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November 8, - in the Cards is a Powerfull New Beginning within the Country

Washington DC 2012 - 2019
31. Septar - Kingsconjunction in Earth element
7. 17. 1832 UTC 4:38

To read the meaning of this horoscope, it is necessary, to follow some preliminary remarks:
about the rhythmical layer, it is situated on
Kings - conjunctions are birthdays in a deeper layer of the unconscious streams, configurating our fate according to instincts and personal  complexes. They are occuring once in roughly 800 years in the moment when the most meaningfull rhythmical meetings in the Sun Family

the meetings of
Saturn and Jupiter  occure all 20 years 
in steps of close to  240°
  keeping  their 20-year-steps for about 200 years
remaining within the three signs of the same element.
 then finall  Saturn/Jupiter enter in a Kings-conjunction a new element

And like every rhythmical beings, Kings-conjunctions have birthdays, birthdays with own oscillations which their propagandist Wolfgang Döbereiner newly inserted anew into mundane Astrology. Originally Kings- conjunctions were observed and analyzed by Indo-Iranian-Arab-Jewish astrologers in Bagdad.

In the earth element the new Kings-conjunction after the last one of 1007 was 7. 17. 1802.

The  stream of lights, nearest to conscious, is that of the current lights traveling just now, today,  this week, aso.
One layer deeper underneath the mutitude of the 12  signs/months,  nine Planets and two lights is situated the reduction of the 12 of the signs to the 4 of the elements.
Hence the Kings-conjunction in the earth element is signifying for about 800 years the character of Taurus - Virgo - and Capricorn in our deeper or higher unconscious layers,  as the  consciousness dwells in some kind of bright middle range.

This is the a-sensual depth of mundane astrology.
For the understanding of man and God by humans, it is astrologies fruit, to watch and accompany the meteorologica of the archetypes/Gods, with other words the actors of the different levels of the "collective unconscious".
Back now to the present seven years of earth element, always having the privilege, to be the host of the union of all four elements, stirring the common fate on their common three stories
roof = spirit
center = soul
basement = stuff

example with fire
 example earth
Now back to the earthly three, soul and stuff of Washingtomn DC in the current 7 years.

You can see: the "what is it"? = Ascendant is in Aries and the ruler of the Ascencdant  is - ruled by Aries - Mars in the 1.  house ( 1. house ~ 1. sign = Aries)  hence three times Mars
In other words: in an universum consisting on the partnership of pairs of opposites this fate for the present seven years is,  to be driven,  to provoke "the sh...t out of" the opposite- partner, and  as mentioned earlier, Aries/Mars is the fact of  blind start of action for the better or the worse.

As the good is used to come out of the evil, the CIA and the "crazies in the basement" are doing everythig to get Russia's and China's ordering stars rising above the planet.

A very small light might be kindled by the o,3° Taurus, where Mars is at - meaning Aries' rule has been completed with 30° Aries and a young Taurus is on the field, as young as those two city republics in the Donbass, representing such an early beginning of fortifying with a kind of semi-open border to the enemy, meaning Mars is governed by Venus which governs the virtues of resistance and of balance.

Anyway, who is the opposite partner of Aries/Mars? Look, if you don't know, at the zodiac: the keeper of the balance? Yes, is Libra.  And what is Vladimir Vladimirovich? 

And who are the planetary stirrers?   Yes DC. And without their stirring V.V. would hardly have risen to factual spiritual/politcal world leadership? Aries - territory is Washington DC + all territory east of Kansas City - except by the coast states north of NJ, they have Taurus-Ascendant.

Now Mars in the upper chart is marked  with a green spot as is the opposite- Neptune and  Sun/Venus duo.
Meaning: Sun/Venus and Neptune are opposite-Partners, with Mars in square to both divine parties
It is a  complex, paradox unity, to be established on the planet of a radiating center, stuffed with ressources in the depth of the south aka Sun/Venus in Cancer, resonating with the innocence (Neptune) of a polar State aka Neptune in Capricorn, and the blind rage in the energy-state of Aries provoking  both.
And now comes the time-factor: on March 17. next year, the rhythm, emerging from the ascendant,
cross-meeting after three and half years, returning to the ascendant,  has completed it's way back  through the 5th and 8th house and enters 4th and 9th house, ruled by Leo and Sagittarius, activating Sun/Venus and Jupiter and with the former  the mentioned double-square.
So March till October 2017 will be the crucial time of these 7 years.
Now the polling will take place in the upper one of the unconscious psychoid  layers according to the current constellation . And in the aeons - layer, deeper unconscious under the rule of Jupiter and Mercury. With Jupiter the dynamic is signified wich is acting worldwide, like a more or less benevolent planetary joiner.
Concerning the USA with Jupiter as ruler of the hour of the Declaration of Independance,

" When the signing of the Declaration of Independence was completed")
(But there are a lot of different times of signing)

signifying the worlwide aspirations of this community, and Jupiter  in the 12th house of the 31. Septar (see above),  meaning: dynamic is not in time but in the anteroom of time, in the sign of Pisces, both, house and sign are signifying the liquidation or resolution of the previous worldwide dynamic of America.

 And the Mercury, originally the God of neighbourships, roads,  bridges and market-places, is at the cusp of the fith house, waiting to unbind a powerfull 5th - house - Leo - neighbourship - soulfull expression/action by talking.
And, ruled by Mercury, it is the opposition of Saturn/Moon,   poverty in the hood, charaterizing the current months.
So what does this sketch tell about a  state in the polls? There is dissolution of the planetary faculty and there is potential action in the neighborhood waiting for the start.
Well and all that  appeals underneath the consciousness, which is bombarded and blinded by the demons of 'more of the same' with even more clout.
And the people? Are they ready to leave the spell of the brainwashers? I pray for it. It is a kind of test of the planetary stage of human becoming, has it the wit inwards to do the right choice ?
Heaven is telling, what they can gain, if they do:. a powefull new beginning within the country.

Murnau, 10. 29. 2016,  UTC 23:35.

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