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After the Sacrifice - Change of Paradigms in the Center

 1. 13.- 22. 2020
0:00 UTC
under the Northern Zodiac
and under the Northern Kings -Conjunctions
of the Four Colors and Elements 
 Fire, EarthAir  and Water
  of the Years 1603, 18021980 and 1305 
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C. G. Jung

",,, Christianity
"... that unlike other religions teaches a symbol which
 has the individual conduct of life on a man and God-son 
as content and understands this process of individuation
even as incarnation and revelation of God self.

Presence and Future, Coll.. W. 10,  § 129.

Mark 10.52 "Your faith has healed you"

"actually a secondary phenomenon, which relies on the fact,
that primarily something happened to us, which infuses 'pistis'
into us, i.e. confidence and loyality."

ibid. Coll. W. 10,  § 121.

"The elevation of the human figure to a King or divinity
of its subhuman, theriomorphly depiction hints to the
conscious-transcendent  character if the pairs of 
opposites. They do not belong to the I-personality, but 
surmount them.The latter stands between them like the 
"anima inter bona et mala sita." (The soul between the
 good and the evil). The pairs of opposites rather form
the phenomenology of the paradox Self of the human 

Mysterium Coniunctionis, Coll. W. 14/I, § 4.

The six pairs of opposites in our unconscious,  of which Jung talks, are depicted by the zodiac, in which all divine miracles, called nature, in two year-circles, the northern and the southern one are traveling. Hence this chronicle describes the way of the 'great man' traveling around in our unconsciousness.
Our cosmos: one Sun, nine planets, one Earth-Moon
Those are,seen from outside, a Star and ten planets in their orbital-frequencies, i.e. their  sending and receiving to each other and to the big receiver and sender Sun.

3. Week 2020
Sun calling the last quarter of
and donkeys into life
where Sun Heart
together with Mercury Brain
that's an extraordinary 
in Saturn/Pluto's 
the father and the brother together
deep inside of the zodiacal man
in us

kind of polar being 
above the lower
maybe like the polar vortex

in us like with 20 sensible invisible
'airy'arms of  feelings

ok, anyone has a place in the game
of zodiac

what can the zodiacal father
to the heart and brain
than extreme 
of the heart
and humility
of reason

blockade of the ordinary ways
to those who resonate
square, opposition, conjunction
 around  22 - 24 Capricorn
slowly moving
Twins and Virgos will have a change
of the milieu on Thursday
as Mercury will be
leaving the heavy lands
 of gravity
of Capricorn

entering the levity and 
stage of

look at the zodiacal man above
Mercury in Aquarius 
on the outer
knowing of the birds
opposed by no-one in Leo

and with Venus are entering
Love and Security
the ultimate stage of water

with the sharpness of Mars in the feelings
of a new beginning in the green  kingdom of feelings
of all of us
where the lion liveth with the deer
and the women with men

while Venus has visited and is visiting
 in the depths of
Pisces the 
Mars of water
and Moon and later Pluto 
of the earth element

I don't dare to interpret the meaning
but it might even be noted
by the 'zodiacal man'
in us
who knows of the periods
 polar Capricorn's current  ruling about  all but few
realms for a time
now Sun and Mercury
the more
central travelers are leaving
the yearly hardships of Capricorn
when life has gone to rest but
in the  floating roots of the mountains
or the artery system
in living creatures

Mercury will meet again
in the entrance of Uranus' realm the
Mars of the air-element

doors open, new life
in the 'winged' realms of 
human thinking

same to Sun on Monday

when zodiacal man's heart enters the winged
stage of ideas 
concerning the host of Sun and Mercury
Uranus in Taurus

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