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Dramatic Thursday in Heaven - and on the Battlefield ?

2. 27 - 3. 8. 2023

0:00 UTC
Under the Zodiac
Above the Northern Hemisphere
of the Earth


Archetype, Image, Phantasy ( 1.)

"Accordingly the primeval image on the one side is undoubtedly

to correlate to certain evident and always revolving and

therefore always effective nature processes. but on the other side

equally undoubtedly to certain inner provisions of the spiritual

life and life anyway. Towards the light the organism puts a

new creation, the eye and towards the nature process the spirit

sets an symbolic image, which seizes the nature process as well

as the eye the light . And likewise, like the eye is a testimony for

the idiosyncratic and self-employed creative activity of the living

matter, so also the primeval image is an expression of the own and

absolute, creative virtue of the spirit."

C.G.JUNG, Psychologic Types, Col. W. § 765.

"Towards the light the organism puts on a new creation, the eye and towards the nature process the spirit sets a symbolic image, which seizes the nature process as well as the eye the light."

If it wouldn't be so, there wouln't be astrology with its symbolic images in the chains of time.

As it is so childishly simple to undestand, astrology is 'verboten' like all childishly simple 'russian' things, today one appears ridicculously with it. A man has to be ashamed, to 'have it' with heaven, unless he is an American billionaire with devotion to the clear northern sky.

But those, who unite the symbol with the matter consciously, like it is inherent in the unconsciousness of the child (in man), they are able to consciously orient themselves in 'what the bell tales'. This is the primeval healthy wisdom of godness in 'human - "wisdom and long life".

The zodiac with its structure of six days of creation appearing in six mirrors, calls of the spirit and answers and answers by the elements on Earth.

9. Week 2o23

having in the first mirror :


beginning and end


two rhythmic circuits

beginning /ending


30° Pisces


0° Aries


in the mirror



This is the basic 'information' the zodiac


apart from each individual Ascendant


human condition

beginning in the morning

each day

of Adam

before the creation of


as created in the


hence in




each Adam's




of the first


So much for the weekly basic symbolic assurance.

Now this week's drama in two respects:

9. Week



Venus, the prosperous, the organized, the securing cluster, appearing in Aries in the armour of the attacking hero. This week now shows her united in conjunction with the divine strategist (till May in Aries)) Jupiter, on the battlefield of armed reconciliation destroying the hateful enemy by way of selfdestroyment.

Mundane-astrologic companions of heaven having the chance to observe this conjunction, which is perfect on Thursday, and to assess, if the forecast of a compact offensive is justified.

In the same time the Russian military render respect to the morale and the ability of the opponent and the collect their deaths and store them, a decent human act below God.


Likewise on Thursday Mercury and (!) Saturn moving from Aquarius height down to Pisces, from idea down to hunch. Thereby all arguments of distinction dissolving into neptunian acceptance of what is given by the unconscious.

Into this resonance on Thursday is embedded the relocation from the last grade of Aquarius to the first grad of Pisces in conjunction of the messenger Mercury with the father Saturn.

Saturn, the unconsciously given father, the attuner, attuning the collective 'instruments', so that all strings in harmony with another can swing in their own frequence, basic 'multipolarity'.

Saturn in Aquarius was Father of the future-throne, mirrored by the human herd in the spirit of the father. That was the unconscious 'fatherly' given of the last 3 years.

Now in Pisces Saturn is the etranal father as child, on the eternal throne of the human kingdom, to meet in each child's heart.

On Thursday hence the transition of Mercurian knowledge + Saturn, advisor and King and with their devotion to allcommon meaning, hence knowledge immersing in meaning.

Pisces, Tao, 'living water', allcommon meaning before its ascent onto air-element of thoughts, Aquarius, heaven of ideas, followed by the third, the earth-spirit of the four, Capricorn: attoning the instruments', eternal father-spirit of the tenth sign Capricorn, followed by the fourth, the spirit of the fire Sagittarius

And there are two fathers, who encounter

each other in the world-drama of

transition to a multipolar


Joseph Biden

ASC Sagittarius - the privilege

Jupiter in 8

the heritage of the families


Sun/Venus in 12

strength and fortune

dissoluting into chaos

Vladimir Vladimirowitsch Putin

ASC Skorpion

heir 's

waiver of privacy

Pluto in 10

determiner on the throne

Sun in 11 Libra

balance of future

matter of the


Further now as before Mars in Twins following his ruler Mercury'entrance into Pisces, hence from the second mirror to the first one: the spirit of solution in anomymity mirrored in the fire of birthing a new world.

And who of the two fathers can lead that?

All additional, Pluto, Sun, Uranus keep 'doing', what they did the last two weeks, while Pluto's sacrifices appear according to Saturn now in the first mirror.

Murnau, 3. 1. 2023, UTC:17:07.


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