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Heart and Ire for the Family-Wealth - Sun and Mars in Excess

7. 31. - 8. 9. 2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
   of the years 160318021980 and 1305 
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 8. 2. 2017

This is another year specially apt to watch the character of the archetypes of the 2. quadrant of the zodiac: 


the four Quadrants of the zodiac 
appearing clockwise turning at the ascendant

The signs of the zodiac are moving with the Sun. The whole heaven is turning clockwise with the Sun as the earth is turning to the left. And with every Sunrise in the east of any place Sun appeares in the 12. house making visible what was in the dark before.
As we cannot turn together with the sky, thes astrologers placed the 'stamp' of the zodiac
for 12 not-moving 'houses', with their meaning derived by the 12 signs, beginning with Pisces = house 12 and mirroring Aries = house 1, the circular villige under the sky.

So like the 12 houses of a fire-ascendant
or the 12 houses of a water-ascendant

(and so on ...)  in their meaning all houses follow the element of the ascendant
like all of the plants follow the roots programm

To know which element man/woman has to live, is in reach of human imagination and gives the clue, which three of the four elements one has basicly to strike off regarding their character - others have to  subserve for them - what a present, this basic elementary view, to be able to curtail one's to-be-duty to one of four basic elements,
then, to continue with the signs, to curtail one's behaviour-duty to one
of twelve characters.


Now to the weekly astrology without ascendant and  houses, pure zodiacal astrology of the year. As I warned yet: strength and passion in the sign of Sun in Leo belong, like in Cancer before to the second quadrant of the zodiac.
In the I. quadrant we have the drives to survive. In the II. quadrant we have the soul-drives
within, from the erotic surrender to the  maternal care, aka from Cancer to Virgo.
America * 7. 4. 1776 is Cancer-Land, to me: ultimately ruled by the mothers,  to whom the funds belong, maintained and augmented mostly by the Jewish Institutes.
Now the week under the forementioned auspices:

Sun and Mars further in excess in Leo
two fire-rulers in a fire-sign = the king and the attacker

Certainly Trum will sign the present sanctions - Eurasia is the biggest 'life-boat' on the planet, what Trum knows, his objective tricky hope is Europe with an 'anti-Mackinder' policy, which at last gives the 'red'America the chance to get into busyness with the decentralized planet in fair competition.

Leo the great mystery of this fifth sign is implied in the image of a flame = soulSun in Leo, the ruler in it's realm = Napoleon, Mick Jagger aso. bursting of power. Yet still it is the wisdom of the heart = Sun = center, which overlaps far the prudence of assistance of Mercury,

Ascendant Leo = instinct
Sun in Leo = behaviours
still three weeks Mars remaining close to Sun in Leo
the storm and the strength close to the heart


Coincidently Mercury in Virgo steering in details against this soulfull joie (and rage) de vivre  from the  superior balance deriving of the  aestetic feeling inherent in the Virgo.
And now to the part-personalities within us ruled by Venus, called Taurus = gravity and Libra = balance: they have moved on Monday from Twins to Cancer and are now addicted to the changing mood according to Moon's places. And with Venus it is the center of gravity of all of us, as much as we are adherent to the colletive-consciousness, against which only individuation helps. So Venus now is introverted, a paradox, cause the nature of Venus is passive-extraverted ..., now a kind of socialism towards the own soul or family. And by that there is a change of milieu for all realms under the northern hemisphere associated with Taurus and Libra, inclusive of Jupiter with his current resonance with the holy waiver of Pluto in Capricorn. And the latter is now to the disposal of Moon, the ruler of Cancer until August 26.

Moon at last now with Venus in Cancer community-friendly

since today till Thursday moving  in  "good coincidence" in Sagittarius

then till Sunday at noon on the solemn and keeping ways of Capricorn

and the new Week will start with Moon in the periphery of the center 

and in the heights of spirit in Aquarius

while on Wednesday Moon carries Venus into the depths of unconscious

depths = early moves called Pisces

30.7.2017, UTC 16:49.

31. 7. in Murnau UTC 14 44 - 15:49 in English: 8. 2. 2017 UTC 19:23.

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