Freitag, 18. März 2016

Additional musings of the Eurasian Way: To Winn by Retreat

7.10.1952 Leningrad
Vladimir V. Putin
 2016.3.14 Order for partial withdraw

It's the advantage of astrology, that assertions primarily are not ladled by opinion but by the traveling lights of our heavenly home family themselves.
In my reading of  the characters signified by the lights and planets, emerged in 35 years of study, I attribute to those, transiting V.V. Putin's chart the following:

Mars : the beginner, the attacker
Venus: the collector, the uniter, the defender

in the Greek myth their union is the heavenly scandal 
in my feeling their eternal product is the "peace after"

in resonance with Putin's Moon = feeling
ruling house 9 =   high ground of feeling
bottom line: familiarity with conciliation

Pluto: the builder of the soul- bridges of life-time
to the dead and the coming
ancestors and children's children
Putin himself  is (= ASC) unconsciously
of this bridge-builder-"stuff"
Uranus: amazing  God of surprise
the man-God within the psyche
Putins Uranus rules the gates of his 
Aquarius - soulground (house 4)

The rare resonance of Pluto and Uranus
(the last one 1963 - 1968 = one for nearly two generations)
longs for paradoxically union  of sacrifice and freedom
bridge-building in time and independence of time
which is resonating with V.V.'s soul (house 4)
and the fatherly (Saturn) ordering of coming  (house 12) realities (house 3)
This is a rare moment in history

So much for the "whispering".

Written in Murnau on 3.18.2016, UTC 12:34 and 3. 20. posted UTC: 15:36.

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