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Crystalline Time, Order in the Center and Attack in Love and Hate

10.7. - 15. 2019,   0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kings -Conjunctions
of the Four Colors and Elements 
 Fire, EarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 18021980 and 1305 
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As little as the physical continuum is to be imagined, 
so unconceptional is also the necessary existing
psychic aspect of the same. But of the maximum 
theoretical relevance is the relative or partial  identity
of the psyche and the physical continuum, since it means
in so far a huge simplification, as it  bridges the 
apparent incommensurability  between the physical 
and the psychical world; this however not in an ostensive
way, but at the physical side by mathematical equations, 
by the psychological side by postulates, derived from 
empirical evidence, namely archetypes, whose  contents, 
if available after all not are to be imagined. Archetypes
only appear in the observation and experience, namely 
thus, that they order imaginings, what always happens
unconsciously and therefore always is recognized 

Theoretical Deliberations on the Essence of the Psychic)
Coll. W. 8, § 440.

With this deliberation Jung foils the expectation, that astrologers can predict the future.  What they are able to do is, only, to register the changes, and this naturally beforehand, in which way the 'gods'/archetypes as ordering factors are constellated. 

The bridge between the physical real planets to the psycho/physical realities on Earth appears to me to be only tangible by their rhythms, in which  each of them is present in the concert of our solar home and each with his rhythm was present when Earth was made and remains in everything ever made - hence our "identity with time" in our dance around Sun.

This comes as the everlasting stream of projection of unconscious contents, which our conscious has not in account, as long as it was not introduced to it. Astrology does the 'trick', it tells the unconscious real dance in the cosmic arena everyday 
dance, which makes our life worthwhile to become conscious.

 here of the psychic background which has, together with writing and counting, taken shape before about 5.000 years at the beginning of civilization. In the zodiac appears the one and whole of year and day as 12 archetypal configurations, 

being divided in two half-years, four quadrants/quarter years, and three series of the four elements as elementary, emotional and spiritual level always in the sequence: fire, earth, air and water.


The orderers of the dark half  of the zodiac... completely in the upper middle of the universe
where the deep room of soul  is between matter's impulses and the spirit, a room, so Jung, of it's right and tempers within the thee stages of the elements.

in this and the coming week now dominated the seasonal  'orderers' of the spring quarter, Mars, Venus and Mercury and of the summer-quarter (except for Cancer) Sun and Mercury by the elements air and water. With the former are outer, with the later inner conditions roughly described.

As 'non-seasonal' are described the planets beyond Mars which has rhythmically an intermediate position: his way around Sun takes 1,6 years. He is followed by Jupiter's 12 years, Saturn's 29,457 years, Uranus follows with 84 years, Neptune with 164 years and Pluto's year takes 248 Earth-years.

41. Week

The element air of the sign Libra orders Mars and Sun.

It's the time of balance in the year
for a center = Sun

and it's the time of balance within 1,6 years
for the pusher = Mars

By their rulers conditions the signs Aries and Leo  push and center are roughly signified as 'in balance' or getting into  blance by Libra = 'thinking without borders' =  air. 

same time:

the element water of Scorpio now orders Venus and Mercury

While the former the outer so 'water' depicts the inner world of feelings.

The signs Taurus, Twins, Virgo and Libra in turn are assigned by their rulers to readiness for waiver by Scorpio and faith of feelings by water.

Both signs, Libra and Scorpio  belong to the middle = connecting, emotional second third of the zodiac. The alchemist speculation of the medieval times called the soul (anima), the connecting 'ligamentum' between hyle (matter) and spirit.

The relation of the planets and 'lights' (Sun and Moon) to the signs is, that they rule their signs and are ruled by the signs (and their rulers) in which they are just located. While the signs are 'passive', always keeping their place in the zodiac, the lights and planets are to be seen as the dynamics of the sign's characters. Hence the change of the orderings.

Specific changes result of the'aspects' in which the planets/light get in 'resonance' with each other. According to the tenet: less is more, the multiplicity of aspects being read by astrologers, is in this diary reduced to the four 'main  aspects': conjunction, opposition, and two squares aka angles of 0°, 180, 90 and 270°. Except by conjunction these aspects always confront different elements with each other.

 this week
started with Sun in exact square with Saturn
and next Week Sun will start in square with Pluto
from Libra air = encounter
 to Capricorn earth = beyond temporality

this resonance connects vigor with what remains  beyond time = Saturn
as well as with the commitment to what is transpersonal necessary = Pluto

this week
Venus in Scorpio has a 180° (opposition) aspect with Uranus in Taurus
the meaning of this aspect relies on the natural law of the universal unity of the opposites
both unite halves to one in love and strife
Venus unites in service of the individual the individuals
to protective social  herds (Taurus) and the sexes
to pairs (Libra)

In Scorpio the dynamism of both archetypes Mercury and Venus
is tied with the aim of surviving not of the individual but the community
whereby the air-freedom of Libra is replaced by the water- bond of Scorpio
like free love is replace by marriage
Uranus in turn as dynamics of the air-sign Aquarius
shows in the earth-sign Taurus virtually the easiness in the heaviness
or the spiritual in the social

 illustration: the social as spiritual principle= socialism/communism

5. 5. 1818, UTC 1:33, Trier
Karl Marx

Finally there is another, more basic floor guiding our unconsciousness: four Horoscopes for each of them elements (aggregate stages) one: I don't go here into the technical details. 
This is, what it says:


Mars meets 
Uranus of earth-element
Mars of fire

we got to study it
Mars means fresh impulse
shortest way
in Libra =  love and hate
guided by gods and devils

Venus yesterday/today
meeting an old secret of water
Saturn + Jupiter
father and son in God
in Kings-conjunction in the middle sign of water
0,8° Scorpio
simile  water in crystallized*) condition
the encounter with
the crystal in God
(dynamis of Scorpio = Pluto)
4. 14. 1912, 23:40, UTC 3:07 
Titanic,  collision with the iceberg

Mercury talking and analyzing
the small  chequers
 meets today blue Moon of the air
symbolizing the concept  'home in  waiver'
and tomorrow Thursday Mercury meets green Neptune of water
symbolizing 'innocence in waiver'
These releases have never been contents in common human consciousness. In the 8th century for the first time being described  and read by  astrologers in Baghdad they only appeared after WW 2 in southern Germany' s Rhythmenlehre of Wolfgang Döbereiner * 1928 - 2014. They might remain an unknown conundrum for long a time to the public.

* crystallized = Scorpio. My observations concerning the accuracy of the unconscious 'leads'.

My documentations at the end of my diaries are a hint to the 'crystalline' accuracy of those moments, when the diary is left into the net.
'Crystalline' demands from all 12 members of the whole a waiver of freedom:
 Scorpio is to compensate 
three freedoms:
freedom of 
indulgence = Taurus
lust = Leo
independence = Aquarius

never different than
by waiver of
unbound access
emerges the freedom
of the center
order in the circle

Murnau, 10. 9. 2019, UTC 19:27. and 10. 16. 2019 UTC: 15:19


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