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Singapur and the Week After

 6. 11 - 29. 2018, 0:00 UTC

Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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"With high erected stick madness
is whooping the worlds like herds."

Rig Veda 
(acc. to my friend Georg)

24. Week 2018

Tuesday noon im  Singapur

Uranus in Taurus: Putin,  concerning the  Stalin-Ribbentrop-Pact of 1939, emphasized, one has to understand these things out of their time. Uranus was last in Taurus 1934 - 1942 and yet saw  the defeat of the 'Blitzkrieg" ahead of Moscow. Uranus is the toppler, air-spirit, originator, lord of Aquarius. (6. 13. 2018)
in the resonance with 1,8° Taurus
green = 'Moon
feeling element's  home and shelter
Uranus the man-god
till 2157


Earth-Mercury at 26,9° Cancer = earth's deal-maker and speaker
visited by the goddess of wealth and balance.

Wednesday June 13th

Last full week with Sun in Twins

(Earth in Sagittarius)

Sun in Twins
the gift of the 
out of the fulness of the discerning heart
mirroring Capricorn in the third mirror
of the zodiac
hence discerning heart has to mirror
order and sacrifice

24th week 2018

Earth in my reading
always is the middle and horizon
between shadow and star
Earth knew the 12 months and four seasons
long brfore the sauropods
and the primordial soup
and receptive with it's waters

starting tomorrow
the Taurus- and Libra-Worlds
cease to be 'receptive' in Cancer
and start to be expressive 
with Venus in Leo

while the Twins- and  Virgo- worlds
with Mercury yesterday on Tuesday have begun their
receptive phase

last week for
Sun in Twins
zodiacal man's heart
under the spell of Mercury
mirroring the word and measure
of the father Saturn
reading and writing the judgement
at the weighing scale of fate
= red Moon of element fire

Thoth = Hermes = Mercury

measure-board and pen
at the scale
the winged eye-god
of the air element

he now entered Cancer yesterday
moving into  inside where there is nothing to see
for worldly eyes unless for the inner eyes
called soul

in this condition he will meet 
the resonance of Saturn

on Saturday

while Venus 
and with her the
Taurus- and Libra-Wold
entering the Leo-world of emotional expression
and likewise  the resonance of Uranus 
and since weekend that
of Mars

the astrological square from Taurus/earth to Leo/ fire
is that from saving to spending

while the opposition from Aquarius to Leo
is that from freedom to passion

everything else remains in minimal movement
and Moon the
moody hiker around the the month
moves since Thursday through the realms of
expression and adaption.

Entwurf: 10. 6. 2018, UTC 14:50 (16:50 MESZ).

Murnau, 11. 6. 2018, UTC: 14:25.

In English: UTC 17:18.


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