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The Anomaly Awaiting Sun and Mars' Resolution in the Arms of Neptune

12. 26. 2016 - 1. 2. 2017
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
   of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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from the drift range of the Elbe
to the North Sea
since 31 Years  the Loisach
drifting to the Black Sea
and  home
of my feeling

drifting from Harvest to harvest
back through a West-Slavian
root system though walks of
Generations up high
and down low

12. 28. 2016

 Now this week
another wheel of time mit seven spokes
7 the Moon-number of the water-element
Moon x 4 is the monthly flush
of the female well

and the Gods this week
except by Uranus
are in the upper six
 their physical mirrors on Earth

 for all of us under the northern zodiac
 the basic meaning of the twelve Houses of each one of us
in his horoscope
 where our Gods live in
waiting for our consciousness
to follow into the houses
of our self

so here they are - the Gods this week

Venus keeping the move perfectly high
on the wings of  ma's spirit
called Aquarius
Venus keepin her collecting
 lumps of on-sights

in the mirror of the settlements  
in space of Taurus
not yet in time
Aquarius the bud
now in the last one and a half of seven Years in
Aries =
birth = invading into a territory
for humane civilisation in  coming
circular soul communities
neigbor-hoods of man
and now carried by Venus
in Libra's  two-scaled-tool
Jupiter the archetyp of 
sense in time symbolized by an arrow

this God seized 2013/14 the
Vineyards of Cancer/Capricorn
of the two worlds
carried by a Moon in passive enough

Venus in Aquarius now
harvesting the grapes of wisdom
into the wine press of Taurus in the mirror
of us
in our second (youngest)
our "bud mirror"
of "our" six 

"our" in quotation marks 
because in our houses 
as long as we are unconscious 
of them
only the gods live
not we
as they are waiting
for your my one's consciousness
being introduced to them

and in the second mirror awaiting 
are the immoveable buds of the eternal years
between 7 and 14

Photo: Ossi

anyway Venus a near to the center-being,
has another ten days to spend
in the unfamiliar periphery
of Aquarius

and in the green book of the water
into the diary of the four elements
Venus passes this week the  band of
offerers and their families in the sign of
green Pluto in Aquarius
opening the door to the numbered
and unnumbered

And Mars in Pisces
keeps bringing
beginnings in the unconscious  background
into the appearance
and coming to  the end of the week is
the mysterium of Mars coniunction Neptune
in Pisces with Mars in outmost complete solution
in the goodness in God's lap

Once within every 164 years this happens in a series of 8 times

While sacrifice-God, man-God and Son-God
or Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter
since late November in a rare common resonance
giving birth to a rare species of soul/spirit abilities
in not an easy but productive resonance
between moral, independance and concilliation

While today, Wednesday,  Mercury and Sun are meeting =adding
in our two-dimensional perception of the sky
adding the King with the secretary in the same
high ground under the eyes of the father
Mercury seemingly "backwards" on the sceen of
heaven for a one-week visit back in Sagittarius
in Januar

and now Sun 
heart of all weeks 
in the fatherly unshakeableness and
humbleness of Capricorn 
will be passing on Sunday/Monday Sun the 
heart and Mercury the brain
of two elements: firstly "blue"air of 1980
and then "green" water of 1305.

This togetherness of feeling = water, and 
thinking = air, in brain and heart of two elements
is an  anomaly on the
level of the elements underneath our
sensual level of being
this is the new command for 8 centuries of thinking since
December 31. 1980

 Last week 2016 now

And one more year all kind of official stuff
all state-matters will be consummated in the
wide frame of the 'lucky' three years of Saturn 
in Sagittarius.
Bound to follow are the lean three of Saturn
on Capricorn, just saying

To have this in consciousness
might help steering more elegant
through the times. 

And Moons light on Earth complementary
to Sun
smaller than all the other's
but nearer to us than all
of them  relatives 

since Wednesday afternoon 
in Capricorns eternal heights  and
Thursday totaly consumed
by Sun's daylight : new Moon 

then since Saturday morning
the feeling on the wings of
ideas in  Aquarius heavenly realm
till Monday morning.

Sonntag 25.12.2016 UTC 18:05,
Montag 26. 12. 2016 in Murnau  UTC 19:32
In English: 12. 28. 2016, UTC 18:24.

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