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In The Anteroom of Time - Sun and Mercury Fitting the Nozzle while Mars Entering Pisces with a Bang

12. 19. - 26. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
   of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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To begin this weeks overview, here is a look at the Mexico City - desaster with a fireworks-market
exploding at 2:50 local time

It's a textbook-case: The Ascendant at Taurus signifies a storage, ruler Venus in Aquarius tells of a sublation in the way according to ruler Uranus. As the latter is in Aries, the sublation might happen in the way of ignition. Aries-ruler Mars at 1° Pisces = "solution", is positioned at two elementary rulers: "green" Mars = ignition, of water-element , and olive Moon = life, of earth-element. Now the moment: The MC (medium coeli = midheaven) always signifying the beginning of something, is exactly at 1° Aquarius, ruled by Uranus in Aries, and on another elemetary Mars, the "blue" one of air-element.

So we have the ingredients: storage in Aquarius-recklessness ruled by a twofold Mars in the Mars- moment of  beginning of a reckless ignition. And a poor people like always is paying for a deficient adaption.

 And now this midweek

Sun has entered Capricorn short before noon
you may say: I'm no Capricorn 
what has that to do with me

and like to me
 a  Capricorn 
is an outside 

but no to son and sister
zodiac tells
Capricorn is 
number ten
and the first sign of the last Quater


out of time 
not yet in
but present

present but not in time
and not in soul

and each of them
one among

and Sun is calling the children
with an abundance of
and fatherly hearting

and for each one of you it's easy to do the next step: open your eye for the house
the Capricorn of your self is living  in

 greater self 
 tiniest  spark

zodiac tells of gods living 
in the twelve houses of your unknown self

and Capricorn is ruling as a fatherly
and as  Saturn
as fatherly actor 

So back to Sun in Capricorn  
calling the children of word
 into  life the
 unchangable names of 
humble gods 

and once again a remembrance:

the six mirrors


ASC  =

Pisces = meaning

Aries = appearance

changing in

 Aquarius = scooping
Taurus = plastic appearance

changing in
Capricorn = word
Twins = talking

changing in

Sagittarius = funnel

Cancer = river


 Scorpio = sacrifice
Leo = heart

changing in

Libra = balance
Virgo = chance

 and back to the week again

since Monday Mars in Pisces
ignition underneath the surface - mirrored for six weeks by
 Uranus in Aries
man in ire

Venus heavyness tightness and balance
further on the the skewed air = recklessnesses
of Aquarius
and with her the resources of
brisance are where Uranus is lingering 

and all children of mankind may be thankfull
to a big player and big risks
and to US - "fly-over" - Rednecks 
keeping somebodies fingers away
from  fatal trigger 
in this time of reckless  Venus'resources


Mercury lord of Twins 
of Capricorn in the canon of the six
Mercury mirrorer of Saturn
in Capricorn
in the anteroom of time 
in the eternity of name  
together with the sacrificing Pluto
conserving life's order

as order of the unconscious depths
which is God's order
or the wreath of archetypes
or the houses of our self

And God's order knows rare weeks

like this and the last one

where Mercury as body of spirit and psychopompos
(leader of soul)
has increasingly gyrated nearer and nearer to

the keeper of the souls of the dead
bodyless attendant 
and of the yet unborn 

well in the realm of his keeper Saturn
 Mercury  in fatherly spirit
shortly visiting Pluto in

 his great autum-winter - resonance with
the "marriage"of
Uranus and Jupiter
 or scooper and linker
in Aries - ire and Libra - balance

 while Mercury between Sun and Earth
seemingly circlin backwards through Capricorn
will arrive at weekend again at the blue/green
heart/brain-corner of the 4 - elements socket
between  10,4 - 12,8° Capricorn

and now back to the beginner Mars

on Mondy/Tuesday
the visit of the blind beginner
at the blind beginning in the element of water

at 0,  3° Pisces since 1305
lately known from the great pacific earth-quake killing

and Mars is killing in the same resonance at 1,4Pisces
 the Moon of the earth-element

Mars is now, then it was Neptune, at this place

11. 3. 2011 vor Sendai

an in the same "wave" at 1,4° Pisces
Mars rocks the Moon of the earth-element
 the housing of life of the

earth-element fron 1802 - 2577

and this entrance of Mars has a frequency of 
one time each 1,6 Earth/Sun-Years
 while that of Neptune happens onc in
164 Years

Ans Mars himself coming from the heights of Aquarius now
puts the focus on the truths in the depths of identity
with the unconscious self
with the truth having it's cosmic home in the unconscious
of all things

Paul Klee Stars  over the city

Mars in Pisces is a common paradox

Mars shows the surface

Pisces see the depth

they occure in mirrors
of body
and spirit 
called birth

apart of that anything seems unchanged in the 6 mirrors

and in the counter-world of feelings Moon is drifting

over the rivers of the common Archetypes
 underneath the common-everyday-person
and with Moon are traveling the waters
without and within

and since today (wednesday)
Moon in Libra will be shining till meridional Balance of Libra
 visible till Sun-rise
and the virgo will have to mirror Moons balance
at the Venus-Scale between desire and elegance

 finally Friday-evening till mostly Monday-morning the dream of the golden chain
with the Scorpio- limbs of faith
calling the cutting heart
forging the it's form by that

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In English 12 21 2016 UTC  16: 30

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