Dienstag, 1. Oktober 2019

Good to have that Old Souls in the Tent

Commenters and mundanomaniac talking medicine-thoughts 2018:

Now in this week = maximum air-week, Sun and Venus in airy Libra and Mars and Mercury are one in the in-door and one in the  out - door.
And this Libra-campaign of 2019, like every year, had the dominance of air (= the invisible third - element of the four- quartered world) above Sun and her inner children.
Time to recall the great monologue about 'Glasses'  of last year, that was followed by an extra-rare
instance of  a comment- circle of older persons doing the sagacious talk of  old souls with good pious minds.

Good to have you, and good for me, to have some guy mundo  on that day
in the spiritual tent in Sakers Cafe

Cheers, reading Sisters and Bro's

Murnau, 10. 1. 2019, UTC 21:30.

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