Montag, 20. Januar 2020

Angela regiert

After the lection with VVP' transits now we have a stunning sequel with

Angela Merkel
17.7.1954, 16:57 UTC Hamburg
Transits 19.1.2020 Berliner Konferenz

She is in the resonance of three oppositions i.e. with natural opposite-partners and a square to herself. Here the summary

Completely new tracks kind of which this chronicle  gave a first analysis  in late July. The
new European Identity as conciliator. 

Northern Hemisphere
2019 - 2026 

17.7.1833, UTC 10:34 Berlin
23. Septar Königskonjunktion Element Erde

Activated in this  moment: Saturn in house 12 ,= statehood of times coming. The Berlin-Conference a typical Libra-Project, even with two spatial divided partners.

Murnau, 1.20.2020 UTC: 16:28.


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