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Bookkeeping Ecstasy and the Loyalty to Net-building

3. 21. - 28. 2016
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kings Conjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
  from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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 bear in heart
it's not the one
it's the 12
but the 2 is the 
training ground

21. 3. 2016

summer halve year 
has begun

Sun on her heavenly hike north
has passed the equator

so now Aries - hike
of the Sun
calling the fiery children 
to add with a heart of a short-most
 line to give
 into life
because Sun  meaning the gold 
of each sign
the abundance of presence
in the middle
of each heart 

to give away sunlike the beginning
the inition
and the hunger
and Mercury behind Sun

seemingly overhauling
in Aries
and the maybe wholesome distance
to the ecstasy of Sun 
of the accountant Mercury

this week is waning to zero 
"burnt mercury' 
don't believe the accountant

Venus' week on Monday

in a 
unification with Neptune
 while being different Gods
we love and respect each other
at the bottom of the unconscious
 universe of psyche of everyone
so deep at the ground the Goddess of
collection and fair partition
 wandering with the God of
kindhearted thinking in his realm
in the presence of coming days

and by resonance

Mars God of the short ways 
attuning by resonance

while pushing to the point
in the wide around 
in Sagittarius' high
by wide edges' receiving
 the point 
of beginning

but back to Venus and her week in or among
in the depth underneath the horizon
(and  something in mankind's heart
is knowing)

in the second halve -week

in the forgotten depths of the coming
Venus receives
 serious resonance from high up
father Saturn
and the cross
above  enlighted wide circles
and from the soul's world of Virgo
participating is Jupiter
in the common rhythm of 
Saturn Venus 
and Jupiter
 God of chance

and Mars the inition and Saturn the end
together they are visiting our ancestral trunk
of the aeons of the four elements

and here beginning with Mars at the bookkeeper of fire
red word
of the beginning red Mercury 
 is cutting  since 1603 
new light into the life
of words and names
at 4.9° Sagittarius

and with Saturn one might be keeping another week visiting
the collector of meaning  blue Venus of 1980
earth- and air goddess of the spiritual element
at 17° Sagittarius more than four hundred years now
collecting the collected
in whose treasure are resting the parables
of the fair partition

and the strategic knots of the order of the remaining
represented by the Scorpions of Pluto
and their nets into and out of 
the beyond

their paradoxically
with the new conquered sites
of mankind
visored by the super-confessional Uranus
over the no mans lands of Aries

and in regard of the more shady areas of the week

where refreshment uncertainty and comfort
are luring
in short 
in the sign of 

these three were hiking till Wednesday morning

through the nervous but clear articulating realms of Virgo

followed till Friday evening by the proceedings at the scale of Libra

of the harmonies

the rest of the week the belongs to Scorpio

and the souls loyalty to net-building

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