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Moon's Visit in the 'Transcendent' Green Resonance

 6. 4 - 13. 2018, 0:00 UTC

Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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"the anima-sapientia refers formaliter
to the alchemist like God refered to Christ"

" because the anima is the 'mediatrix' between
the contradictory antagonisms in the Deity"

Planets as servants of the king (gold, Sun)
planets here as servants of the sapientia dei

Reading of the king as  consciousness

"Hence the alchemy  burdens man with the task
as well as the dignity, that his opus is to 
release the femal aspect, the sapientia and 
anima mundi  of the  deity,  off the arrest
in matter and to reunite  again with the 
manifest male God."

C.G.Jung, Mysterium Coniunctionis III 

(italic:  note by me to the text)

The alchemists were the last, which encompassed nature, symbol and themselves in one, better, tried to do so "deo concedente"  (if God is willing).

The psychology of the depth and the physics of the psyche together with  the astrology are tying with this.

23. Week 2018
of the zodiacal man

Earth invisible in Sagittarius

Sun in Twins
third week

Sun with Mercury and Neptune
three gods in yoke of 3 times
first their own one
second their partner's
third their

three logical contradictions

and the ability of nature
to form a usefull amalgam
like the Putin-Xi -
amalgam cleaning given Eurasia
by win-win-amalgan
for the new world

while america has to suffer with

well with the Donald's couse seems
to let America go rampant
according to the US-Washingtons given frenzy
by keeping the red knob
for God and himself

he is to make the world immune to america
hence to the beginn of america to
face  itself

and the American poets have never done anything
than that

today on Wednesday 
to this evening culminating 
Moon's visit in the 'transcendant' resonance with
Neptune's resonance
Sun + Mercury 
to unite under God's  presidence
with the gods
his 'archetypal' children
+ innocence

 to be united in the conscious
brain and heart of the creation
capable consciosly ensue
in a way adhere to
what nature 
unconsciosly does since
 beginning and ending
commanding it
to hunger and innocence
of the zodiacal man

mirroring his given times


23. Week 2018

Mercury you will see it in the upper chart
will meet next Monday the 
'home of the fire'
or the red Moon
at 24,8° Twins
Moon = home
of the element fire
according to the four
4 = 1
1 current aeon

maybe it's  the time of a "Selbst" (Self)
it's up to you to decide


 Venus of the zodiacal man/woman
keeperess of existence by community
underlying each 
currently in the depth of the lap
of personal intimacy
called Cancer 
as the fourth realm of 
rhythm feeling and wishing
in universe 
hence on Earth

now this week walks through the resonance of
brother/sister Pluto coming from beyond
= Capricorn
hence intimacy : immortality
to become imtimacy + immortality


for the rest Uranus the (spiritual)
god of 'Uranian' = heavenly levels 
in mankind
first weeks of 7 years ...
under the sky of the northern hemisphere
till October remaining
 in the resonance of 1,8° Taurus
another element's  Moon 
green = water
  home and shelter
of the feelings
 of our aeon

Mond + Uranus?
heaven's home on earth
of the social herd
heaven = the stranger
within and without of  us


and Mars in Aquarius
is kind of cleaning fire/ brightness from  heaven
of reflection in mind
 = the birth zodiacal mankind
in the union with sapientia
in the six mirrors of the day

And Moon gives to the crazy but humble heart, beginning the week in Aquarius, the wideness and depth in innocence of spirit and meaning, before on Friday-morning the world again calls for the soul for new appearences of the eternal the same ingredients in the world of surfaces.

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