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Red Beginnings - Powerfull Assaults and Selfsacifices

3. 28. - 4. 4. 2016
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kings Conjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
  from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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 3. 28. 2016

Easter Monday - bloody feast - marvel in the end
first week in the Christian calendar
according to the Moon-Gods

at nightly heaven according to the calendar of the aeon
with our relatives in its times
and according to traveling Mars at heaven
our energy is in the divine
paradox of fire and earth
to the fire are given the beginnings

among the elements
and three fire Gods are to be visited by Mars
this week in the spiritual realm of Sagittarius
they are Mercury Jupiter and Saturn

so a new narrative
beginning of reconciliation
and start of new kind of authority
are constellated within our aeon
and this is signified in resonance with
Pluto of the earth -element at 6,8° Pisces
powerful inception in heaven

this all at once of fire and earth
of first and ever
in the
stirring-pot of God
spitting miracles into the sparks of God

so in this week Mars with his resonances has to
bring up contents to the surface of consciousness
out of the unconscious depths of spirit

" god is spirit " Joh 4.24"
 and this takes two weeks
in a "watery" approach
in the relative resonance
to the childlike Neptune spirit in the depth of
universal faith

so much for Mars land
swelling cheeks
however are Venus land
and Venus still whiling  with the  Pisces in the beyond

out of which she in the shape of Ishtar for the sake of the return of Eros
 out of the beyond'
Venus in the Babylonian Myth was brought up
to earth again and clothed by the gods

Venus thus a last Week in the depth
of the year before spring-breaking
where the summer halve begins

the up- breaker of life is hunger
of fire for food
of light for darkness and in the sign of Aries
thus the "hungry"
are chasing on heaven the sons of the darkness
Sun Mercury Uranus
and hearts minds and highs

powerful things happen
signified by the mind - heart - and man -god
hence it's desert-time for media action
and celebration in the wilderness
under the northern stars

if one could have known it one could have done it

e.g. "jamming"

according to notions the IED's at the antiques could not get detonated
because of the electronic "jamming" by the Russian spezialists innocence and brilliance
RU- spezialist worldwide in ending war
by victory
union of love intellect and human love

Sun Mercury and Uranus

and with all this there is the resonance-miracle of preparedness which Pluto is signifying and was recently acted by a forwarded Russian spotter - who, encircled by the black satanists, ordered "friendly" fire on his place-  a sacrifice which Russian Fighters also brought by in Chechnya. The Russian Army today seems to be a community deeply permeated by the self-sacrifice and the military genius of the Russian fathers and filled with the  high honor of demonstrating patriotic humanity on the planet.

a moment in a greater Moment of humanity
at this coming weekend
in these two weeks

and to mention would be another week of divine resonance between Virgo and Sagittarius

between soul and spirit

played by the father Saturn in Sagittarius - spirit and son Jupiter in Virgo - soul

and with Moon through the week are hiking all the entities of lower worth and the
legitimate but supplanted unconscious identities ...

through the dreams of meeting the point till Wednesday evening

then conscience in the shoes of a spiritual king anonymously walking through the city
of his dreams

and since Saturday carried by the wings of origin above
the desert of the world

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Donnerstag, 24. März 2016

"The Donald in Front of Triumph" from March 24, Revisited and Enhanced

This little essay is a remake of  the one of 2016 3 24: "The Donald in Front of Triumph." Rechecking the blog I just noticed that I used a wrong transit-chart for the inauguration. All sentences above that chart are unchanged. I apologize for the mistake.
14.6.1946, 14:54 UTC
Jamaica NY
Donald Trump

Assuming the birthtime noted in the web is correct Donald Trump is born in the last minute of Leo rising.
His appearance to me definitely confirms Leo, maybe a bit earlier with Mars rising at the ascendant, would be confirmed by the fiery, explosive persona he produces. Also would be confirmed by an Aquarius-descendant-way of thinking with ruler Uranus close to his birth-Sun. Sun/Uranus  is the indicator of the origin of  complete new ways of acting. In house 10 this refers to the highest of all matters, kingdom, presidency etc.

People like Donald Trump with Leo ascendant are natural centers and givers and by that born leaders and Gods leading animals. They follow their heart and nothing else. Their strength in giving is the original power of kings, leading the tribe. If successfull the "lion" of the tribe is distributing the conquered prey and territory so being the sovereign and well of sovereignity. He is the center and pole for all compasses.
This pattern, ruling = the ascendant = instinct and appearance, is completely unconscious to it's carrier like the birth-moment, but as the cradle of the 'persona' visible to everone else. Let's repeat it, ASC = instinct and appearenance.  Leo is the simile to German "echt",, powerfull center and true.

