Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2018

Sun in the Lap - Moon in the Head

6. 27. - 7. 4. 2018, 0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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"From the width of seeing to the depth of feeling."

Thus the given way of the Sun clockwardly mooving each day under  northern hemisphere's sky. Past summer-solstice  June 21- the entrance of Sun in Cancer - not only by in the sign and by element = air to water, but even a change within the of quadrants of the zodiac.

The first three are the realm of the 3 dimensions: push - couter - referee or Aries - Taurus - Twins

The fourth are the inner dimensions, open for - water the second heaviest 'element' filling all the cracks in the earth.

Water indeed is one of the four physical 'elements' (aggregation states), but likewise the room of the psychic arrangements of the feeling like wells, rivers, glaciers, oceans - everturning life turning in circles within circles within ...

the four quadrants of the zodiac

 26. Week

So in Cancer Sun is 
so to speak
in the deep intimacy of the zodiacal man

between Adam
and Adam secundus
who is
reunited with the creator

Adam the zodiacal man

and in the lofty height
of the zodiacal woman


it is woman's well
deepest depth of the male and the highest height
of the female lap
in Cancer where now
Sun and Mercury both are rolling 
 through night and day 
in the sky

and in this midweek
Sun is in resonance with her partner in opposition Saturn
where the gods 
Sun + Saturn 
= personal will + transpersonal constraint
are to form a cendent and trans-cendent
common body 
of these paradox opposites
uniting centered strongness
with old whine
soulcenter + spirit

so much for Sun our families central fire


and here the planet of 
the third air of
the zodiacal man
in us

called Aquarius of heaven' ruler

again this week in the depth
of our northern aeon's constellations
 of the four elements
forming our deep unconscious psychical socket
 united with the green Moon of 
at 1,8° Taurus

Moon in Taurus = feeling at home
in the security of the herd/tribe

where now Uranus looks and leavies
 god of the coming mankind's 
enthusiasm of being
found by god
united with water Moon
more than 700 years old
aeonic shelter of our feelings
since 1305
till 2177

this week second half

 swapping and uniting
Uranus in Taurus
the heaven in the town
with Mercury's
realms Twins and Virgo

in the second half of this week

the perception 
of coming (Uranus) community (Taurus)
by Mercury's heart (Leo)

may it be lauded


while Venus
goddess of the social herds and tribes in us 
and of the community of sexes
since Monday it's a week of
 outspending in Leo
in the producing of the inner spark

beginning in resonance with mirrorpartner
Jupiter in Scorpio

what a time for lust  and wisdom


and Moon 
lady of the well and the shadow
hiking feeling lap in the sky
this week
through the spirit
from Sagittarius till Pisces
or from fire till water

spirit knows nothing about  bodyness
like body knowing nothing of spirit

but  both are connected with  by another third
by the mighty soul - resonance
of and to the Sun from and to each single planetary
 member of the star-family
connecting  spirit with body
from Leo to Scorpio
and vice versa

and the waters of fate
till tonight in Europe 
in Sagittarius
then high and firm for all 
in Capricorn
since Saturday 
then the winged eyes of the he birds of mind
and since Tuesday  under the realm of Pisces
the animals with eyes always open 
like a toddler
on all it's ways

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Gepostet: Murnau, 25. 6. 2018 UTC : 13:56. 
In Englisch: 6. 27. 2018, UTC 19:41 + 19:53.


Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2018

Completed: Two Zodiacal Persons?

The zodiacal man is the astrological expression for the psychological "Selbst" (self)
the collective 'continent + shelf' underneath each conscious person.

The zodiacal man is the complement of the zodiacal woman.

