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Freak - Weeks for Mercury - With Sun our Heart Approaching the Resonance of the Great Reckoning


10. 5 -  14.  2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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"Whatever an archetypal content states,
it's primarily a verbal simile."

C. G. Jung, "On the Psychology of the Child-Archetype" 
Coll. W. 9/1,  § 267

The 12 signs of the zodiac are 'verbal similes'. 

"Talking of the Sun he identifies with it the
 lion.The king, the gold-treasure guarded by the dragon 
and the living- or health-power of man, though it is
 neither the one nor the other but the unknown third. 
which is more or less aptly to be expressed by all these 
similes, but what ... remains unknown and unformulable."


At the latest since the third semester every student of astrology has, in my opinion, to incure with the spirit of Carl JUNG, like all readers of the Astromundane Diary have to undertake.

JUNG is no mishmash, he is a clearer. The zodiac is no object of his work, but certainly an esteemed background. While the foreground, that we have with him is

air heaven thinking
and it's relation to the soul

lived by Sun 
in Leo
in the encounter with the  vigor of life

and the contents of the unconsciousness
ruler of the ascendant
the borderless

Back to the start: the 12 signs are verbal similes of time-circles on heaven, ascertainable with the tapeline of the zodiac, rhythmically inherent to all creatures, the fate of time, gapeless projected on the hemispheres of our planet in nano-seconds and light years and what is between.

We need that consciousness of 'being' a hemisphere only, like man, being man and woman, entity of the north and the south and - each half has its entire year of 12 months.

The planet-wide extension of the Corona-befall is ominous, because the inhabitants of the southern hemisphere have not to shear our, but their own sheep

ominous cause a
matter of fact
indicating a
of human consciousness
of itself
as it is a half-circle
and a full circle
same time

41. Week 2020
Northern Hemisphere

blind fire
raging on the retreat
against the north
the polar Capricorn
this week again
against or
with Saturn and Pluto
in the end

and with Saturn means humble
and professional

and with Pluto means
with the spirit of the true heroes

before in three weeks further on retreat
Mars meets  in another 
old square
in and out of concilliation

for Mars



born and reborn
is our 
stay with
celebrate together
watch out together
on freeloaders and grainfilchers
in our organs and reserves

Venus now is in the prudent
watching out on 
the details
of timing

And Venus hikes   today Wednesday in what makes this week special on the spiritual level: look with whom Venus  unites, here it is this early Wednesday morning UTC


5,1° Virgo
in union with

  Saturn + Jupiter
 of earth and fire
on the Earth
in Virgo for 775 years
 each year
time to excavate and meditate 
this highest- most  union
of earth- and- fire-
on Virgo's watch
orientation in  Venus-matters
 like  annual-rings

and one  day later 
6,8° Virgo
Venus with Neptun
childgod of the
young and innocent


in due opposition to Earth
shines further undisturbed on
the press out working
 the grapes of the
in the lever-world of Libra
dedicated to the sexual balance 
of cosmic halves
in the fantasy of 

and Sun is aproaching the square with


this week, while next week waits the square with


 and the opposition with                                     Mars

and with Sun, believe or not, always the heart , fact and symbol, is referred to

leaving Sun we come to
measuring discerning and displaying
god in us
further on hiking on sacred  grades
of Scorpio's
calling for certain strengthening waiver

Mercury in Scorpio

had union with Uranus ~ borderless thinking  of water ~ feeling
on Sunday/Monday

yesterday/today union with Moon ~ family
of element air ~ thinking ~ connecting fires and 'fires'
will have union with Neptune ~ innocence of water ~ boundless feeling
since Friday and 
instead of the normal passing
 in one day
this time 'passing'  
will last
for two Mercurial- '

this one is a special offer of  God
to purify the Mercurial intellect by 
a waiver of ideologies
 and marrying
with true  facts 
and their  symbols

further Mercury is anyway all week long in resonance with his partner in Opposition: Uranus, 'rooting'  the idea of  air ~ heaven in Taurus earth ~ community.

Wednesday, 10. 7. 2020, UTC: 


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