So far for the Nature = Ascendant.
Now for the character = Sun.

Folks born under a Sun in Twins? The center in an living entity is the heart. So the center = Sun in Twins calles  the Twin-heart sout of the cosmic dough to appear and contribute to the golden divine chain. And  and started to build, when  Sun  is in Virgo. Both they are, the start and the delivery of a heart of Mercury

Their symbol is the number and archetype of the 3

They are the perfect brokers in zodiac.

As the preceding signs Aries and Taurus motivate the attacker and the defender,  the third sign
Twins, element air has a higher non-party, third point of view, overviewing both of the conflicting parties, 1 + 2,  promoting solutions in which each of the sides find room to move in.

Essentially they are sober (= air element). A Twin being a  living "number three" like element air is above the parties literally. Hence they have no fixed standpoint, but instead the insatiable curiosity which naturally takes them to the to emergence as knots of information. In his elaborations on Mercury, the ruler of the Twins, Carl Jung called Mercury "the trickster, not straight out bad, but good with the good and bad with the bad."
By the way John F. Kennedy was a Twin.

Life-historically Trump enters in June on his 70th birthday a new 7-years-period. He enters the realm of Libra = fair partition = balance, whose ruler Venus is in close resonance with Trump's Saturn = official matters, in house 11 = origin of complete original ways, and in resonance with, most importantly shortly after birthday undergoing the triggering of Jupiter,  which signifies the extension of his social position in resonance with Saturn =officially.

When I watched the transits of the lights and planets with his horoscope on November 8. I couldn't find anything exactly telling to the point. But then I tried inaugurations day January 20. 2017. And look what I did find:

 Donald Trump
transit 1. 20. 2017
Signifying the constellation of what beginns on January 20. 2017 

A first reading of this transit-rich chart  today in short: the number of 5 squares to his constellation sigifies a lot of enmity on the low level, passions on the middle and paradox solutions on the high level of spirit.
Nearest to our consciousness is the middle one, called emotions, (Leo - Scorpio), Venus (half) and Pluto deal with it.

Mars, Venus (half) and Moon symbolize on the low level of the predators, the investors and  the laps of the families with the gold of the country.

 And the right angulars of the red arrows point to the sign in 90° distance where the arrows are fired from. The double-arrow points at the opponent or polar partner, with whom the common karma is connected in dharma and the single arrow, Saturn with Moon signify father with his people.
And the receivers of the arrows are President Donald Trump' partial-personalities  in shape of his lights and planets, commanding and being commanded.

More about them on a coming day.

Originally Murnau, 3. 24. 2016, UTC 21:40. Corrected and enhanced 11. 11. 2016 UTC 16:07.

Montag, 21. März 2016

Bookkeeping Ecstasy and the Loyalty to Net-building

3. 21. - 28. 2016
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kings Conjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
  from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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 bear in heart
it's not the one
it's the 12
but the 2 is the 
training ground

21. 3. 2016

summer halve year 
has begun

Sun on her heavenly hike north
has passed the equator

so now Aries - hike
of the Sun
calling the fiery children 
to add with a heart of a short-most
 line to give
 into life
because Sun  meaning the gold 
of each sign
the abundance of presence
in the middle
of each heart 

to give away sunlike the beginning
the inition
and the hunger
and Mercury behind Sun

seemingly overhauling
in Aries
and the maybe wholesome distance
to the ecstasy of Sun 
of the accountant Mercury

this week is waning to zero 
"burnt mercury' 
don't believe the accountant

Venus' week on Monday

in a 
unification with Neptune
 while being different Gods
we love and respect each other
at the bottom of the unconscious
 universe of psyche of everyone
so deep at the ground the Goddess of
collection and fair partition
 wandering with the God of
kindhearted thinking in his realm
in the presence of coming days

and by resonance

Mars God of the short ways 
attuning by resonance

while pushing to the point
in the wide around 
in Sagittarius' high
by wide edges' receiving
 the point 
of beginning

but back to Venus and her week in or among
in the depth underneath the horizon
(and  something in mankind's heart
is knowing)

in the second halve -week

in the forgotten depths of the coming
Venus receives
 serious resonance from high up
father Saturn
and the cross
above  enlighted wide circles
and from the soul's world of Virgo
participating is Jupiter
in the common rhythm of 
Saturn Venus 
and Jupiter
 God of chance

and Mars the inition and Saturn the end
together they are visiting our ancestral trunk
of the aeons of the four elements