The zodiacal man walks in instinctive resonance with the gods in the Sun-family

Number one:

 6. 14. 1946, 14:54 UTC
Jamaica NY
transit 6. 12. 2018 Singapur, 12=00 Local time (UTC 4:00)

ASC Leo = the sovereign
Sun in 10 = the determiner
transit Sun =  Sun + Sun = the sovereign determination
of a trickster ~ Mercury


 calling for the union of the opposits
Moon with Sun

Moon rules via Cancer:

Taurus Twins Virgo Libra Capricorn

from 10 = determinined-  together with - 4 = feeling

the Zodiacal man underneath the Donald
is uniting 
the collective with the intimate person

creative heart = Sun+Uranus
 outlining the future of man on earth
 = Uranus + Sun
+  Sun = heart

as certainly  this man is on earth to do so
with Neptune -square on Uranus

= the ultimate 'crime' of the 'holy child'
father's child's voice within calling for
the reconciliation= Sagittarius
 Moon of this man is dreaming of

another opposition:

Mercury of the future = Mercury in 11
in the home of life = Cancer

underneath this man

 in oppositon - partnership
with Saturn of these weeks
uniting future home of life (Cancer 11) with 
Saturn's throne above the parties

underneath the emotions of this man

while Mars the lonely beginner
in the Aquarian sky

calls for a common interface with
Pluto in  Leo

Mars + Pluto

= the visibility of the saving


finally Saturn in Capricorn has  an interface with childgod Neptune
the father + the child
order + innocence

what a fine leading

so much for the Donald

Number Two:

8. 1. 1984 Kim Jong Un
transit 6. 12. 2018 Singapur 12:00 Local time (UTC 4:00)

The Mercury end of Twins
is stirring his opposite-partner Jupiter in his
position at the brightest spot of the entire zodiac

and Jupiter at this
 bright spot on the elementary level
of fire-Sun and fire_Venus
is in close travel- companionship
with innocence = Neptune and
wit = Mercury

and 'Kim's' Pluto
close to 'father + son' of the water-element

ruler of Scorpio in Scorpio
= tradition of souls
 by families

completed by coming

finally Kim's Mars in the resonance opposition-partner Venus
the cutter and the uniteress
to struggle or fall in love
with another

6. 13. 2018 UTC 19:38.
6. 21. 2018 UTC: 16:46.


Reconcilliation's  origin
= Jupiter in 11
meeting Twin's Mercury in 8

last enhancement: 6. 21.

Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2018

Rising Heart From Width to Water

 6. 18 - 27. 2018, 0:00 UTC

Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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The best sentence, I read this week, is from 
G.W. Hegel, saying: The struggles in this world
 not arise from right against wrong, but from right 
against right.  

Something like that to me currently
seems to happen between J. Flores and the Saker.

"There are many different worlds" Knopfler

but there is only one

to this Carl Jung:

" the entire conscious man is delivered to the"Selbst" 
(self) thus that new center of the personality,  which
 replaces the existing ego . Like Christ taking the
 lead and finishing the mere egolife,  so the filius 
macrocosmi, the son of the great lights and the dark 
earth-lap enters the emotional domain and seizes the
human personality not only in the bright heights of a
 spiritual consciousness, but also in the dark depths, 
which until now have not grasped the light which has 
appeared in Christ. The alchemy indeed was conscious
of the large shadow, which christianity obviously
wasn't able to become master of and therefore felt
compelled to let a redeemer emerge out of the lap 
of the earth namely in analogy to and in 
complementation of  the God-son descended
from above."

C.G.Jung, Mysterium Coniunctionis II, § 364

25. Week 2018

 the prognostic diary of mundanomaniac
since Wednesday
in accord with the chart above:

the way of the heart

finishes the width 
called Twins

and will be entering the inner depths
called Cancer
about 10:30 UTC

summer-beginn heart entering the shady grounds
of water the
fourth element

The supreme good is comparable to the water.
The water donates life to the ten thousand things
and doesn't struggle to do so.
It floats to places, which are rejected by man
and by this it is like the TAO.


