Freitag, 16. Dezember 2016

Roots in Philadelphia - the Unconscious America - These Seven Years

"Action-plan of the archetypes, or Gods, or the self
created by the creator.

This is America, rooted in Philadelphia

mirrored by Andromeda,  our sister- galaxy

from the planets  perspective on the central star:
here is America's 34th the birthday of it's heart 
oscilating these 7 years till 2021

on this 35. state of the birth-moment
so it's what one could call the Sun-extreme
in Aquarius

Why? cause 35 (x 7)  times same birthday-Sun- in Cancer
but all other members of the heavenly family
Gods - players - archetypes
arrange around this one

Now Americas spirits as the ASC shows
are currently groing
out of an unconscious Aquarius-modus
these seven years
as Aquarius is the scooper
America unconsciously is the
archetypal scooper of unconscious
matters  being
as much  non-material as any thought

proved is nothing
do your own bidding
I talk the zodiak only
and it's the babylonian talk
and the egypt one and ofthe ancient greeks

after innumeral generations of local talk
under unchangeable sky
of talking beings
suddenly over thousand of generations
in early cities
philosophy of of time emerged

war is now raging today around these places
kindled by the Empire
over the planet
on the northern half
and the enemy of the Empire
is the Cancer-birthday within
in these seven years
since July 2014

Philadelphia, 34. birthday
 35. ASC: Aquarius
 ruling the unconscious
2014 - 2021 
ruler of Aquarius
in the sign of Scorpio
Uranus man-God
in double 8 position
8 sign and 8 house
waiver and overcoming
but in liberty under God's sky
Uranus man-God ruining common  narratives
by scooping in the common noise
the tiny Pisces of former unconscious truths
while untrue narratives
signfied by Pluto in Pisces 
are dissolved like  actic ice

creating in the common assosiations
Venus' resonance with Uranus
a management of 
creativity  might emerge
 the new room for
new American
smartness of single communities

as reveletions of  former unconscious
growing entities within us set to endure
in the dough of time
like corral reefs
in the bath under the sunny center
under the northern or southern sky
outbaking the years

and as the ASC with it's opposite-partner DSC are marking the edges of the the horizon 
you will see
that America according to it's roots in Philadelphia
 is set to: Aquarius = scoop
and to encounter it's contrary Leo the genius of living = heart

and  following the red and green timestrings around the chart,  you can follow the steps of 7 months,
 beginning with the

 ASC on
25° Aquarius
since 7.5.2014
acc. to 7.5. 1810
UTC 2:40

So it's easy, following the red rhytnmical string, to relize, that the last relocation was on November 5th. And America according to it's roots three days later, unconsciously actively inward looking voted while meeting the smartness of man in an open window.
And plain to see: Americans heart = Sun and and trigger = Mars are in unconscious service of American Moon now  in an open Window of the planet in Virgo = expediency,  always  mirroring Libra = harmony.

And the green rhythmical string in direction of time, coming from Aquarius as meaning, brings the liberty of scooping in thoughts about the rulership of the species by narratives.

So far about Americas heart/Sun in these crucial 7 months of  vigor within.

Murnau, 12.16. 2016 UTC 17:40.

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