Mittwoch, 2. Dezember 2020

Sun and Mercury (in Us) in Their Brightest Week


11. 30. - 12. 9. 2020,  0:00 UTC 
and under the northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colors and elements 
Fire, EarthAir  and Water  of the years 
under the Northern Zodiac 
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"The eternal truths become dangerous  disturbances, if they 
suppress the  unique I and live on it's expense and to it's  detriment.

C. G. JUNG,  The Psychology of Transference, Coll. W. 16,  § 502

"The "Self" will appear in the doing and therefore the opus is a
 process of individuation and becoming oneself- The "Self" as
the  more extensive and into the timelessness looming man
corresponds  the idea of the original man, who is completely
 round and bi-sexual,  by virtue of the fact, that he is a reciprocal
integration of consciousness and unconsciousness."

ibid. § 531

"The symbols of circle and Quaternary,  so characteristically for 
the process of individuation,  on the one hand  point  back to a
  primary, primitive order of the human society, on the other hand
 forward to an inner order of the soul, as like as if that would be the 
inevitable instrument for the reorganization of the cultural  
community, contrary to the today so popular collective organizations, 
which heap together  unfinished  semi-humans."

ibid. § 569

What crossed my mind today: what is astrologically the 'Zeitgeist', 'Time-Spirit',  unconsciously ruling the presence? Of the four signs, ruling on the level of spirit, it's only Sagittarius, jutting out of the timelessness of the fourth quadrant into the temporality. His ruler Jupiter, always a conciliatory spirit,  has left one year ago on December 2.  his friendly realm of Sagittarius,  entering the serious realm of  father, state and Capricorn under the command of Saturn.

One month ago, on November 1. 2020, in Germany began  the second lock- down of all the places of encounter, aka Libra, how
was the constellation?

Mercury  square Saturn

of movement in space and soul
in the at-once-cross
with the God of the
'more extensive man"
who rules beyond time
in the 4. quadrant of the zodiac

And when will be free way again of movement  for Mercury? 

after passage through Sagittarius and Capricorn 
both ruled by Saturn 
till December 17.
or definitely since January 8.
when Mercury enters Aquarius

and for Venus ruler of encounter
the barriers of Saturn
will close after passage of Sagittarius
on January 8.
and not will be lifted before
 February 1.
Venus in Aquarius

Whereby the matters of Capricorn, and therewith for Jupiter and Pluto till middle of December will be under the old rule of Saturn, but then:

Saturn - change of milieu
ingress into airy Aquarius
December 17.
(till March 2023)

one day later
Jupiter change of milieu
ingress into Aquarius

and two days later
Great Conjunction
of Saturn and Jupiter
(every 20 years)
more about it in 2 weeks

49. Week 2020

still solo
but forwards again
in the middle of the own
wild world of

and Venus
and - united -
conqueror of Mars

in Scorpio
on her own
 in waiver
for the sake of the

at weekend
in good resonance 
(trine) with
the God-child of truth
Neptune in Pisces
in the 12. house of heaven
while on Sunday
meeting with 
Neptune of the earth- element
childlike devotion 
to the 'work' 


the intellect
 in Sagittarius
in the flight of the arrow
beyond time and space
in the third 

on Saturday
Mercury the analyst
visiting the brightest version of himself
at 4,9° Sagittarius

and on Monday
Mercury visits
highest authority of 
of the Kingsconjunction in the
radiating element

And Jupiter, the spot in the dark, in 12 years hiking through the 12 signs of the zodiac, focusing the spirit as a years
 'Zeitgeist',  in one sign each year, keeping  the soul  in the possibilities of conciliation

as long as Jupiter yet 16 of 380 days
stays in Capricorn with Saturn
the 'Lock-down'
is the apt-most formulation
of the 'Zeitgeist'
about Sun in his
constrained truth

and next Tuesday
Sun parallel with our 

visits blue Venus
die Zusammen-Tragende 
und balancierende
im Element
des Denkens


Murnau, 12. 2. 2020
UTC: 16: 39


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