Sun in the sign of water
feeling heart in the flow of feelings
 receiving well
of the half-conscious inward

Cancer always  the lower way
of the zodiacal man
shady lap of creation
whisking the four elements
to life

after the weekend Sun's increasing resonance with
the polar keeper
mountain and tree
zodiacal majesty of the father
in a complement of creative heart playing
and the authority
of time
Summer and Winter
in the universal
now and ever

so much for Sun and heart


is our skin
from cell to horns
to walls

hence Venus is our security against the hunters
of Mars with their dividing laces

Venus ruling our affiliations and balance
from cell to state
to matrimonium
via Taurus and Libra

moving for the second week in Leo
hence playing, spending, donating
in resonance with Mars, the single, 
the divider
in Aquarius in

a common union of opposits
between secret spiritual freak-ness
called own religion or Aquarius

hence union
of talking 'self'
emotion in pure
blitheness of heart


and Mercury the explorer in the moisty grounds
of Cancer
will meet resonance with Pluto 
the keeper of  ancestor's
and coming souls
in Earth's Family- Astrology
in the union of  opposits
coming weekend


and Moon moves over the dreams of
 Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius
the first three are demanding the claims
of the soul
while the fourth does so
with the claims of the spirit.

Entwurf Sonntag 17. 6. 2018, UTC 14:35
Gepostet: Murnau, 18. 6. 2018 UTC: 14: 48.
In English: 6. 20. 2018, UTC : 17:09.


Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2018

Singapur and the Week After

 6. 11 - 29. 2018, 0:00 UTC

Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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"With high erected stick madness
is whooping the worlds like herds."

Rig Veda 
(acc. to my friend Georg)

24. Week 2018

Tuesday noon im  Singapur

Uranus in Taurus: Putin,  concerning the  Stalin-Ribbentrop-Pact of 1939, emphasized, one has to understand these things out of their time. Uranus was last in Taurus 1934 - 1942 and yet saw  the defeat of the 'Blitzkrieg" ahead of Moscow. Uranus is the toppler, air-spirit, originator, lord of Aquarius. (6. 13. 2018)
in the resonance with 1,8° Taurus
green = 'Moon
feeling element's  home and shelter
Uranus the man-god
till 2157


Earth-Mercury at 26,9° Cancer = earth's deal-maker and speaker
visited by the goddess of wealth and balance.

Wednesday June 13th

Last full week with Sun in Twins

(Earth in Sagittarius)

Sun in Twins
the gift of the 
out of the fulness of the discerning heart
mirroring Capricorn in the third mirror
of the zodiac
hence discerning heart has to mirror
order and sacrifice

24th week 2018

Earth in my reading
always is the middle and horizon
between shadow and star
Earth knew the 12 months and four seasons
long brfore the sauropods
and the primordial soup
and receptive with it's waters

starting tomorrow
the Taurus- and Libra-Worlds
cease to be 'receptive' in Cancer
and start to be expressive 
with Venus in Leo

while the Twins- and  Virgo- worlds
with Mercury yesterday on Tuesday have begun their
receptive phase

last week for
Sun in Twins
zodiacal man's heart
under the spell of Mercury
mirroring the word and measure
of the father Saturn
reading and writing the judgement
at the weighing scale of fate
= red Moon of element fire

Thoth = Hermes = Mercury

measure-board and pen
at the scale
the winged eye-god
of the air element

he now entered Cancer yesterday
moving into  inside where there is nothing to see
for worldly eyes unless for the inner eyes
called soul

in this condition he will meet 
the resonance of Saturn

on Saturday

while Venus 
and with her the
Taurus- and Libra-Wold
entering the Leo-world of emotional expression
and likewise  the resonance of Uranus 
and since weekend that
of Mars

the astrological square from Taurus/earth to Leo/ fire
is that from saving to spending

while the opposition from Aquarius to Leo
is that from freedom to passion

everything else remains in minimal movement
and Moon the
moody hiker around the the month
moves since Thursday through the realms of
expression and adaption.

Entwurf: 10. 6. 2018, UTC 14:50 (16:50 MESZ).

Murnau, 11. 6. 2018, UTC: 14:25.

In English: UTC 17:18.