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Last Three Days this Year of Gifts by the Depth

3. 14. - 21. 2016
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kings Conjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
  from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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Another cold week in Europe
while Island is getting a warm breeze
which constellation orders that?

Fact is each place on the northern Hemisphere
is turning every 24 hours through it's complete
latitudinal loop under the northern starry sky.

Fact is also, that the weather is a chaotic dance
of cold air around the warm air with arrows of warm air
moving deeply into the realm of the cold.
This week  will be the last one this year in consonance of Pisces - Suns give- away and Pisces-hearts in the zest of the depths till Sunday morning.

At 2,7° Sagittarius Mars has started Monday night with his 2- grade- per- week-boots and did it in full resonance with Venus in the battle between fire and stone between spiritual fire of early rage and the parables of mutual nursing in the forgotten waters of earliest truths, all this in the upper floor of existence thus spirit.

And the coming Sunday emerges into the culmination of the visit of the lord of beginnings, aka Mars

with the aeon of our relatives in time - in this case those of back to  1603 - Mars visits the "red" Mercury of our ancestors at 4,9° Sagittarius since about 500 years - thus enclosing those, having suffered the Thirty Years War. Mars is fire and wilderness and Sagittarius marks the wide circle, which on the "way home" precedes the narrow circle of Capricorn. And "red" Mercury signifies something like the ability to discriminate and reason in the way of the extraverted fire-element in the image of the arrow on it's wide trajectory to the target.

Sagittarius - Capricorn
share in the symbol
of the funnel

while in Capricorn - behind "the narrow door" in the time-wall still Pluto is ruling - steadily constructing the bridge to the dead and the following - since 2013 in divine resonance with man - God Uranus in whom the oldest Greeks viewed father heaven - emasculated then by  son Kronos - the later defeated and
temporarily dethroned by son Zeus and his family of the Olympians which dwell on holy mountains and prevail over the fates and their weathers on earth.

And it is the Saturn-Mercury - fate this week -the wide eternal north and the moisty warm winds - above which the Gods and the clouds this week are gyrating in common beat and, well, prevail together with Jupiter in the Virgo-mirror of the differences in the life of the soul.

Venus in the square of the circle between hot and moisty on Monday and on the weekend Neptune will be in conjunction = union with Venus - the most heavy and the depth - the collection in the depth of all time - child-God and the castle in the depth.

Thursday fits to accompany the herds of the earthly Venus: visit of the ancestors since 1802 with whom we share the earthly fate till 2577 (the next Kings-conjunction in the earth-element) - only then Capricorn will rule the earth-element and not like Döbereiner thought since 1842. Viz Venus and her family-members pass earth-Pluto since 1802 at 6,8° Pisces. Pluto the bridge-constructor to the ancestors and children's children,  having all birthday-childs of February 25/26 so tight in grip - what mundanomaniac didn't know for his first 39 years of life.
And Moon everyone hikes hidden before the eyes of the north and like the soul through the realms of discrimination in the sign of Twins, since Wednesday through the realms of of unification in Cancer and since Friday noon the entire weekend through the playing drive of Leo.

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