and here beginning with Mars at the bookkeeper of fire
red word
of the beginning red Mercury 
 is cutting  since 1603 
new light into the life
of words and names
at 4.9° Sagittarius

and with Saturn one might be keeping another week visiting
the collector of meaning  blue Venus of 1980
earth- and air goddess of the spiritual element
at 17° Sagittarius more than four hundred years now
collecting the collected
in whose treasure are resting the parables
of the fair partition

and the strategic knots of the order of the remaining
represented by the Scorpions of Pluto
and their nets into and out of 
the beyond

their paradoxically
with the new conquered sites
of mankind
visored by the super-confessional Uranus
over the no mans lands of Aries

and in regard of the more shady areas of the week

where refreshment uncertainty and comfort
are luring
in short 
in the sign of 

these three were hiking till Wednesday morning

through the nervous but clear articulating realms of Virgo

followed till Friday evening by the proceedings at the scale of Libra

of the harmonies

the rest of the week the belongs to Scorpio

and the souls loyalty to net-building

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Freitag, 18. März 2016

Additional musings of the Eurasian Way: To Winn by Retreat

7.10.1952 Leningrad
Vladimir V. Putin
 2016.3.14 Order for partial withdraw

It's the advantage of astrology, that assertions primarily are not ladled by opinion but by the traveling lights of our heavenly home family themselves.
In my reading of  the characters signified by the lights and planets, emerged in 35 years of study, I attribute to those, transiting V.V. Putin's chart the following:

Mars : the beginner, the attacker
Venus: the collector, the uniter, the defender

in the Greek myth their union is the heavenly scandal 
in my feeling their eternal product is the "peace after"

in resonance with Putin's Moon = feeling
ruling house 9 =   high ground of feeling
bottom line: familiarity with conciliation

Pluto: the builder of the soul- bridges of life-time
to the dead and the coming
ancestors and children's children
Putin himself  is (= ASC) unconsciously
of this bridge-builder-"stuff"
Uranus: amazing  God of surprise
the man-God within the psyche
Putins Uranus rules the gates of his 
Aquarius - soulground (house 4)

The rare resonance of Pluto and Uranus
(the last one 1963 - 1968 = one for nearly two generations)
longs for paradoxically union  of sacrifice and freedom
bridge-building in time and independence of time
which is resonating with V.V.'s soul (house 4)
and the fatherly (Saturn) ordering of coming  (house 12) realities (house 3)
This is a rare moment in history

So much for the "whispering".

Written in Murnau on 3.18.2016, UTC 12:34 and 3. 20. posted UTC: 15:36.

Montag, 14. März 2016

Last Three Days this Year of Gifts by the Depth

3. 14. - 21. 2016
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kings Conjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
  from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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Another cold week in Europe
while Island is getting a warm breeze
which constellation orders that?

Fact is each place on the northern Hemisphere
is turning every 24 hours through it's complete
latitudinal loop under the northern starry sky.

Fact is also, that the weather is a chaotic dance
of cold air around the warm air with arrows of warm air
moving deeply into the realm of the cold.
This week  will be the last one this year in consonance of Pisces - Suns give- away and Pisces-hearts in the zest of the depths till Sunday morning.

At 2,7° Sagittarius Mars has started Monday night with his 2- grade- per- week-boots and did it in full resonance with Venus in the battle between fire and stone between spiritual fire of early rage and the parables of mutual nursing in the forgotten waters of earliest truths, all this in the upper floor of existence thus spirit.

And the coming Sunday emerges into the culmination of the visit of the lord of beginnings, aka Mars

with the aeon of our relatives in time - in this case those of back to  1603 - Mars visits the "red" Mercury of our ancestors at 4,9° Sagittarius since about 500 years - thus enclosing those, having suffered the Thirty Years War. Mars is fire and wilderness and Sagittarius marks the wide circle, which on the "way home" precedes the narrow circle of Capricorn. And "red" Mercury signifies something like the ability to discriminate and reason in the way of the extraverted fire-element in the image of the arrow on it's wide trajectory to the target.

Sagittarius - Capricorn
share in the symbol
of the funnel

while in Capricorn - behind "the narrow door" in the time-wall still Pluto is ruling - steadily constructing the bridge to the dead and the following - since 2013 in divine resonance with man - God Uranus in whom the oldest Greeks viewed father heaven - emasculated then by  son Kronos - the later defeated and
temporarily dethroned by son Zeus and his family of the Olympians which dwell on holy mountains and prevail over the fates and their weathers on earth.

