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Red Week in Number 3

11.  28. - 12. 5. 2016
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kingsconjunctions
of the four colours and elements 
 fire, earth, air  and water
   of the years 160318021980 and 1305
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 The surrounding of the consciousness, as Carl Jung once  manifested :

As much namely as man has a body, which principally 
doesn't differentiate from an animals body, as much also 
his psychology has virtually lower floors in which the spirits
of bygone ages of man still dwell, as much as the amimal souls
of the time of the anthropopithecus, moreover the "psyche"
 of the coldblooded dinosaur and  deepestmost the 
transcendental incomprehensability and paradox of the 
sympathical and parasympathical proceedings."

  C.G.JUNG, G.W. 14/1,§ 272.“

There are these Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions every 
20 years. The huge Jupiter alone has the mass of 
2% of the Sun and 2,5 times the mass of all sister- planets.
 Neigbor Saturn is the second biggest planet and still has 30% 
of Jupiter. And in their meetings they create a rhythmical
 resonance by the addition of their fields of gravity,
 as far as I see: 1. directly to the Sun, 2. directly to us, 
3. as reflection from the Sun to us.

  11. 30. 2016

True, another "red" week. Today is a  doubble doubble birthday of fire.

Sun together with Saturn and Jupiter
of the fire conjunction 
Mercury together with Sun and Venus
of the fire conjunction

Not visible for our senses but in our astrological memory, our unconscious one, like each one's horoscope. Now this diary is a steady attempt, to make this 'memory' conscious.

As each person each moment is living the constellation of his birth-monent
so the "red" one in us, underneath our upper unconsciousness, is another "person". This person lives in an e - floor underneath the unconsciousness, e- for elementary. Underneath consciousness, our will revoked,  is purest nature.
So  is our aeon person,which we share like water and air, like earth and fire.

A person combined by the living elements living in us underneath our consciousness
with a fate like we have according to our horoscope

This aeon person underneath
all of us
on the northern hemisphere
has not  one birthday
 but four
cause each element has one of it's own
hence the elements have to form paradox unions
stirred by the four Kingsconjunctions
of Saturn and Jupiter

so today Sun meets the fiery "mountains" 
"red" Saturn and Jupiter where
the Gods of 
the timeless laws of fire and  their links into time
meet in our heart

in our brain fire-Sun and fire-Venus
might find a conscious point, placed by Mercury
today  in union with heart and roots of the fire element.

 now further this week

Mars storms like on wings

Venus beyond time = Capricorn with a heavy load
ruled via Libra
by Jupiter
ruling via Sagittarius  
Saturn and Mercury
in the meaning of the three
via Capricorn 
Venus herself and Pluto
in the meaning of the four

Jupiter is Lord of all three-ness
"the best things in life are three"
where Saturn is Lord of all four-ness
= completeness
= the cross
the quarter beyond time

the neigborhood of the realms of Sagittarius and Capricorn
is that between presence and beyond
is neighborship at the timewall
 death is the transition to completeness
passing through the black door in the timewall

but also between beyond and presence
cause every moment "beginning" in time
 has a record of before the "beginning"

hence the three signs of
Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces
and their rulers  embrace the quarter of life of
preparation and  aftermath

so Jupiter in his square-resonance with Pluto
indicates a paradox union of conciliation in presence 
with preparation of a due sacrifice

and the square of Sun with Neptune
is linking the  understanding heart with
the unconscious innocence of earliest preparations

while Venus apart from her ruler- "busyness"
is in square-resonance with Uranus
 her mirror-Partner
in the second mirror between Aquarius and Taurus
or heaven and earth
so a significant unexpected sublation = Uranus
of Borders = Taurus 
has  to be finding it's place e.g. in  Aleppo

and all here mentioned places will be grazed by Moon this week and with her the dream-life, which is placing to the conscious day-life a complementary light and meaning
 and today on Wednesday Moon in Sagittarius takes place at the rich covered table of insights where the product is feeling + understanding = conciliation
while since Thursday in Capricorn it is the reduction to feelings and fundamentals
till Saturday evening

and on Sunday Moon belongs to Aquarius and the identity of feeling and freedom
while Sunday night caution is imperative cause of the
conjunction of Moon with Mars in the fundamentally lawless room
of Aquarius

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