Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2020

Fire, Earth, Air and Water - the Conundrums of all Four Elements to Immerse Into


10. 26. - 11. 4. 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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"...  the absurd destruction and devastation is the
reaction on the removal of consciousness out of the
 state of equilibrium.  Namely there is an equilibrium
between the psychic I and non-I, a religio, a thorough 
consideration of the present unconscious powers, 
not without danger to be  neglected. This turn has 
prepared, following the change of the state of 
conscious, yet for hundreds of years." 

C.G. JUNG, The Psychology of Transference, Col. W. 16, § 395

The benison of the projections of the "Self": God,  the zodiac, fate, meaning, love, nature, death, eternity, creation ... leads to the fascination by images, which haven't been made by us, but have been found within us, And like archaeological artifacts they deserve finest-most spiritual work of simpleton at the archaeology of the spirit.

The uncovering of the archetypes has become to me with Carl JUNG a daily pleasure, whereby he has left the field of astrology completely untillt. As astrologer I'm quite thankful for his discipline to leave this field virgin.

A chronicler is not, so Ernst Jünger in my remembrance, appointed, to interpret, he has to lead the chronicle. To interpret  are  others called. According to the quiet opinion of the chronicler:

every man and his wife

The un-benison of the by itself saving projection is the danger of redeemer-guises, to which the unconscious  collective fascination tends to follow plausible half-truths, getting addicted on the way leading the pent-up disproportions  to 'solutions' of  catastrophic kinds.

Now to come to the present week. The chronicle of the northern hemisphere embraces the state till the day after the election of the President, or  electoral-King, of the USA.
In which condition is the northern hemisphere?Which is 'leading the planet' politically, when the planetary sea-power again decides it's president?

Just this week an English -language analysis has become ready, dealing with this question with regards to a Cancer ascendant and to the American foundation in 1776. Its a lion, Sun in 4., meaning:  Life ' in reception'. In encounter is Aquarius with Uranus in 10, meaning: spirit of heaven, 'ordaining'.

44. Week 2020

the first
remains at home in the dream-wild
of the individual animals
where swiftness
lack of knowledge

this week
 further to the middle of
his realm
slipping free from the simultaneity
with the collective powers
in Capricorn


gravity and balance
in Anthropos
entrance in 

back home again
in the easiness of the heavyness
whose simile is
the couple

on Friday 
Venus will meet
at 3,2° Libra
Uranus of the earth-element

With Uranus it is the spirit of heaven
each element is containing
which Jesus has told us to pray to
 in these words

"Our Father
who art in heaven "

Venus + Uranus
earth & air + Heaven

one day later on Saturday
Venus meets
red Mars
of the fire-element at 
4,1° in Libra

first in the 
first and swiftest element
attendant in the radiating points in the

Venus + Mars
earth & airfire


the diacritic godship
in the sensual air- world of Twins
and in the emotional earth-world of Virgo

in the projections on the Earth-heaven
further removing back to Libra

on Tuesday
Mercury in union with
at 0,8° Scorpio

 albeit being  water
marking the highest level of the
appears as crystal in the 
coldness-projection of the 
such as in the love is
the couple
containing everything
in demand

on Sunday
on his retreat
Mercury meets at
24,1 Libra 
the blue Pluto of the air-element
waiver of 
outside of  the couple
are compensated
by the invisible but powerful
fruit of loyalty

likewise Mercury has entered the maximum-resonance
to Saturn and his company
 in the square 
Libra with Capricorn 
presence with beyond of time


first third 
in the glacier-world
of the soul
called Scorpio
binding the success
of the heart
on the soft yoke of love


gliding through three
of the forty places
to immerse in contemplation
of  heart +  elements

Time to meditate:

Friday: Sun and Uranus of water
Saturday: Sun and Moon of air
 Monday: Sun and Neptune of water

the contents are present
being the given wellsprings of resonances in time
beyond their astronomical timestamp
not accessible for 
outside of meditative immerse
into the apparent
non-happening in which
nothing remains 


Sun reflecting heart
 in increasing resonance
with Uranus's spirit of Heaven
 in Taurus

Remark: The reprimands on 'meditation' have not to be taken to litterally. Each one must and will, so many rebirths it might ever take, get on board into the gospel-train of the zodiac ... get on board and breathe free ... finally (heavenly) order at last!

Murnau, 10. 28. 2020, UTC 17:48.


