scorpio's chastity
which is waiver of the 3
earth fire air
or Taurus Leo Aquarius
or greed lust irreliability
to be able by the fourth element
Scorpios's crystals
to gain the high unity

And here is the square of the week: needed is some unity of stern fatherly (Saturn) and brotherly (Pluto) determination with attacks (Mars) to gain  balance.

Murnau, 10. 23. 2019, UTC: 19:52 and 20:24.


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