Montag, 12. September 2016

Two Sqares and a Juicy Opposition with the Gods in Offer

9. 12. - 19. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements fire, earth, air and water
of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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Maybe not said at this place:
this is my weekly chronicle
before God Himself
this is probably not
liable to mental hospital.
Who feels like may read along.
"If we ... label God as archetype, so is nothing
predicated about His actual being. But we state 
with this the acknowledgment, 
that "God" in our the consciousness 
preexistent soul is earmarked and hence
can in no way apply as an invention 
of the counsciousness.  
C.G.JUNG , Erinnerungen ..., p. 350

and with him the blind start of Aries
like all  newborn iclusive the spring
is blazing before any further experience
and this also  applies to all ascendants
and all first houses
firstly this blazing of light at the upper edge of the funnel
of perception
in the circle of the son Sagittarius
applies the whole week in resonance with Sun in Virgo 
 so hearts reasons and the blind starts of nonpersonal insights
are fighting within mundane interests and are uniting
in heavenly accordance

and on Friday Mars meets one of the Gods
of the four elements: the young blue Neptune of the air
 child-spirit archetype  of  the Kings-Conjunction of 1980
for about 800 years at 23° Sagittarius

one can also say bright blind Mars = wave/push 
brings the child of water this Friday this flame - up - event
a collective event in our spiritual fate
an acute event at this place in zodiac every 1,6 years

now what elso do we have this week?
Venus meeting again another blue air - God
on Sunday now blue Pluto of the air
our spiritual sacrifcer since 1980 at 24,1° Libra
great rooting  withstanding and and harmonizing
as is Venus' double-nature together with Plutos self conquest
and while in resonance with air Pluto
Venus resonates with Uranus from Libra to Aries
and vice versa at weekend
it is origin of man = Uranus and securing the ego
 and harmonizing it by mating = Venus
which is  connected with the sacrifice = Pluto
 of the wildfire of love
in favor of the heat of a furnance
in marital heat

Mercury turns back with his tools
and his precision in Virgo and to his diaposal
are the presents of Sun in Virgo who knows
that less is often moreand what else?
we are not ready with Suns virgin
resonance of our uncncious center
 this week at every place under the
northern hemisphere in resonance with Mars outburst in Sagittarius like
mentioned above
on the ground of fire and earth
Sagittarius and Virgo
connected by
double fire Sun and Mars
  start and center
 uniting in paradox unity  
between religio and  ratio
UTC 14:48

Traveling the wider circles are Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto siblings of the eternal now playing with what I call the dough
made by God and nature and in the mirror of earth there is heaven with his heavenly parallels and numbers
Jupiter only now  is underway soloistically in the early grades of lovely Libra 
glancing at the arrows of togetherness of pairs
the arrows of pairship are glanced over by his grace this weekold of a years Jupiter in Libra 

 while in their wellknown square father Saturn and child Neptune at different places
 sheltered in anonymity in their paradox symbiosis like mentioned while experienced in many previous weeks
And blue Pluto of our eon will have his Venus moment 
in Libra on Sunday
with the god in the now
even while in the ever

now Pluto in Capricorn solo again  in the yonder
back in the dough and up in the
heavenly archives
while Uranus will have it on Sunday
in Libra with Venus
the resonance event
of an opposition of gods in the presence

the heigh with the low
the easy with the
and so on like earth with air

so now 's  time to do a breath
and to dare  to dance with  Moon
eyes and brains located araound 
the nearness of dancin' a fault
of faults in the village

receiving the fathers song on Monday morning in Capricorn
then  since Monday evening height - Distance - easy sustained

till then in Thursday morning in Pisces for two days in the depth
element of our inner uniqueness
in the lap of God the creator
weekend then since Saturday morning Moon has a tiket  to ride on the spring- wild beginning of another circle  
and on sunday afternoon on the autumn-wild sequel by the opposition
of Uranus and Venus
man and woman 
what an offer

Murnau den 12. September UTC 13:42, gepostet:UTC 14:04
In English Wednesday in Murnau September 14. UTC 15:36


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