Mittwoch, 29. März 2023

Mercury's Hunt for the Big Prey

3. 27 - 4. 5. 2023

0:00 UTC
Under the Zodiac
Above the Northern Hemisphere
of the Earth



The great events of world-history are, essentially of deepmost 
irrelevance. Crucial in the last line is only the subjective life of
 the individual. This alone makes history, in it alone all great 
changes happen first, and all future and all world-history stem as 
tremendous summation lastly out of these hidden sources of the 
individuals. In our most private and subjective lifes we are not 
only the sufferers, but also the doers of a time. Our time - it is we."

The Meaning of Religion for the Present Age
Coll.. W. 10, § 315

 doers of our time
and so perturbable
by the gossamers
of power

hence  Moses
sages and prophets
always great

hated by the powerful
in the sparkling
of God

13. Week

Mars now
in Cancer
now we experience
for 7 weeks what it means
the fire is in the

moving in
 conjunction with
through Taurus
where she commands

she the ruler of 
him the ruler of
she of matter
he of spirit
united above  the  borders
of the tribes
tearing out the roots and landmarks
of old sick ideas
planting the heavenly 
blossom into earth
while Pluto
in Aquarius
signifies the spirit's readyness for
for the childly spirit of adult mankind
Venus in the spirit of Uranus is ready
to donate
to the hungry and poor

Mercury meanwhile
knower of words and ways
in the wilderness of
strugggling for existence
this last short week 
united with the
great hunter and strategist
for the big prey
in attendance of 
in Aries
eminence and meaning
to the hunt

These are heavenly stage directions and roles invocations.

 Should there be
ready political values 
conscious and on standby
great performances 
might be possible


  two presidents bid farewell in a poignant manner

Xi: “Now, there are changes that haven’t happened in 100 years. When we are together, we drive these changes.”

Putin: “I agree.”

Xi: “Take care, dear friend.”

Putin: “Have a safe trip.”

the supreme Commander

10. 7. 1052, Leningrad
transit 2. 24. 2022

on March 22. 2023

7. 10. 1952
transit 3. 22. 2023

Xi Jinping on March 22. 2023

6. 15. 1953
transit 3. 22. 2023


and with him 
supreme determinig spirit
 now in
traveling  the deep wide sea
of un-wept tears
while the sinking of the
the presumptuous

crews and passengers
suddenly in front of God
lacking arguments for
not believing

The 'Titanic' of the young 21. century is called 'Ukraine' and is running under the yellow-blue  flag in  full speed towards Russia. 

Her lets her no chance.

Murnau, 27. 3. 2023, UTC: 15:52.

In English: 3. 29. 2023, UTC: 14:32.


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