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Red Beginnings - Powerfull Assaults and Selfsacifices

3. 28. - 4. 4. 2016
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kings Conjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
  from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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 3. 28. 2016

Easter Monday - bloody feast - marvel in the end
first week in the Christian calendar
according to the Moon-Gods

at nightly heaven according to the calendar of the aeon
with our relatives in its times
and according to traveling Mars at heaven
our energy is in the divine
paradox of fire and earth
to the fire are given the beginnings

among the elements
and three fire Gods are to be visited by Mars
this week in the spiritual realm of Sagittarius
they are Mercury Jupiter and Saturn

so a new narrative
beginning of reconciliation
and start of new kind of authority
are constellated within our aeon
and this is signified in resonance with
Pluto of the earth -element at 6,8° Pisces
powerful inception in heaven

this all at once of fire and earth
of first and ever
in the
stirring-pot of God
spitting miracles into the sparks of God

so in this week Mars with his resonances has to
bring up contents to the surface of consciousness
out of the unconscious depths of spirit

" god is spirit " Joh 4.24"
 and this takes two weeks
in a "watery" approach
in the relative resonance
to the childlike Neptune spirit in the depth of
universal faith

so much for Mars land
swelling cheeks
however are Venus land
and Venus still whiling  with the  Pisces in the beyond

out of which she in the shape of Ishtar for the sake of the return of Eros
 out of the beyond'
Venus in the Babylonian Myth was brought up
to earth again and clothed by the gods

Venus thus a last Week in the depth
of the year before spring-breaking
where the summer halve begins

the up- breaker of life is hunger
of fire for food
of light for darkness and in the sign of Aries
thus the "hungry"
are chasing on heaven the sons of the darkness
Sun Mercury Uranus
and hearts minds and highs

powerful things happen
signified by the mind - heart - and man -god
hence it's desert-time for media action
and celebration in the wilderness
under the northern stars

if one could have known it one could have done it

e.g. "jamming"

according to notions the IED's at the antiques could not get detonated
because of the electronic "jamming" by the Russian spezialists innocence and brilliance
RU- spezialist worldwide in ending war
by victory
union of love intellect and human love

Sun Mercury and Uranus

and with all this there is the resonance-miracle of preparedness which Pluto is signifying and was recently acted by a forwarded Russian spotter - who, encircled by the black satanists, ordered "friendly" fire on his place-  a sacrifice which Russian Fighters also brought by in Chechnya. The Russian Army today seems to be a community deeply permeated by the self-sacrifice and the military genius of the Russian fathers and filled with the  high honor of demonstrating patriotic humanity on the planet.

a moment in a greater Moment of humanity
at this coming weekend
in these two weeks

and to mention would be another week of divine resonance between Virgo and Sagittarius

between soul and spirit

played by the father Saturn in Sagittarius - spirit and son Jupiter in Virgo - soul

and with Moon through the week are hiking all the entities of lower worth and the
legitimate but supplanted unconscious identities ...

through the dreams of meeting the point till Wednesday evening

then conscience in the shoes of a spiritual king anonymously walking through the city
of his dreams

and since Saturday carried by the wings of origin above
the desert of the world

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