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Concealment and Unexpected Heat

7.  23. - 8. 1. 2018
und unter den Nördlichen Königskonjunktionen
der vier Farben  und  Elemente Feuer, Erde, Luft und Wasser
aus den Jahren 16031802, 1980 und 1305
(Anklicken vergrößert)

Tonight, 75 years ago, 
Hamburg was doomed to experience
'Gomorrha' a 5-day-and-night- long
bomber-campaign which in the 
2. night culminated in a biblical
 firestorm around  over and in large central

a year after the firestorm ...

Readers of German can find my 3 accounts at: 

google; "mundanes Tagebuch, 1943"

30. Week

what's new?

let's start with an old one
since weeks <1 span="">
connected with water-Moon
night-light of the feeling-Element

at 1,8° Taurus
since 713 years

and now the news

Sun in Leo the heart
of the system
now in its rising-square
with man-god Uranus
now in the social community =Taurus
there as fascination by futurous  heavenly thinking
and in
opposition with Mars in Aquarius
like heavenly fires


  the gods
creators  children
connected in  everchanging
of  psycho/physical
objective 'cloud-stages'
outside of us ind mirrore, inside
 underneath our
conscious psychic level
in man's psycho/physical collective 'socket'
for each and every one's personal  individuality

Sun = heart
Mars = heat
Uranus = heaven

Sun = heart = center of power radiating center of the 'system dailight'= wanting
Moon: =  center of genesis, emerging family-world out of  the female
lap's ruling the world of the night = feeling
Uranus = the unexpected nearness to God
Mars = heat is the beginning of everything.

future in
safety and concealment
+ living heart = flame
+ sudden  unexpected heat

Comment: Mars = heat, in Aquarius = unexpected
hence  beginning of a an unexpected psyco/physical resonance of doubble-heat + wind = Aquarius

and the Sun- Mars -Uranus- green Moon-cluster it 
resonates with the blue aeon around and in us
 with air element's Mars at 0,8° Aquarius
since 1980
hence a doubble-unexpected heat this week
the latter, the blue heat in the 'blue' realm 
of science

now Venus in and around us
Goddess of roots and balance

actually just in the realm of calculating the 
conditions = Virgo
today in
exchange  with Neptune
sophia and the child
gods as givers of intensities

hence Mercury traveller
and story-teller
has with Venus the entire essence of the week
in his Virgo-pocket
as by Taurus with  Uranus and his two squares
with Mars and Sun
and all this 
Mercury is dedicating to Sun
the central ruler 
in his home

so much for the day-light world

and the night-lights are underway with Moon
now discharged off Sun in her shady home sign Cancer

entirely  underway this week 
in the 3. realm
after the first = elementary 
and the second = soul
the third =  spirit

Moon's spiritual yourney this week
begun on this side of the time-wall
with Sagittarius =  spiritual fire, or 'tongues'

then Wednesday beyond /before time
Capricorn = spiritual earth = right measures, names

Friday Aquarius = beyond earth, the spiritual air of future

and Monday Pisces = the spiritual water of eternity

Heaven wishes to be realised

Entwurf 22 7 2018, UTC 15:44
Murnau, 23. 7. 2018 UTC 11:08
In English 7. 25. 2018, UTC:19:47


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