Freitag, 26. Februar 2016

Spell for Peace?

2. 27. 2016 UTC 22:00, 0:00 OZ

It's Damascus, with 0,5° Sagittarius rising, the sign of the "re-conciliator" in the zodiac, Jupiter in house 10 in heavens height determining future reconciliation.
 Through Aleppo runs  the border between ASC Scorpio and Sagittarius - while Latakia and the Russian airbase are plain 29° Scorpio - certainly areas of sacrifice or "the bow" -  bordering in the south to Sagittarius and his  arrow from afar traveling around the wide edge of the funnel into times.

Saturn in both - Aleppo and Damascus's  1. house, this  paints like the beginning of stability.

Pluto in house 2. in Capricorn paints stability by sacrifice feeding the dead and the yet unborn.

Sun / Neptune commanding the strength of  meekness at the border of neighborhood and privacy.

Uranus in the command of house 5 - life's command - Uranus the Dionysian spirit of man.

And Mars in house 12 is far from presence - as we like him in God's lap.

And Moon's waves in house 11and Libra spell familiar comfort in human mutuality.

Much goodness  this horoscope spells, praise on them who made it possible.

With Jupiter in house 10 the moment has an element of high planetary architecture between Moscow and DC in applying the given elements, separating opposition from terrorists, while Saturn, appearing, is the separator.

Murnau, 2016. 2. 26, UTC 19:39

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