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The Electric Man in Midwinter and Nearness to God

1. 18. - 25. 2016
Below the Northern Zodiac
and Below the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the Four Elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water
 from the Years 1603, 1802, 1980 and 1305
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1. 20. 2016

out of the given flows the new

out of the week the week skims

each does it in it's way

no one does it like this one

in eternity

the unknown star or god for  your
universe among all others
JUNG called

and always ahead

  the east where the days lights are

and the West where the presence and the light is
in the evening of all of us
as an empire
within us

and up front in the east of presence
 a mornings striding still like  in Aries  
the electric human in pole position
spiritual fulfilled of resonance
by the chain of fathers
and the immeasurable wild

now behind, 

in the West
in the condition of Virgo
goddess of pragmatism
 Sagittarius Jupiter is still ready
to inspire with a spirit of union
in which everyone is free to the land
whose spirit on shares

bottom line
below horizon of everyday

there are two heavenly actors

to inspire everybody like sun shines on everybody
they are 
Uranus and Jupiter

and if we do - in a little thought-experiment -

sort the gods of the zodiac on three heaps

and we level the heap first four "elementary" 
that of the four of the second level  "psychic"
and the four of the third layer "spiritual"

regarding the spirit as a mighty "given"
invisible like air
but with it's three realms in the zodiac

this is the house or village of astrology
part of the elements
part of psyche
and part of spirit

parts within one 
so far and so near
and the one doesn't know the father
until the father is found as an islands
 heavenly oxygen
in onefelf

And insofar the astrologers see the Pisces sharing the 1., the eastern mirror of the horizon with Aries
as well as at the western end Venus and Mercuria share  the 6th mirror between Libra and Virgo in the evening of the day.

So in Aries of the morning-mirror fighting for the wild land

man is Uranus the human god
called "anthropos" in the old Greek civilization
- in this chronicle the "electric man" with the same meaning -
waves mirroring shots
the light man 12 and 1
together in the mirror of the morning

and falling in the evening-mirror of our species
Jupiter the god above of vast country
each one of its creatures clothed with abundance of land
the natural earth
its spirit is Jupiter
as a more southern sky
than Saturn's one is a more "northern" or polar one

as of Virgo hosting Jupiter this year
goddess of Virgoness 

Mercuria is telling in the  third mirror about earthly brisance of
mans actions
about the second week of moving back though the official 
chambers of publicly ruling Capricorn approaching 
 happening in the third mirror done off the chains of the fathers

manufactured by faith in the depths of psyche

5th mirror in zodiac
possible by silent pray of  soul
for waver of flesh in midst the elements
so Scorpio  and Sun
so liability and
heart's  burning for love
 producing the species 

and in this mirror of waver and play Mars

goes on this week 
to call the heart for the fight  for the new conscious old moral
of the 5th mirror
with the everlasting dead and the everlasting coming as psyche in
 in the psyche
Mars is the eagle crying above the
wilderness of beginning in in each 's world
of the child's morning in God's lap

and what about Venus of the morning

and the evening

what is she coming for this week in the west?

with Venus
gravity is moving  under the grace
of the presence of grace and with her  the herds are moving through this final
air-and - fire - week for months of our eon
fire means the beginning of ... 
consisting  of virtual red Sun  = new sovereignty
and virtual red Venus = new balance
for the eon
man has been created eon-sensible
as man has been created cannabis-sensible
as he has been created I-don't know-what-sensible
this is the belief in this chronicle

and the prognosis naturally is that for gravity
that it dwells above the eon - in the mirror of grace -

meaning inter alia

the goddess of gravity and presence called Venus
is facing the end of her current residence on this side of the time wall
stepping back into the yonder of the end
for a time in the non-temporal cross in the universe

and for her divine hermaphrodite mirror-sister

Virgo Mercuria 
after the Sun-Earth-Mercury - harmony
last week now at the end of the week is awaiting
the paradox Earth-Mercury-Pluto - Harmony
paradox because naturally
is possible what is on e elementary level
is excluding each other
(see Carl Jung, Mysterium Cunjunctionis)

therefore Adam

and Eve additional

* * *

 and Sun is relocating this week

into the middle of Winter
and nearness to God which is attributed to Aquarius
and on Wednesday the giving
acquires wings of spirit

and the father- and- child-resonances in heaven
are drifting out of horizon for the living and the dead
till a new rise since May and Saturn goes on flying solo above the fatherly
rooms of the son

where  coincidentally

gloss and gravity of the matutinal (and vespertinal)
Venus flash up in the mirror of earthly resonances
spirit and soul  just in square
like Sagittarius and Virgo
like certainty and doubts
resonating  this week 
another time
with Venus and Jupiter
gravity and  width
in rare divine resonanceand now about Moon and Cancer and
about darkness in the tropics
and for the stream
and the hiking dream and
the traveling anchor
as far as the night contains the anchor of the day

Moon in the heaviness of Taurus

what might it be valuable for
the darkness 
till Tuesday forenoon

then as shadow in the measured measures of the Twins
elementary spirit
till Thursday

and since Thursday then till Saturday evening

the lord and god of the fourth element

the dark and moisty
inner skins of the earth
deep in the middle of the brightness of the day
darkly circling
Moon the light uniting the silhouettes

of the night

then however stepping into the brightness of the day
called Leo and King 
until and into the coming week
in forceful paradox

and here our common eon
in the common eonic week
with the dead of the centuries back to
 1305 intuiting
1604 sensing
1802 being
1980 thinking

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