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Sacrifice of a King

 1. 6 - 15. 2020
0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kings -Conjunctions
of the Four Colors and Elements 
 Fire, EarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 18021980 and 1305 
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Mysterium Coninctionis" II, § 313

"The alteration doesn't  happen to the common man, so  
much this one might identify with the old Adam, but to  
the primordial man, the very archetype lacking to no one."

This is what I have read two or three times in my last 34 years. And my readers can confirm: this chronicle describes the alterations of the original 'zodiacal man', with his ascendant 0°Aries = 30° Pisces under the aspect of his ongoing 'creation in 6 days' by living deity on Earth to which are faced in heaven the 6 days of of God's creating calls
The confusing thing is: the primordial man = zodiac (=we) is turning constantly around us, only we are standing firm.  That's what the 12 houses of each  Horoscope take  into account.

horizon = mirror
around it the steady gyration
of the primordial man = zodiac
asc = 0° Aries
no question 
in Aries
the swashbuckler in us
is called
for which each one of us has his
own room and floor
in the snail-tower
of time

so how is the 'original man' in us
whom no brute can reach to
as he is layered much deeper in us
than all such 'men'
having sold their secret

this is mainly a water-week for
I will come back to that below
as a boat on the river
is not as versatile
like afire dance
but lasting longer
so are we
assorted like a handful
of seeds on the field of the year

2. Week 2020

making the astro-community shudder
'hostile to life'
one can call Saturn/Capricorn most certainly
as desired calcium is  in life 
hostile to living and alteration but
indispensable for generation of frameworks
shells and skulls
in world and time
as we wouldn't like our bones
to melt or the crust above the magma
of the Earth

Chaos in Capricorn
dedicated to
2. Week 2020

the horizon shows at the highest place
 determining of the
10. fatherly
Capricorn in connection with
the sacrifice Pluto

and JerUSAlem has executed it, no one knows to what end. But the assassination has't happened on Jan. 12. but 3., so what? Know, some still know, that sacrifices have always to be brought before, which might  propitiate the gods before the critical day.

And the rule of JerUSAlem in Washington, which, as I think, depends on much more than money( = lobby) on the unparalleled family-grids, having emerged along during centuries. A friendly backpacker once said to a friend: "Anywhere in the world, where I might come, there are 'our people' granting shelter."
This grid-building calciumesque culture, corrallesque emerging in centuries around a tribe
of 'our people and them goys' is holding that it's allowed, to take interest off them and to cheat their inanity. Old law-power conscious or suspected, mind the Herodes-Effect.  And  facing this constellation

1. 12. 2020

has to the world thrown a Kings-sacrifice to the hour
of the sacrifice-sign, sacrificing the fatherly martyr.


slain with the bow of Scorpio 
by the Mars-arrow
executing what
father and brother
have decided
once again
the crucified king
in the unconscious of all of us

They, the 'chosen', traditionally had the scapegoat, which, loaded with their sins, being chased into the desert, and which now seemingly might carry the name of Donald ...
By the way  in the Latin medieval tradition the 'stubborn donkey' = Capricorn was the sign for the Jewish tribe, according to that tradition that tribe vicariously is currently calling the shots.

From the act in the early morning of 1. 3. 2020 the chronicler supposes, that this power about the ritual disposes about the Security (CIA et al.) and State Department and with this about all levers save the red knob, which is subject to Donald J. Trump, and above him to God, who 'has made' Twins, to avoid that ever will be a wanted or unwanted  'End Game'.
Also it seems sure after all, that constantly a loaded gun is in the neck of him (and his family), him the old Chief, having lost the 'calcium' and whom in Soleimani another King  looks at off the beyond.

 Great indeed,
 where is Shakespeare now that we need him?

Saturn = the memory
Capricorn = the head
the  'Calcium'
in body and character
missing to those
who sold their soul

those will not enter  memory

further this week


Sagittarius -fire
Mercury - fire
Mars - fire
Jupiter - fire
Saturn - fire
any more?

Mars 4,9° Sagittarius
blind act on a day of  conciliation

next Wednesday
Mars at 8,3° Sagittarius
fire Jupiter/Saturn
the burning Kings-conjunction

Venus eventually
last week Aquarius till Monday
the heavy in the light
mirrored by the light (Uranus)
in the heavy (Taurus)
currently host to him

More of the four elements:

Aside from the 'hot' Mars, this week  Uranus and Venus or  spirit, roots + balance, are in the resonance of the fourth element water = feeling-function.
With the two something is going on in the depth of the water-element, Uranus with green Moon of
 1305 for  the spirit to live and have a home among the folks; and on Friday/Saturday Venus meets the green Pluto. Mind you,  these term signify the maximum of effect, like the height of a cliff , the beginning of which under water is not to be seen. This goes for all cliffs: only consciousness helps. And Pluto of the water-element is like a swimming 'ice-rock' in heaven, letting those fail who have sold their soul, their buoyancy.
Further, on Tuesday Venus meets green Mars and on Wednesday the olive Moon of the earth-element.


The Constellation Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn is extremely rare. The last of this kind was around the turn of the Years 1517/18.

January 5. 1518
Middle-Europe about noon

the annals of Europe don't mark any particular event
at this time

but invisibly by the constellation  is ruled
that the soul with Pluto is looking for calm
at the father
that reason of Mercury becomes accessible by the father
that the king and father rules in his own realm

but alterations in soul and spirit
are not recorded in annals
only inner moves  ripened to acts
like in 1517 
again in the fore-field
but yet
Pluto in 
still Saturn in Sagittarius
whose ground for Jupiter 
then was the written  analysis
= Virgo
by heart and rage
of Sun and Mars
ruled by Pluto in Capricorn

31. 10. 1517, Martin Luther fixes his 95 Theses
at the door of the Schloßkirche zu Wittenberg

and with  Uranus again like now the spirit dwells
within the folks

Entwurf 5. 1. 2020,  UTC: 16:20.
Murnau den 6. 1. 20100 UTC 16:31+ 17:21.
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