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Lavrovs Press Conference

26. January  26. 2016 
UTC 15:18, 18:18 LT
here again it is 
the horoscope on the end of the event in the meaning
ready it  is the birth
of the lion 
Leo = the sovereign
the sovereignty of the subject
lying in the sign Leo  
lies analogously to the Sun
in the ability to give away
 in the self-present of central competence
to the tribe

in the 6th house a God is securing the subjective
by multi-polar compromises
e.g. Mr Obama

8. 4. 1961
  Barack Hussein Obama jr. 
the giver in Lavrov's show was not a sunny-boy Leo

but the fairly holy enough Sergei Wiktorowitsch
(whose horoscope I don't know)
appearing  in the 6th house of the day
mirroring the 7th house above it
in the common 6th mirror of the day
and there what does Sun mirror?

  Isn't it Neptune in Pisces?
truth in innocence

and to whom belongs the 6th house
in which Sun gives away Spirit of mans heart
isn't it Saturn = the father
in common resonance with the god of the childly truth 
of the gods

so this press conference of 3 hours and 7 Minutes was possible

beautiful is the Moon in the cover of the sovereign
a image for the Tsar of the older Times before 1700 (according to the Saker)
beautiful is the well-being by spirit in the 2nd house
beautiful is the spring by wrath together  with the dead of the family in the realm
 in the 4th house
and with Venus in the 5th house of action there is the abundance of resource
for to give-away
as well as the meaningful identity of Pluto with Mercury
showing the archetype of sacrifice in unity with the archetype of
the talking and writing man
who is a messenger of the gods
but the likes of him on earth
have families  and mortgages and 
are not to mention
the new humble power mirroring heaven

and Mars in the 4th shall mirror Uranus in the 9th
spirit of man coming off the fatherly measures
mirrored in the wrath of the dead

what a strength by sacrifice is accompanying the Russian civilization
since the WW II
together with the Chinese 
compared with the submerging western one and their allies

rather the Poles and Jews could keep up with magnitude of sacrifice

so much for Pluto whom I assess in the wight of the present dead
in this chronicle

And so much in the astro mundane chronicle about the press conference over more than three hours
Posted: January 31. UTC 19:32.

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