Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2016

dead poetry

Kings Conjunction in Eart Element
17.7.1802 UTC 22:48
the "Mother" of all Septars
All things of "earth" are meeting places of the four elements and only on earth they are
forcibly with another figting  elements 
uniting  temporarily but hot as souls
tempered by the coolness of "air" as spirit

the most secure that we know is that we know we are floating down on a silent stream which will one day meet the
cataract of
living poetry

as we  know by raging females
and by Saker
and again by Bro's death poetry
and other

Washington and the South-East
are a loose cannon
      whose hydrologic little brother in this moment
      is visiting Sakers Family
      God has mercy please have an eye on your Saker
      and his dear ones

and somehow has to be kept cool enough
for all of us to survive this possible suicide
leaving America
let's have a lookon the entire world's norther hemisphere
our question in me
is there such thing like
suicide with nukes?
I can't answer
hence to God
but God had answered to me
on 9/11 
wit the Psalm
and here they are the traveling Gods 
aka their Earth-roadmap 
till July 17 2019
which has dealt to DC 
the Aries

the polar region has the child
the south has the gold and copper
the east has the new sacrifice and new beginning
has insight and familiarity
and the west has the constraint of conditions
according to this Order
of the six mirrors
of the hemisphere

now the 31. Septar

to see is to see
a beginning Mars
which is just to a driplet in Taurus
and hence governed by the reactive Venus
 Aries'  Mars has so to speak  consumed all it's powder
for beginnings
while  governed by  Venus in conjunction with Sun 
like  by heavyness in conjunction with  passionate centricity
Mars carries the reactors energy
and while the  opposition of Neptune to Venus and Sun
calls for the paradox union of innocence
with association and expression
the addition of Mars signifies the springbreak
of this constellation
Sun and Venus
are governed by Cancer whose Moon 
with the femal light is on a paradox
fight-union game to unite
with Saturn in the mirror of the west
with his fatherly rigor
governed by Mercuries male apetite
in Leo

contradictions are to be united
by the souls
cause souls are a snowball 
able to bring everything into rolling
and likewise  can by melting
become inviolable
eternal lap  and
 center between height and depth

Murnau 6.10.2016, UTC 12:32. In English: UTC 15:01

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