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Putin Leading

15. 1. 2020, (10:15 UTC)
President Putin's speech to the state of the nation

watching the unconscious zodiacal man in us
at the moment above
in the current eon since

Uranus is just close enough to the 'social'
Moon of the water-element
~ feeling
and Mars is at the peak of the wisdom
 Saturn + Jupiter of fire
~ the earlyness
at 8,5° Sagittarius

What now has this constellation of the day to do with the horoscope of anyone of us? For example in the case, that 'only' squares/oppositions are indicated? They are no 'only' but indicating moments of highest intensity ('resonance'). The two arrows in the chart show receiver and origin of resonance. The difference between conjunction and squares/oppositions:  different elements are to be connected.

With Putin e.g. it is the imaginability for coming  futures  (Libra house 12) which  is comprising truthfulness (Neptune), talkability (Mercury) and sobriety (Saturn) and the former two are being connected with the exceptional constellation Saturn + Pluto+Sun, which hasn't appeared for 500 years.
 And what are his two 
Neptune + Mercury 
moving  or energizing?

Neptune moves
5. house (Pisces) = creating expression of life
in innocence
8. house (Twins) = maintaining the species by analyzing and diagnosis
11. house (Virgo) = Origin of meaning by taking care

*7. 10. 1952, Leningrad
15. 1. 2020 Moskau
V,V.Putin: Speech to the state of the nation

1. Think about it; the current Uranus at 2,7° Taurus, the toppler, is the opposite-partner to VVP's moment of birth/ascendant, and since late Summer 2018 was again and again in resonance with VVP's ascendant. Taurus + Uranus is classical Karl Marx', = our Taurus - attraction to the fellow-animals of the Uranus-world ~air-world
This is, to say it soberly, the 'higher' social impulse in man.

So he said analogously: we have a surplus in state reserves and we will use it help the poor families, who dare to,  to be able to have more than one children. He speaks of 'mother-capital', a Moon-thing,  well, look what is with VVP's Moon and the Moon  of the day. One must not know much astrology to comprehend the easiness of the equation. 

finally again:

in Resonanz mit 
Mercury + Neptune

resonance in VVP's 12. house
 to whom in every horoscope belongs
 the coming future
 not yet  to be seen in the child's face
 and it is the full load
of kingdom
 and  nation
connected with Sun's  gold
and Mercury's wit and care
in the word

 A constellation which hasn't happened since 1518*) And the president of Russia 'surfed'  it.

That is in crystalline clearness, what Scorpio is able to do in man, if a true Libra-heart is humbly serving it. It is possible to work with the gods.


*1518 Mercury was   perfect with Saturn/Pluto but without Sun, passing 19 days earlier, when the constellation wasn't yet perfect: Saturn was 1,8° and Pluto 3,5° Capricorn, but perfect was this one:
1. 5.  1518(jul)

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