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On Wednesday Now: 36. New Beginning of Restoration the Ancient Truths

12. 5. - 12. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
  of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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12. 7. 2016
This calm and staying with what is
that is Capricorn
father of the Earth
Sagittarius by contrast has to gallop
accomplished double natue
half sovereign runner
half high spirit
accomplished in combination

In six mirrors, zodiac displayes
between psyche  and physis,
Capricorn and Sagittaius maintain the center of heaven = psyche
head zone of a standing cross

to be mirrored by Twins and Cancer or air and water
the feet-zone having to spread
word of the father 
link of the son

And noon is "in the beginning"
his neighbor after noon
is fire prairy steppe
mirrored in
shadows sisters and
valleys waters to become
mirror image of Sagittarius
the spirit of the valley
to become Jupiter
mirrored by Selene and her
" daugter" Pandia

and being in resonance with
Jupiter to you now
in the middle of the 49th week
come in sounds of growing clearness
the trio of Jupiter in love with Pluto
and Uranus
in love cause it's the way of the
children of God

read numer 82

with Jupiter at the
Pluto with the dead poets
and Uranus at the battlefields
of Man
great square moments in rhymes
in the rhythms of times
have approached
more is to come
this winter

and Uranus ruler of the "waters above heaven"
fights as the Creator in Aries
Creator = German: Schöpfer
"schöpfen" means to "scoop"
Uranus = scooper of man
all new ways scooping off the ocean of Pisces
tells us the zodiac
JUNG calls "water" in dreams as the symbol
of the forgotten
so zodiac "says":
Uranus is the heavenly
scooper of the forgotten
 and the forgotten in our life is:
where we come from
everyday anew coming out of:
zodiac calls it Pisces

and since 2011 the scooper is scooping in Aries
scoopes in the ire of the children of God
in their hunger, their pressure 
and condescention
so far this "blue" week's  Venus-Part 
but there also ist a Sun-Part
 and this one is special as Sun = heart is uniting 
this week  with Saturn = head
and together they unite with "blue" Venus = association
in a  blessed trinity in time

so this week is a blue week for those
moving with Sun, Saturn and Venus
"blue" always is meant as the "colour" of "air"
the invisible third of the four elements in zodiac
appearing as airy  Twins = speaking, Libra = loving,
Aquarius = thinking

Saturn fatherly spirit of word and measure
 staying in the sonlike spirit of Sagittarius
constantly chasing the non fitting
out of paradise
visited by Saturn for three weeks
for the second time in 36 years 
at 17° Sagittarius
waiting for the yearly Sun visit
 since 36 Years
blue air Venus of 1980
and will do for further 750 and so years
and this week for the second time
Saturn will attend  the yearly heartfull session
and the young blue Venus for us 
now living and for the centuries of
will-be-born- laters
and tomorrow Thursday
Sun will meet the her blue day this week
head and heart
at the
tree of spirit = Venus 
with her stll empty bag of thoughts like roots
of fire 
like tongues 
cause in Sagittarius the third
fire in zodiac

and while this second blue moment in the Week is radiating
Mercury is approaching the third blue moment on Sunday
when blue Sun and Mercury of 1980
air's heart and reason of the new aeon of thinking
being visited by Mercury's commenting the center

Back to now, Wednesday

home of the scooper called Aquarius
and here now since less than an hour
Venus is embracing no one else than
"blue" Mars the beginner of  the invisible Element air
called thinking at 0,8° Aquarius
so from this moment on Venus and the collectors and weighters
are collecting from this hour the beginnings of new cultural


Venus now is experiencing the second of the  "head" grounds
of the "waters above heaven"
is now beginning to experience the high grounds
of "winged" images called ideas
and on this way although staying  in Libra -  Jupiter is moving
now into the winged = true seeing "first-time"-world from the outer edge of the funnel = Venus now governed by Aquarius
now has to be mirrored by Taurus her own earthly realm
a Uranus - ruled Taurus now, thus ruled by lifting borders  and gravitas
Uranus = looking from the outside into the mirror

By the way, Mars and Venus signifies  blind and early contradictions
are meeting and attracting
it's stirring in the dough mixing  (blind) energy and vessel
heavyness + energy having a considerable drivingcharge

The air Mars of before 1980, was the one of the last Kings-Conjunction  of 1186.
 This air conjunction laid the Gate into the spirit into Scorpio into the conciseness of the eternal saving images.     

 8. 11. 1186
old air - conjunction
And the fate is that this conciseness is, to be exposed by the condition of  Neptune-radiation, the condition of the solution out of Aquarius = the freedom of the outside. So in synchronistic parallel the concise images were resolved in the run of the centuries in dust and philosophy  in "green" nebulouness of Mars-Neptune and and philosophical dogmatism and materialism out of Uranus in  Taurus in Opposition to concise Sun-Mercury in Scorpio.
The blue Mars = beginner was mixed from the beginning with the blue Neptune so that the beginning was always the beginning of the detachement off leading circle of leading Ideas images, the philosophical detachement from the canon of the fathers.
This was a fateunder the whole northern sky for the entire hemisphere, and  the cultures did differently react.

Now, since 1980 in the new air - eon time with Mars in the zone of the winged there are centuries time for the new origin = Aquarius in human mind,  of the true language  of images in mind = images before words like Aquarius before Capricorn.

Now, when Venus today is embracing the blue Mars, when did it the current Mars? Answer: on Neovember 9th.

the new (first) Kings-Conjunction in the air - signs
So today like Aleppo/Syria,  Noth Dakota /USA are points on Earth. where the new blue thinking pervasively finds leeway.

And the current Mars, the four-colored so to say, keeps on with his unexpected storm in the wilderness to secure rooms for human civilisation in the spirit of the scooper mirrored by   plants and animals, rivers and mountains of Taurus.

To whom this doesn't matter 
and cannot matter
is the market 
which is why the market
has to be dismissed out of political
responsibility like in Russia
and China
while the American State will
retain it's fatherly respect not before
having smoked the respectfull
pipe of truth in tipies sitting on the earth and
under the sky of the American continent
And for the Moon of the lovers the night remains, to light all the little ways of life to load and unload feelings and change the weathers and till Thursday afternoon it's time to behold from the deep and later then on the deep and wild
Sonntag 4.12.2016 UTC 18:30.
Montag den 5. 12. 2016, UTC 15:40
In English: 12. 7. 2016, UTC 19:12.

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