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"The Donald in Front of Triumph" from March 24, Revisited and Enhanced

This little essay is a remake of  the one of 2016 3 24: "The Donald in Front of Triumph." Rechecking the blog I just noticed that I used a wrong transit-chart for the inauguration. All sentences above that chart are unchanged. I apologize for the mistake.
14.6.1946, 14:54 UTC
Jamaica NY
Donald Trump

Assuming the birthtime noted in the web is correct Donald Trump is born in the last minute of Leo rising.
His appearance to me definitely confirms Leo, maybe a bit earlier with Mars rising at the ascendant, would be confirmed by the fiery, explosive persona he produces. Also would be confirmed by an Aquarius-descendant-way of thinking with ruler Uranus close to his birth-Sun. Sun/Uranus  is the indicator of the origin of  complete new ways of acting. In house 10 this refers to the highest of all matters, kingdom, presidency etc.

People like Donald Trump with Leo ascendant are natural centers and givers and by that born leaders and Gods leading animals. They follow their heart and nothing else. Their strength in giving is the original power of kings, leading the tribe. If successfull the "lion" of the tribe is distributing the conquered prey and territory so being the sovereign and well of sovereignity. He is the center and pole for all compasses.
This pattern, ruling = the ascendant = instinct and appearance, is completely unconscious to it's carrier like the birth-moment, but as the cradle of the 'persona' visible to everone else. Let's repeat it, ASC = instinct and appearenance.  Leo is the simile to German "echt",, powerfull center and true.

So far for the Nature = Ascendant.
Now for the character = Sun.

Folks born under a Sun in Twins? The center in an living entity is the heart. So the center = Sun in Twins calles  the Twin-heart sout of the cosmic dough to appear and contribute to the golden divine chain. And  and started to build, when  Sun  is in Virgo. Both they are, the start and the delivery of a heart of Mercury

Their symbol is the number and archetype of the 3

They are the perfect brokers in zodiac.

As the preceding signs Aries and Taurus motivate the attacker and the defender,  the third sign
Twins, element air has a higher non-party, third point of view, overviewing both of the conflicting parties, 1 + 2,  promoting solutions in which each of the sides find room to move in.

Essentially they are sober (= air element). A Twin being a  living "number three" like element air is above the parties literally. Hence they have no fixed standpoint, but instead the insatiable curiosity which naturally takes them to the to emergence as knots of information. In his elaborations on Mercury, the ruler of the Twins, Carl Jung called Mercury "the trickster, not straight out bad, but good with the good and bad with the bad."
By the way John F. Kennedy was a Twin.

Life-historically Trump enters in June on his 70th birthday a new 7-years-period. He enters the realm of Libra = fair partition = balance, whose ruler Venus is in close resonance with Trump's Saturn = official matters, in house 11 = origin of complete original ways, and in resonance with, most importantly shortly after birthday undergoing the triggering of Jupiter,  which signifies the extension of his social position in resonance with Saturn =officially.

When I watched the transits of the lights and planets with his horoscope on November 8. I couldn't find anything exactly telling to the point. But then I tried inaugurations day January 20. 2017. And look what I did find:

 Donald Trump
transit 1. 20. 2017
Signifying the constellation of what beginns on January 20. 2017 

A first reading of this transit-rich chart  today in short: the number of 5 squares to his constellation sigifies a lot of enmity on the low level, passions on the middle and paradox solutions on the high level of spirit.
Nearest to our consciousness is the middle one, called emotions, (Leo - Scorpio), Venus (half) and Pluto deal with it.

Mars, Venus (half) and Moon symbolize on the low level of the predators, the investors and  the laps of the families with the gold of the country.

 And the right angulars of the red arrows point to the sign in 90° distance where the arrows are fired from. The double-arrow points at the opponent or polar partner, with whom the common karma is connected in dharma and the single arrow, Saturn with Moon signify father with his people.
And the receivers of the arrows are President Donald Trump' partial-personalities  in shape of his lights and planets, commanding and being commanded.

More about them on a coming day.

Originally Murnau, 3. 24. 2016, UTC 21:40. Corrected and enhanced 11. 11. 2016 UTC 16:07.

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