Montag, 7. März 2016

Unions of Squares

3. 7. - 14. 2016
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kings Conjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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 7. 3. 2016

opening the blog
getting my diary
and view the week

at the high buoy

so to speak
in my dear
wia sogd ma 

(how do they use to call it)
"blue country"
in my dear
 Murnau to Friedenau 
("lear of Peace")
 mybe -
in the capital

and with Mars now newly in Sagittarius

upon the wide funnel of chance signifying new
beginnings and breakthroughs for
future ways
like the super-confessional
Syrian - Russian Islam 
harboring the different languages
Allah uses to speak in

 Jupiter shining on the conditions
fostering fortune and wide view
an with him carries the paradox unison
in the mighty cross
together with father Saturn
solemn guest in the realm of 

son and father now in unison united
with the paradox gold of Sun
in the heart-full giving away 
in the giving hearts of depth in the the Pisces
the unintentional behold
of the child
the giving
here and in the capital

and the father called Saturn

spirit of completeness in the four
will now for some time be dealing
with the spirit of the aeon-tribe
we're living in
dealing with the blue Venus of the air-element
 accompanying us through new current eight centuries
collecting spirit growing on the high grounds
in the airy house of the aeon 
father Saturn's visit for weeks

speaking also would mean to interview

Mercury concerning this week
after all lord of the Virgo of within
and mirror battling Twins 
and uh oh union this week of

big wheel and toddler-wheel
so Mercury in Pisces in union with Neptune
and cannot comprehend
and it's not up to mundanomaniac
to comment
it will do it oneself

and Venus finishing her spirit-collecting not without

grazing a basket full of images form the meadows of the
feeling (water-) element 
meeting green
Pluto and Mars this week

which for so long
since 710 years even
again and again are waiting for the mowing
to bring in the canon and the beginning of
heaven mirrored in a
a feeling and remembering existence
in the aeon of us relatives in times and timelessnesses
of the four elements
in the "green" sex of the week

her watery floating feeling into the depths
is the child of the dancer mountains down 
 to the horizon on his way
got no time must flow to stay
alike and deep
to the bottom of the bay

 and on Sunday for Venus awaiting
the earth-nest of the aeon at 1,4° Pisces
earth-Moon in Pisces in the heaven 
of the earth

all that is hidden from the senses like spirit


yes we are at the Uranus-Pluto-square
and the world wonders since 2013 what excludes one another on earth
time and God
in common beginning
the word

God name for non-temporal present

man the same for temporal present
I ?

carry on with heaven mundanomaniac

now missing is the weekly mention

of the paradox ascent of 
ruling  all heavenly nearness to God 
birds included
among the warriors in Aries
in resonance with Pluto
the guardian of generation
currently ruling on Saturn's throne
in man's soul


and here our silver way
accompanying our Moonway
till Wednesday evening in the depths of of the child
and it's invisible horizon called Pisces 

then keeping on ferric and silvern
Moon in Aries 

only Saturday evening peace will enter
in the shadow of feelings behind safe walls


and now before parting a last word  about Mars

he will be attending rhythmically 
resonating in square out of spirit
in time called Sagittarius
to Venus in the non-temporal Pisces
on Wednesday she will be visiting
our "green" aeonic Pluto and with him  the feelings
of the ancestors and those 
waiting for coming
and on Saturday  she is visiting
the deep "green" Mars
 a new beginning of  feeling
and  earth-Moon's secureness in 
the thrust

Geschrieben in Murnau am 7.3.2016 UTC: 13:51
gepostet: 14:12 und 15:25.

 In English: 3.9.2016, UTC 20:00

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