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Completed: Two Zodiacal Persons?

The zodiacal man is the astrological expression for the psychological "Selbst" (self)
the collective 'continent + shelf' underneath each conscious person.

The zodiacal man is the complement of the zodiacal woman.

The zodiacal man walks in instinctive resonance with the gods in the Sun-family

Number one:

 6. 14. 1946, 14:54 UTC
Jamaica NY
transit 6. 12. 2018 Singapur, 12=00 Local time (UTC 4:00)

ASC Leo = the sovereign
Sun in 10 = the determiner
transit Sun =  Sun + Sun = the sovereign determination
of a trickster ~ Mercury


 calling for the union of the opposits
Moon with Sun

Moon rules via Cancer:

Taurus Twins Virgo Libra Capricorn

from 10 = determinined-  together with - 4 = feeling

the Zodiacal man underneath the Donald
is uniting 
the collective with the intimate person

creative heart = Sun+Uranus
 outlining the future of man on earth
 = Uranus + Sun
+  Sun = heart

as certainly  this man is on earth to do so
with Neptune -square on Uranus

= the ultimate 'crime' of the 'holy child'
father's child's voice within calling for
the reconciliation= Sagittarius
 Moon of this man is dreaming of

another opposition:

Mercury of the future = Mercury in 11
in the home of life = Cancer

underneath this man

 in oppositon - partnership
with Saturn of these weeks
uniting future home of life (Cancer 11) with 
Saturn's throne above the parties

underneath the emotions of this man

while Mars the lonely beginner
in the Aquarian sky

calls for a common interface with
Pluto in  Leo

Mars + Pluto

= the visibility of the saving


finally Saturn in Capricorn has  an interface with childgod Neptune
the father + the child
order + innocence

what a fine leading

so much for the Donald

Number Two:

8. 1. 1984 Kim Jong Un
transit 6. 12. 2018 Singapur 12:00 Local time (UTC 4:00)

The Mercury end of Twins
is stirring his opposite-partner Jupiter in his
position at the brightest spot of the entire zodiac

and Jupiter at this
 bright spot on the elementary level
of fire-Sun and fire_Venus
is in close travel- companionship
with innocence = Neptune and
wit = Mercury

and 'Kim's' Pluto
close to 'father + son' of the water-element

ruler of Scorpio in Scorpio
= tradition of souls
 by families

completed by coming

finally Kim's Mars in the resonance opposition-partner Venus
the cutter and the uniteress
to struggle or fall in love
with another

6. 13. 2018 UTC 19:38.
6. 21. 2018 UTC: 16:46.


Reconcilliation's  origin
= Jupiter in 11
meeting Twin's Mercury in 8

last enhancement: 6. 21.

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