Mittwoch, 21. Oktober 2020

Ordered to the Heart of Anthropos this Week


10. 19 - 28. 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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"Spiegler" [Reflector] is a dominant archetype. the producer
of the mirror image, the point through which two sides are
inverted, a minimal dimension. This is where the psychologist 
 comes into the dream as a (symmetrical) representative of the
psychic side; in other words, the unconscious here is pointing
out a psychic aspect of the smallest  dimension, probably the
 self, which in the psychic sphere represents the largest 
  In the world of the mu-meson - i.e. that of the smallest dimension
of all - the concept of reflection seems to be coming to an end,
for now one is dealing with the "Spiegler" [Reflector] himself
 - namely, with the psychoid archetype, where "psychic"  and 
"material" are no longer viable as attributes, or where the
 category of opposites  becomes obsolete and every occurrence 
can only be asymmetrical; the reason for this  is, that an
 occurrence can only be the one or the other when it proceeds 
from an indistinguishable One.The mu-meson is, of course,
 just an approximation of the smallest One.
The UFO legend comes to the conclusion that the "Self" is the
 "Reflector". The symbolism depicts it on the one hand as a
mathematical point and unit and on the other hand, through
the circle, as  universality (i.e. infinite plurality), personified
as Anthropos, God and mankind (Hiranyagarbha = conglometate
soul), eternal and transient, being and nonbeing, disappearing 
and rising again."

ATOM AND ARCHETYPE, The PAULI - JUNG Letters, 1932 - 1958, 77.

the moment of random choice of this quote among hundreds of possible ones

The moment belongs to the element of water and the sign of Pisces, which never close their eyes, symbolizing the unconscious, which also never closes it's 'eyes', and the encounter of the unconscious are the open eyes of the vigilance of the earth-element in the shape of Virgo,  as the last Kingsconjunction of Saturn +Jupiter in the element earth happened at 5,1° Virgo.  With Pisces the unconsciousness appears 'personified' (by mundo) the more so as the Pisces ruling Neptune appears  in the first house [= appearance].

A level deeper, on the quaternary level of the elements this moment belongs to both earth and fire: Hence the moment belongs to the encounter of the unconscious with the highest consciousness of the element earth. Actuality
cares for itself. "The world is guided by letting nature take its course." Lao Tse.

The cognition of a week of an Earth-Hemisphere relies on man, following as conscious 'reflector' with respect and interest the lights and planets in the zodiac. In the zodiacal year of the Earth the 12 basic qualities appear  as reflectors of Earth's "Self" in the daily creation, able to take on each shape of their sign in time.

Here now the  43. Week 2020
Northern Hemisphere

the young energy-pack
or explosion -"Self"
of burning hunger
and its squares
as place where 'the new'

just 100% in square with Jupiter
hence new + providence
by double fire
double beginning of 
and being

while Jupiter is resonating with
brother Pluto
and father

hence it's time of compatibility
of providence + heroism + measure
fire in retreat

and in late Libra 
adds heart to this rare
and precious 
heavenly vehicle
of 5 archetypes
in Anthropos


roots- and balance-"Self"
in us
steering in Virgo
has to unite the opposites of
prudence of Virgo
conceding and let happen
of Pisces

Something what  in randomness of choice and highest consciousness in quote appeared above.


the sense- and sex-"Self"
measuring the widths and depths
in matter and soul
still in Scorpio in retreat
this week
(beginning with Monday)
walking the first 10 grades 

and visiting  4 times "Selfs" of 2 Elements
3 of water-element of 1305
1 of air-element of 1980
the former deals with feeling
the latter with thinking

gauging and talking
in Scorpio
while overcoming the Ego
with  Neptune of feeling
 with Moon of thinking
with Uranus of feeling
with Saturn/Neptune of feeling

and all in union of opposites
with Uranus in Taurus 
offering the spirit of  universe
to the social herd


in the balance
in slowly fading coincidence
the rare and precious
Saturn Pluto Jupiter conjunction
(see above)
 the square coincidence
with Saturn's  shears of the 
Gardener in God's Garden

The "Self" of the heart
is likewise
point like the individual
and circle like the world

Thursday night
Sun leaves
enters Scorpio
and likewise on Friday
the highest (coolest) raise
of the water-element
in Scorpio 
at 0,8° Scorpio
Saturn + Jupiter
of the element water

in the shape of crystals
of glaciers and firn
of the soul

in the realm of cyclical order

ordered to the heart of
this week  on the Northern Hemisphere is
to encounter (Libra) and then to marry (Scorpio)
the consciousness (Libra)
of meaning (Pisces)
in the awareness (Virgo)
 of being

Murnau, 10. 21. 2020, UTC: 15:38


Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2020

Stress or Miracles - a Week Brimming of Contradictions

10. 12. - 21. 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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"mirror-image-principle" Wolfgang Pauli
In reality, physis and psyche are probably two aspects of one 
and the same abstract fact. This is why a mirror-image -principle
is a natural way of giving an illustrative representation of the
psychophysical relationship..."

