Montag, 22. August 2016

Energy Meets Rock-Solidity

8. 22. - 29. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements fire, earth, air and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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Solo Sunny on Monday
for the farewell of Leo Sun on this Monday
after this male-symbol - heart - month
be reminded that since ancient times
and in the (European ) medieval times
it was a given that Sun = heart 
in numbers:
1 center
5. sign
two lions = 5+5
10 = King and Queen in conjunction
= the center
and thereby the symbol searched for
fire -  center - strength
we so urgently are in need for
 inmidst of these "tenthousand things"
 may God be given to us in tender hearts
would be my prayer
would it be He
suffering in each and every lost lamb
in every spark 
without the pertinent darkness
of a loving woman
and in every in vain suffering

And the ten-thousand things appear to the astrologer, even a child can follow, ordered by a
disposition in the zodiac, which is a projection of our pre-writing south-eurasian ancestors.
A "projection" in the sense of the psychology is a statement of the unconscious depth in each of us is a statement about an "unknown" , in the belief we know it. It's a knowing without knowing called intuition. Intuition is a gift and a problem. The "images", the intuition receives from the dark within are something, with which our zeitgeist-consciousness doesn't reckon. So consciousness presents us a projection in which the deep players underneath are =0
 With the heritage of the zodiac we enter a spiritual world in which the four elements are ordered on three floors, in which like in the periodic table the places are never changing in the wheel of wheels, we are living in.
So the  conscious astrologer, the conscious or partly conscious "alchemist" man, is  currently in resonance with  
Uranus in Aries
 God of man  in elementary extension 
 so the alchemist is mirroring in Aries
the  spirit of God
in the first mirror of Pisces/Aries

Saying reaching over weeks and weeks: the overthrower Uranus, heavenly sponsor of the alchemist man on his 84-years-circling through the elements on each of their three floors around the center and the eyes of this man-God has seen this week's  farewell to Leo by Sun farewell of the heart to the the glowing center  and no longer calles Sun the children with an abundance to give out of central strength  into life, but now the children with an abundance of thoughts concerning the middle floor of the elements in which the soul handles the dough.

Sun in Virgo now enlighting the earth soul
where the beauty of heavenly shape 
meets the reflection in  everydays reason

and the heavenly siblings are even there
Jupiter Mercury Venus also in Virgo
and Mercury rules her siblings and the Sun in the center
in  this weeks Mercury - enlighted discernments 
in brother- and sisterly unity withand sister Venus 
 and brother son-God Jupiter
rules above his 
mirror image in the lovely lap of the elements
in Cancers moisty feelings
godly son in whose son-like sign  Sagittarius
the fatherly seniority of Saturn and the
onrushing light of the beginning by Mars
are bearing within the sacrifices of Pluto
and the capsizes of Uranus
and in their coniunction today on Wednesday 
the end and the beginning
in time and space
are united in paradox coniunction

 and so it happens to  conscious beginnings and ends what happened since the beginning of all beginnings  far under awareness and so in the neurotic rational consciouness of the unconscious alchemist man there is no paradox unity possible but in life constantly.
finally to our anchor in the night and his dreams of the beach
and up on the vineyard high over the stream
Moon  in all her felt half-truths appears in the night and against morning and yawns
in daylight mostly invisible under the sky and over the man-world

and till Monday midnight Moons dreams were expanding by energy

then till Wednesday midnight Moon went under the masons and heating-installer where plaster and walls affirm the secure togetherness

and about midnight also that has an end and the messengers of the company
move out and Moon with them beyond the neighborhoods

till on Saturday before noon then dream and anchor move back into the soul of the elements
being to find in the lap of the elements, Cancer, and which lap, after a full week at the basement of the elements not  will not be left by Moon till next Monday.

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