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Love and Waiver to Complement Each Other - Cleaning of the the Zeitgeist


6. 21. - 30. 2021  0:00 UTC
under the northern Zodiac 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
fire, earth, air  and water  of the years 

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"Rita meaning: tight order, determination, direction, 
decision, holy  custom, constitution, divine law, the
 right, the true. It's basic meaning: providence, 
(right) walk, direction,  directive."

C.G.JUNG, Psychological Types, Coll.W. 6, § 378

In my language

how we in God's
unfold our

God's laws are the laws of wholeness
that is the
the year
the day
the horoscope
the heavenly houses
the six days of
the four elements
the three floors of horizon
the two sexes

"The redeeming symbol is a trail, a way on which
the life can move forward without  agony and  constraint."

C.G.JUNG, ibd. § 502

"At least the appearance of the redeeming is dearestmost 
connected with destruction and  devastation. If the old
wasn't  ripe for death, nothing new would appear, and 
the  old might and needed not to be eradicated, if it would
 not barre perniciously the place for the new." 

C.G.JUNG, ebd. § 503
“But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For
you shut up the kingdom of heaven against men;
for you neither go in yourselves, nor do you allow
those who are entering to go in."
Jesus to the  Pharisees, Matth. 23.13

" the evil has become determining reality. No longer can
 it  be cut out of the world by renaming. We have to learn,
to deal with it, cause it will live along, how that might 
be possible without greater damage, is  not foreseeable
 for the time being."


Memories, Dreams, Reflections

, 1961, p. 331

25. Week

what is the heavenly guideline
for the 
northern hemisphere
the southern one
the male zodiac
like the female one

to understand that
 the chronicler not tries
in the first line
understanding needs distance

therefore in the first line
is the weekly 
of the here and now 
on the northern hemisphere
whose each place daily
rushes underneath
the entire
heavenly- round
but each place to another time
yet the common given
since the beginning
in human consciousness
as heavenly clock
of the gods
tasks and presents
inclinations and shunnings

swiftest of the gods
in us
in Leo
nomads power
of the heart
whose Sun in
is lap
inner bridal
of the life-receiving element
distributed by Moon
starting her way this week
in the waters of Scorpio
leading to the waters of Pisces

Mars, for the second week ruled by Sun, thereby left on Monday the Twins- rule of Mercury, coming under the Cancer-rule of Moon, thus changing orientation from outwards to inwards, from extraversion to introversion.

Ruler Sun, since Monday in Cancer, will invigorate the inward, the intimate.

Ruler Venus moves also in Cancer in her third week.

At the final fife grades Venus awaits, like every year, Earth-Sun at 24,5° and Earth-Mercury at 26,9° of Cancer.

the lap
ruling the feeling of
and brain

Thereby is Venus - the indulgence - challenged by her opposite-partner and zodiacal neighbor Pluto in Capricorn. 

Venus, air-easily says yes, while Pluto water-heavy is a freezing one, to let encounter convert into tight commitment.

In Capricorn Pluto fosters the faith of  spirit in the collective unconsciousness - while Saturn - currently for about three years moving in the bird-wild spirit of Aquarius - a constellation thus, which benefits the erection of 'bird-towers' under the stars.

Therefrom unaffected Mercury now can 'take breath'. After many constellations, lately retrograde, now still slow forward again, still at home in Twins, where the wanderer intellect embodies the meaning of relatively being a place above the duality of the parties, where the bad humans are a task for the good ones.


the heaven each day 
realizes the passage
of the great
10-years- fight-or-unity-

between Earth/Taurus

three quarters before time
Capricorn Aquarius Pisces
one quarter in time

Jupiter as ruler of Sagittarius prevails as 'linker in time' in Pisces, where he does his work in the unconsciousness, in the (eternal) truth of tomorrow, for a year cleaning the  'Zeitgeist' from the meaning of the finite-only. He is the new redeeming linker of 2021, as 'together-joiner' this year not in the world but in the spirit.

And now the inflow from the four Element:

4 Elemente - 25. Week

1. Paramount and rare: the square of Saturn with Uranus has the latter meeting on 14,2° Taurus the Uranus of the fire-element (s. last Week).

And since weekend into the new week as third will enter this constellation the mover Mars from Leo.

2. All 12 years: Jupiter, the linker, at 2,2° Pisces is still in conjunction to Moon of earth-element and Mars of the water.

3.  Each year one time: Venus, collecting and balancing, visits the 'birth-place' of the earth-Sun, sharing it with

Angela Merkel, and of the earth-Mercury.

Enough for the analytical consideration of the week.

Murnau, 6. 23. 2021, posted: UTC: 23:16.

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