Atom and Archetype, The PAULI/JUNG Letters., p. 159

" ... all multiple modes of appearance of an archetype
full well are to be denominated as 'reflexes.' "

"one could assume that generally speaking all multiple 
manifestations of an archetype can  be described as
'reflections', whereas the archetype itself remains in
the background as an invisible reflector, this is why it
is regarded as nonexistent by rationalistic-scientific-
conventional collective opinion.

ibid. p 164

42. Week

Mars  this week is beginning
new process in complementary partnership 
with Sun
and in square with Pluto
and  later with Jupiter

Hence 5 Archetypes are connected for processes as complex of different archetypal 'reflexes'. E.g. last week there were three cases in my close circle of friends, with Mars between 23° 22° Aries or Capricorn,  who  had significant new beginnings by
 Sun heart
Mars - energy
Pluto - form
Jupiter - joint
Saturn - determination


Its the  Venus archetype's
always to accommodate to
Mars in his urge
 Sun + Venus = wife
the warmth of the female body
in the other scale of the male/female


temperature and color
of the Earth
and her
 embracing and nourishing
now in Virgo
ruled by Mercury in

Venus in Virgo 
now receiving waxing
resonances by her
complementary partner
in Pisces

while Venus rules Taurus and Libra, the roots and borders of territories and relationships are under the resolving ' soft spell' of Neptune. Consciousness and rational opinions in 'Venusia' are in friendly solution, waxing till Saturday night.


and Sun in Libra, in his above mentioned resonance - complex of fife archetypes, at weekend
will meet  blue Pluto of the Kingsconjunction in the element air. 

Sun + Pluto
always a compound
of heart + an  act of waiver
hence a  blue gift
of  the spirit


while Mercury this week on his way back again meets
green Neptune of water
blue Moon of air
green Uranus of water
(see last two weeks)

Mercurial things, (words and works), which started in the last two weeks, might succumb a delay until the third week of November, when Mercury,  'forwardly' again, will meet the two green and one blue archetypes for the third and final time.

This week however, Mercury will resonate in the third opposition this week with Uranus in Taurus. Thereby  the thought of  roots in the earth, protecting the person, resonate with  roots in the soul, protecting the species, by another great week for the 'divine' story-knower and -teller Mercury deep down  in man's nerves, meeting old feelings of giving like a child and thinking like a bird or angel nourishing the breed, in the home of thinking man in the soul of things.

Mundo's selfcomment on Thursday.  While last night (UTC) was the second case of being 'non-commited' to Sakers Cafe, in my reflection firstly appearing: what did you wrong? Or did something change? Such didn't happen since 2014. But anyway, always we, when unconsciously being inserted by the archetypal self, use to have a verisimilitude for acting including me. Maybe a blind spot in one's 'eye' has escaped one's consciousness.

What has to be said, quite apart from mundo, JUNG and any Jungian ( me included)  hold for, that the archetypes always contain the whole characteristic spectrum between angel and  devil. Each one has his/her range within the 360 degrees of light and shadow. 

My focus is on the  possibility of the 'easy way. Hence I don't believe, there is any other 'conscious' idea in God than their succeeding. Wishing that for any creature in Nature,  hence my astrology, faces the contradictions in the zodiac by preferring to read them contradictions as natural tasks to overcome the  nonconstructive aspect by striving for an artful union of unique meaning in its eternal environment, of what is programmed by the spirit of God to mix with another.

After loosing the holy unconsciousness of the animals and natural people we humans have been waxing in the unholy consciousness, loosing more and more all leading by our 'naturaliter religiosa' called soul, into which God  placed the 'compass' with the axis in his spot in our heart.

So yes, this is a week full of contradictions: three oppositions, two squares, one big  conjunction ...and the idiot (in us) only realizes strive, the dreamer(in us) unites but but might fail in personal passion, but the thinker (in us) at last has the spirit of love to unite the contradicting colors in a 'win-win'- form and a joy for the watching God (in us).

Wednesday, October 14. 2020, UTC: 16:25.

Thursday, October 15. 2020, UTC: 13:50..