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Off Friday: 8 in Spirit - One in Matter - as to the Zodiacal Mensch

12. 30. 2019 - 1. 8. 2020
0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kings -Conjunctions
of the Four Colors and Elements 
 Fire, EarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 18021980 and 1305 
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zodiacal Mensch
in English 
zodiacal Man+Woman

what meets Twins
while Mercury has approached to the band
in Capricorn the home of - to speak with the gods -

Father Saturn 
ruler of the first stage 
beyond time
and fourth quadrant of the zodiac
while  at home in 
in app. three of app. 30 Years
or in one of 12 signs

not in world and not
in soul
in spirit

Saturn father of the cosmic
Sun ruling heart
emotional fire
Brother Pluto
keeping the record of faith
in zodiacal man
and Son Jupiter
great spirit of the funnel
in him
ruler of the
stories telling of the
unknown folks in science
and family
while the truth is beyond
any story
a living thing

whatever will meet Twins
it will be Sagittarius
coincidence fitting to the point
where Jupiter is located

while in the mirror of 
heaven in Earth
Sagittarius is  mirrored
by Cancer

the wisdom of Jupiter
mirrored by Cancer =
 lap into depts within
ordered as 'water'-

the fourth element in the zodiac
which according to the alchemists
unites as fourth the three
to one

mirroring the
ninth principle Sagittarius

the linker

extra-temporal meaning
is leaving the
invisible spirit of the
4th quadrant

for time in the
 third mirror is waiting
for the 
fourth mirror
in the other quadrant

that's it, astrology in essence, the God-given 'sorting-machine'. No power on Earth will ever change a 'jota' at our brother-sister-mirror on heaven. Heaven's ethic is: decently without lies,- learning to live as humans --like gods among themselves.

Whoever is finding oneself in the zodiac is beginning to live anonymously in the holy order of  H i s  creation.

This chronicle since 12 years (5 in English) describes the 'weathers' of the general zodiacal- man, if you will, the holy anonymous hungry child living within us and above us, beyond our consciousness, within a hot animal called man. And the essential question is: how to connect one's I myself with the invisible spirit 'radiating' all meaning constantly to all of us,(otherwhiles it would have blown us up long ago).

Jesus said: 'become like children'. Now that's something everyone can do, anonymously, outside of Satan's media - prudent child, cause mature child - listening only to what  heart tells, of you and your neighbor.

Then zodiac stands open and there's nothing, which wouldn't have it's place in the order of the 12 signs and 360 grades, beginning with fire and and claw.

Has the inception set in, each one in the sequel can find it's place, but Eva's inception, as not created together with Adam, can not be any other than

symbol of the gate
into the women
and into the spirit
in the middle between man and woman

Thereby the zodiac has it's two halves and the heavens to the men are the women, to whom belong truth and lie and suffer, while to the males belong to the act.

And above of the two are the three and above the three are the four - each step upwards -  a refinery, reaching the finest most  order in the 12, astrology deals with.

Hence somewhere up there in our unconscious heights of the fourth

 is  the enigmatically, receptive and begetting zodiacal man
  prepared for each of us by becoming an anonymously  mature child from an 'normal' adult, receiving meaning from the spirit off the fourth extra-temporal quarter and third  'spirit', entering the -powerfull images of our doors to completeness.

... springing in the sign of Pisces out of  innocence, experiences in Aquarius its origin as idea in thinking and in Capricorn, the 10th stage its determination in extra temporal confinements. Symbol: Gate- Tower in the time wall, figure: Petrus, number 4. Saturn

while the sign Aries mirrors the innocence  of 
in the innocent acts of 
kicking grabbing and biting

so filled now with 5 rulers
of 6 'signs and times'
they are not in world and time
- but in the spirit -
for artists and hermits 
no problem
also the entire boreal nature has 
switched a gear back

Twins, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius
currently entirely in polar spirit
each a form already
but not yet entered time
except Mars till Friday
then he will
also enter the pilgrim stage
of Jupiter in Capricorn 

Mars as head of the snake 
initializing the circle

today still in Scorpio
 eating the Uranus- leaves
of the air-tree
of the waiver of thinking

but on Friday
Mars entering Sagittarius becoming
the yaws of wisdom
of Jupiter currently pilgrimaging
 the repeated teaching
of frugality

if the innocent assumption of the chronicler appears right, that Capricorn means polar = stillstand = conservation, so Sagittarius the opposite state = equatorial = tropical = ever changing. To Jupiter in Capricorn  the current cold period in the tropical Northeast India now fits seamless.

Sun and Mercury
the gods of
strength and cleverness in the unconscious
now in the calm and fatherly serenity
there in Capricorn
Sun at the head
Mercury at the tail of the week
moving across 
10 - 13° Capricorn
where air-spirit and water-spirit
of thinking and feeling
heart and brain
determining the meaning
of this week and year

next week it will be time to talk
 Saturn /Pluto 
now sliding into perfect conjunction
along January
awaiting the passage of Sun and Mercury

Sonntag den 29. 12. 2019, UTC: 16:05.
30. 12. 2019
UTC 15:24.

In English 1. 1. 2020, UTC: 18:29.


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