And it is the Saturn-Mercury - fate this week -the wide eternal north and the moisty warm winds - above which the Gods and the clouds this week are gyrating in common beat and, well, prevail together with Jupiter in the Virgo-mirror of the differences in the life of the soul.

Venus in the square of the circle between hot and moisty on Monday and on the weekend Neptune will be in conjunction = union with Venus - the most heavy and the depth - the collection in the depth of all time - child-God and the castle in the depth.

Thursday fits to accompany the herds of the earthly Venus: visit of the ancestors since 1802 with whom we share the earthly fate till 2577 (the next Kings-conjunction in the earth-element) - only then Capricorn will rule the earth-element and not like Döbereiner thought since 1842. Viz Venus and her family-members pass earth-Pluto since 1802 at 6,8° Pisces. Pluto the bridge-constructor to the ancestors and children's children,  having all birthday-childs of February 25/26 so tight in grip - what mundanomaniac didn't know for his first 39 years of life.
And Moon everyone hikes hidden before the eyes of the north and like the soul through the realms of discrimination in the sign of Twins, since Wednesday through the realms of of unification in Cancer and since Friday noon the entire weekend through the playing drive of Leo.

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Montag, 7. März 2016

Unions of Squares

3. 7. - 14. 2016
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kings Conjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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 7. 3. 2016

opening the blog
getting my diary
and view the week

at the high buoy

so to speak
in my dear
wia sogd ma 

(how do they use to call it)
"blue country"
in my dear
 Murnau to Friedenau 
("lear of Peace")
 mybe -
in the capital

and with Mars now newly in Sagittarius

upon the wide funnel of chance signifying new
beginnings and breakthroughs for
future ways
like the super-confessional
Syrian - Russian Islam 
harboring the different languages
Allah uses to speak in

 Jupiter shining on the conditions
fostering fortune and wide view
an with him carries the paradox unison
in the mighty cross
together with father Saturn
solemn guest in the realm of 

son and father now in unison united
with the paradox gold of Sun
in the heart-full giving away 
in the giving hearts of depth in the the Pisces
the unintentional behold
of the child
the giving
here and in the capital

and the father called Saturn

spirit of completeness in the four
will now for some time be dealing
with the spirit of the aeon-tribe
we're living in
dealing with the blue Venus of the air-element
 accompanying us through new current eight centuries
collecting spirit growing on the high grounds
in the airy house of the aeon 
father Saturn's visit for weeks

speaking also would mean to interview

Mercury concerning this week
after all lord of the Virgo of within
and mirror battling Twins 
and uh oh union this week of

big wheel and toddler-wheel
so Mercury in Pisces in union with Neptune
and cannot comprehend
and it's not up to mundanomaniac
to comment
it will do it oneself

and Venus finishing her spirit-collecting not without

grazing a basket full of images form the meadows of the
feeling (water-) element 
meeting green
Pluto and Mars this week

which for so long
since 710 years even
again and again are waiting for the mowing
to bring in the canon and the beginning of
heaven mirrored in a
a feeling and remembering existence
in the aeon of us relatives in times and timelessnesses
of the four elements
in the "green" sex of the week

her watery floating feeling into the depths
is the child of the dancer mountains down 
 to the horizon on his way
got no time must flow to stay
alike and deep
to the bottom of the bay

 and on Sunday for Venus awaiting
the earth-nest of the aeon at 1,4° Pisces
earth-Moon in Pisces in the heaven 
of the earth

all that is hidden from the senses like spirit


yes we are at the Uranus-Pluto-square
and the world wonders since 2013 what excludes one another on earth
time and God
in common beginning
the word

God name for non-temporal present

man the same for temporal present
I ?

carry on with heaven mundanomaniac

now missing is the weekly mention

of the paradox ascent of 
ruling  all heavenly nearness to God 
birds included
among the warriors in Aries
in resonance with Pluto
the guardian of generation
currently ruling on Saturn's throne
in man's soul


and here our silver way
accompanying our Moonway
till Wednesday evening in the depths of of the child
and it's invisible horizon called Pisces 

then keeping on ferric and silvern
Moon in Aries 

only Saturday evening peace will enter
in the shadow of feelings behind safe walls


and now before parting a last word  about Mars

he will be attending rhythmically 
resonating in square out of spirit
in time called Sagittarius
to Venus in the non-temporal Pisces
on Wednesday she will be visiting
our "green" aeonic Pluto and with him  the feelings
of the ancestors and those 
waiting for coming
and on Saturday  she is visiting
the deep "green" Mars
 a new beginning of  feeling
and  earth-Moon's secureness in 
the thrust

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