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Sun in the Lap - Moon in the Head

6. 27. - 7. 4. 2018, 0:00 UTC
Under the Northern Zodiac
and Under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Colours and Elements 
 Fire, Earth, Air  and Water
  of the Years 160318021980 and 1305 
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"From the width of seeing to the depth of feeling."

Thus the given way of the Sun clockwardly mooving each day under  northern hemisphere's sky. Past summer-solstice  June 21- the entrance of Sun in Cancer - not only by in the sign and by element = air to water, but even a change within the of quadrants of the zodiac.

The first three are the realm of the 3 dimensions: push - couter - referee or Aries - Taurus - Twins

The fourth are the inner dimensions, open for - water the second heaviest 'element' filling all the cracks in the earth.

Water indeed is one of the four physical 'elements' (aggregation states), but likewise the room of the psychic arrangements of the feeling like wells, rivers, glaciers, oceans - everturning life turning in circles within circles within ...

the four quadrants of the zodiac

 26. Week

So in Cancer Sun is 
so to speak
in the deep intimacy of the zodiacal man

between Adam
and Adam secundus
who is
reunited with the creator

Adam the zodiacal man

and in the lofty height
of the zodiacal woman


it is woman's well
deepest depth of the male and the highest height
of the female lap
in Cancer where now
Sun and Mercury both are rolling 
 through night and day 
in the sky

and in this midweek
Sun is in resonance with her partner in opposition Saturn
where the gods 
Sun + Saturn 
= personal will + transpersonal constraint
are to form a cendent and trans-cendent
common body 
of these paradox opposites
uniting centered strongness
with old whine
soulcenter + spirit

so much for Sun our families central fire


and here the planet of 
the third air of
the zodiacal man
in us

called Aquarius of heaven' ruler

again this week in the depth
of our northern aeon's constellations
 of the four elements
forming our deep unconscious psychical socket
 united with the green Moon of 
at 1,8° Taurus

Moon in Taurus = feeling at home
in the security of the herd/tribe

where now Uranus looks and leavies
 god of the coming mankind's 
enthusiasm of being
found by god
united with water Moon
more than 700 years old
aeonic shelter of our feelings
since 1305
till 2177

this week second half

 swapping and uniting
Uranus in Taurus
the heaven in the town
with Mercury's
realms Twins and Virgo

in the second half of this week

the perception 
of coming (Uranus) community (Taurus)
by Mercury's heart (Leo)

may it be lauded


while Venus
goddess of the social herds and tribes in us 
and of the community of sexes
since Monday it's a week of
 outspending in Leo
in the producing of the inner spark

beginning in resonance with mirrorpartner
Jupiter in Scorpio

what a time for lust  and wisdom


and Moon 
lady of the well and the shadow
hiking feeling lap in the sky
this week
through the spirit
from Sagittarius till Pisces
or from fire till water

spirit knows nothing about  bodyness
like body knowing nothing of spirit

but  both are connected with  by another third
by the mighty soul - resonance
of and to the Sun from and to each single planetary
 member of the star-family
connecting  spirit with body
from Leo to Scorpio
and vice versa

and the waters of fate
till tonight in Europe 
in Sagittarius
then high and firm for all 
in Capricorn
since Saturday 
then the winged eyes of the he birds of mind
and since Tuesday  under the realm of Pisces
the animals with eyes always open 
like a toddler
on all it's ways

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